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  1. Hi all! Well at least I'm in good company with my weight gain!! Congrats to the losers! I was going through some health records the other day & see that from June 1970 when I was 3 months pregnant with my 1st child, I've gained 60 lbs!! Yikes, but guess it could have been worse! Belle ~ could the word be inconsiderate? Thanks for your help re the ring. I did the soap, hands above head with ice cubes around the ring & no go but then DH helped & sort of twisted it off, so relief at last! Have a nice weekend & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  2. Hi all! Belle ~ nice poem! Looks like getting my hair cut didn't make me lose weight! I'm up a #, chocolate & chips were involved!! It's pretty humid up here & has been close to 90F too. I'm having trouble with my wedding band being tight so will try to get it off with helpful hints from Google. One tip is to use WIndex, ice, thread & holding your hand above your head for 5- 10 minutes. Sounds weird! I booked another cruise today, NCL Star from Southampton in Oct.2022. I want to go to St Peter Port/Guernsey. Anybody been there? Have a nice weekend, a long one here for those who work! Stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  3. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting the chat. Congrats to the losers & better luck next week to those, like me, who gained, in my case 0.4 lbs which is less than I thought it would be! Robin ~ nobody I asked knows where in Belleville the Hawkins Cheezie plant is. I wonder how it smells near it. We went to Swiss Chalet yesterday for lunch after my eye doctor appt. There wasn't many people there. Do you have Swiss Chalet out in BC? I have 4 cruises & a bus trip planned for 2021. BTB cruises from New Orleans in February are the earliest so hope they're a go. I have a TA in April & a Caribbean cruise in Nov, with the bus trip around Poland in September. Guess I know where all the refunded extra money's going!!😉 Have a nice day & stay safe! Today's the day I go back to short hair!!👍 ~ Jo ~ 😊
  4. HI again! Robin ~ Cheezies are a Canadian thing & are made in Belleville, an hour away from where I live. Cheezies were my downfall last week!😔I didn't realize they were a corn snack! Guess I never read the package, lol. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  5. Hi all! I'm a little afraid for the number on Thursday, lol! DD is down for a few days, working from "home" on our back verandah. She has special food requests which I've been fulfilling such as popcorn while watching "Hamilton" last night. We had a turkey dinner Sunday & lasagna with Caesar salad last night. Tonight is a roasted chicken with rice & corn so that can't be good. Anyhow it's been nice seeing her & she made me a cute mask with cats on it. Keep safe peeps & see you Thursday, good news or bad! Oh, I should weigh myself after I get my hair cut, that might make a difference!!😉 ~ Jo ~ 😊
  6. Hi all! I'm wondering when the new season begins with the new host & hostess will any of us watch. I hear Tyra Banks is on the show but don't know if she's replacing Erin or Tom. Wonder whose gowns we'll be commenting on, if any. See you in September? ~ Jo ~ 😊
  7. Hi all! byrdbrain55 ~ thanks for starting the review. I'll be on Glory after Breakaway in February if all goes well. Looking forward to see how the cruise virgins enjoyed cruising & what you all did in the ports. Waiting patiently for your next instalment. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  8. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting us off again.Good point eating dessert first! That might be the answer!😉 melmar02 ~ nice loss, almost a pound!👍 Robin ~ cheezies you say!! That was my downfall this week. I ended up throwing the rest of the package out to to end the temptation. Diana ~ WTG! I'd like to get into overweight from obese as the Wii Fit calls me. 😔 Anyhow I'm down 0.2 lbs, better than nothing, or a gain. I should get serious & lose more so my clothes fit better! Have a nice weekend & stay safe. We've moved on to stage 3 but I'm afraid to branch out. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  9. Hi all! Belle ~ we're in the same situation re house paid off, no debt, no kids at home so are safe & my kids are doing okay too & not going out so that's a relief. I'd hate to think of my youngest in Toronto going to work on the subway! I'm finding enough to keep me occupied & don't feel too badly but then I do have DH to talk to, I think that might make a difference. Our Community Care for Seniors, Probus, Library & Church have all been on Zoom or some phone in system so it's been nice to learn things & see people even if just on the screen. I do miss the 6 lunches per month I usually ate out though & this month am missing 2 Christmas in July dinners.😢 Yesterday I had my friend here & we both wore masks 'til we spaced away from each other to watch "Hamilton" which we both enjoyed. We've gone to stage 3 so things like movies, restaurants, the library, casinos (no table games) are opening which is a little scary to think about. No buffets are allowed. Makes me wonder what cruising will be like when they decide to proceed. Anyhow it is what it is & we have to do the best we can. Take care & stay safe! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  10. HI all! Rose ~ sorry to hear what you're dealing with. One of my friends was married to a man from Guyana so her boys are black & fearful for their tall, but young teenage sons' lives. They live in MD. We know there are mostly good cops but they usually don't make the news. As far as cleaning I just do it when the mood hits me & usually it's before somebody visits, like today when same friend is coming for lunch & to watch Hamilton.😉 I had the spare junk room cleaned up last year when DH's son & his wife visited from CA. Felt so good to get rid of that eyesore!! Diana ~ glad you got a bit of a breeze! Hope the a/c man comes as scheduled. Have a good week. I have been a bad girl so who knows what the number will be on Thursday!! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  11. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread & the words of wisdom. No July 4th overeating here & our Canada Day celebrations, at least mine, doesn't include more food. Jan ~ this pandemic does get a person down! I want to go out for lunch & not worry. Masks have been mandated in our area for which I'm glad. A lot of tourists come here so who knows where they're from or bringing with them! Luckily we have a few organizations offering webinars ( 2 today) so have been keeping busy with them, tv watching & a little reading. Well, as I was hoping after last week's numbers I have gone down by 1.2 lbs! I'm still snacking but just a little & will do a bit more on the weekend probably. I do have Cheezies & a chocolate bar on hand but have resisted them so far.😉 Have a great day & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  12. Hi all! Belle ~ nice message. We are all in this together, just wish some people were more considerate! pacruise804 ~ thanks for the belated Canada Day wish. It sure was a different one as I imagine your 4th of July will be. I wish our Mayor would say masks are required. There seems to be a lot of visitors in Town, it is a tourist destination & who knows where those people came from & have been?! I either stayed the same or am down 0.6 depending on when I got weighed this morning. Let's say stayed the same then a loss will seem right if it happens next week. DH thinks a loss of a pound a week shouldn't be hard to do & I sort of agree. I am feeling heavy & just read an article that said belly fat holds in vitamins & hormones that should be circulating. We'll see. I do like to eat & often😉. I guess I should start doing My Fitness Pal again & move some more. Have a great holiday & stay safe! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  13. Hi all! Diana ~ thanks for the Canada Day wishes. It sure has been a different one but quite enjoyable thanks to events over the computer. There'll be no fireworks in Toronto, or maybe even Ottawa but the CN Tower will change colours or something so that'll be nice. My Town is a tourist area & I definitely noticed more people there yesterday & lots not wearing masks!! We are also having some vandalism of a statue in Town of our 1st Prime Minister who was not fair to the aboriginal people. 2 days in a row red paint was put on him, once just on his hands but later it looked like somebody just threw the paint at him. Have a nice evening & see you tomorrow, hopefully with good news. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  14. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread & your thought provoking message. pacruise804 ~ looser clothes is a good feeling.👍 JennyB ~ nice loss in those few months! Diana ~ I'm with you, stayed the same, actually these last 3 Thursdays. I should be heading down but staying the same is better than going up. Robin ~ I'm a little shorter than you but about 15 lbs heavier so you can imagine how I look, especially when DH is a foot taller & a couple of pounds heavier than me!! I was 147 for almost 20 years until I retired & that's where I'd like to be again. We're in stage 2 here so allowed a bigger group, Church, outdoor patio eating & hairdresser appts. I couldn't get one 'til 2 weeks today so look forward to that! Hey, I wonder how much this extra hair adds to one's weight?!!😉 Have a good week & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  15. HI all! Belle ~ wow, you put a lot of effort into this week's poem, thanks! Glad to see some nice losses. I stayed the same which is better than gaining. We're in phase 2 up here so can go to the hairdresser if you can get an appointment. My ophthalmologist called to reschedule the cancelled April visit so I'm going Monday. He has a lot of rules to be followed but better safe than sorry. I have no problem with wearing a mask except when the darned thing slips down your face!! Tying a knot in the elastic should solve that problem. Have a nice weekend & great week ahead. ~ Jo ~😊
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