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  1. Hi all! I was on the April 28/19 Pearl TA from NYC to Amsterdam & we had a couple of guest lecturers, one lady who spoke maybe 5 times about Irish topics, another motivational speaker who talked 2 or 3 times about having a better life. She was the author of a book called "Driving in the Middle Lane". These lectures took place at 2 or 3 in the afternoon & were quite informative & enjoyable IMO. Hope this helps. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  2. Hi all! Lots of good losses this week. Good going! I OTOH am up 0.8 lbs. shootr ~ so nice to see you & your pictures back!! Rose ~ bon voyage! Which ship are you on? Lots of reporting this week! Welcome to the new people. A couple of my cruise friends have lost quite a bit of weight on WW so that plan seems to work. I don't like the idea of paying somebody to help you lose weight & when I make up my mind to give it my all, will do it by counting calories probably on MFP. Have a nice weekend. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  3. Hi all! Belle ~ you'd be so proud of me! I gave into the temptation to make some popcorn last night. I also bypassed Cheezies & chips in the supermarket. I will get some peanut butter pretzels when I go to a nearby city for lunch tomorrow but don't eat many of them at a time. I also crave chocolate a lot but don't have any here. Glad to hear neither of you from CA had problems with earthquakes. I read somewhere that a person was cancelling their cruise because of the devastation but can't find the article. cruises42 ~ I really liked HAL. They're a step above my usual CCL & NCL, more refined, with fresh flowers around, keep more to the rules & the ships (Amsterdam & Rotterdam) were a nice size. I loved that HAL Alaska itinerary with unusual ports. Have a nice week folks! Don't know what Thursday will bring as I'm eating out twice this week, once a Christmas in July! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  4. Hi all! cruises42 ~ I did that Amsterdam cruise round trip from Seattle Aug 24/14 & had a great time. Weather was good & saw a lot of lovely scenery, 1 bear, eagles, whales etc. It's a lovely ship & great itinerary. Andrea ~ even though you crashed off your plan you know you can always start again, that's the beauty of it! Belle ~ was the earthquake anywhere near you or Diana? Have a nice weekend. Going to be a hot one here. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  5. Hi all! Interesting thread! I step on the scale every Thursday to weigh in for Belle's thread but when I was doing my Wii Fit I got weighed every day. It was weird to see the day to day changes like up 2/10 lb or down 4/10 & often I'd think I'd be down & I'd be up! Ocruisers ~ my DH had the same problem when I met him over 50 years ago.. He was 6'1" & only weighed 145 lbs. He went to the doctor who gave him a needle every week & had him eat fattening things like cream, beer etc, things with a lot of calories & he got up to 185. He now likes to be 175. I'm almost at his weight & MUCH shorter. Some people eat to live, others live to eat. Guess which I am, lol?! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  6. Hi all! Belle ~ nice work! I find it hard to believe but the scale says I'm down a pound! I'll take it. Happy 4th of July Stay safe & have a great day! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  7. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread with those words of encouragement! Jan ~ yikes, that sounded like the long way home! Have fun camping with your son & family. Diana ~ nice re booking the Bliss! I was on it Nov 3 last year Los Angeles to Miami & had a really great time. I'm used to sailing big ships (Bliss has 4004 pax vs Allure 6.780) so didn't notice any problems disembarking or embarking after an excursion. Luckily we had no tender stops as that might have been a nightmare. It's a lovely ship & I find the food great on NCL even in the MDR. See "Jersey Boys" if you like Frankie Valli, I saw it twice onboard, then saw it again in Toronto recently. BTW I gained 0.6 lbs when I weighed yesterday but was down 0.2 lbs when I weighed today. Funny how it fluctuates eh?! Have a great weekend & hope all goes well on your 5K tomorrow pacruise804. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  8. Hi all! Belle ~ insightful words again! Your cruise is sooner than mine. Some good losses cruises42 & WTG Jan, losing 30 lbs!! That's a little more than I'd hope to lose once I get started. I just can't get motivated!! One of these days I'm going to stop snacking & get more exercise but not yet. I'm up another 0.8 lbs.😢 Oh, today I read about foods you shouldn't eat if you have arthritis & what do you know, they're all pretty much things I eat!! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  9. HI all! Belle ~ nice poem & words of encouragement. Am I the only one who gained?!! Oh well, I'm just up 0.6 lbs so not too bad. Jan ~ I agree ending in a nine is encouraging!!Not so much in my case as it's the highest nine ever.😢 Ideally I'd like to be 22 lbs lighter, back to what I weighed before I retired 12 years ago & became so sedentary. Have a nice weekend & see you next week ~ Jo ~ 😊
  10. Hi all! What an amazing season & great ending. I loved that beautiful building where they had the finale. The collections were lovely & I think the best person won. Wonder when the next season begins?! I really liked the team after thinking I'd miss Heidi & Tim, they were great. The constant Nina is my favourite of them all. See you next season! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  11. Hi all! Belle ~ welcome back! How nice winning a cruise! Rose ~ great news about DH! I didn't check in yet as I've been pretty busy lately. I was down 1.6 lbs on Thursday, the same I was up before, lose it gain it back, strange! Hope we all have a good week. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  12. HI all! I've exchanged it twice through the FCC desk for dealcoholized chardonnay or some such. It wasn't easy to do! Hope this helps. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  13. Hi all! mitsugirly ~ just found your review so have lots of reading to do!! Bringing it up the page so I can find it again. Hope you loved Freedom, I did, so did it twice. I'm sticking with NCL & just got back last month from a TA from NYC to Amsterdam. Branching out to MSC next year though. ~ Jo ~😊
  14. Hi all! pacruise ~ thanks for starting the thread & the words of wisdom. Have a great cruise. Well I either put on 1.6 lbs if you go by the Thursday weight or just put on 0.6 if today's. Whatever, it wasn't a loss & I did reach my highest weight ever!! I'm going to have to get with the program!! Have a nice weekend. I have a celebration of life to attend & later will go see the new movie about Elton John so look forward to that. ~ Jo ~😊
  15. Hi all! Ann ~ yes, it's amazing the topics you can find on Cruise Critic!! I think this is a really good season, larger models, enthusiastic judges & a group of designers who tend to support one another. Christian does give his opinion quite a bit, more than Tim I'd say. Have a nice weekend & see you next week. ~ Jo ~ 😊
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