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  1. Hi all! Just popping in to wish Jan many happy healthy returns of the day. Eat cake, it's your birthday!🎂🍷 Today's weight again less than yesterday's!! Wonder why that is. Have a nice weekend & stay safe. I'm going to meet my friend for lunch at a restaurant then go for a walk so hope one offsets the other!!😉 ~ Jo ~ 😊
  2. HI all! mafig ~ keeping your secret, lol. I watched it the next day & thought it was okay. I liked that it went faster without them having to go upstairs. That was quite the dress Tyra wore to open the show. I also don't think that red & pink go together, my Mom always told me so!😉 See you next week? Is it on Tuesday, or both Mon & Tues.? ~ Jo ~ 😊
  3. HI all! Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread. Yes that's right, our Thanksgiving is sooner than yours, only 25 days away. I'm thinking more long term & want to have lost my 20 lbs by the cruise I'm hoping to go on at the beginning of February. I'm down 0.4 lbs this week but just under 170 so am happy about that. melmar02 ~ enjoy your day at the Zoo,! I'd be excited to go too! It'd be nice to go somewhere other than the usual places in Town!! Have good day & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  4. HI all! A friend of mine is going to school in Reykjavik & said the aurora was visible both last night & the night before. If my MSC cruise had sailed I would have missed them by a couple of days. Good luck in seeing them at some point. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  5. HI all! Tonight's the night!! Anybody excited? I'll take a look & decide whether I like the new format or not. Have a nice day & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  6. HI all! I saw the Northern Lights in Yellowknife NWT Canada about this time of year. We went outside the city to a cottage where they appeared around midnight. I couldn't pick them up with my camera or phones but the owner had a good camera, a tripod & lens & got lovely pictures but not what I saw with my own eyes. When I questioned him he said the camera picks them up better than the human eye. Here's what he saw, there's a picture of me he took too so I know what he said is true. I'd love to see them again some day. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  7. HI all! Seems like we're all doing well this week. I am down 1.6 lbs from last Thursday, but like last week weighing on Fridays gets me a lighter weight! So strange. DIana ~ that sounds really terrible out there. Stay safe & probably inside as much as possible. bigrednole ~ sounds like you have a plan & the determination to carry it through. Some really good goals! Have a nice weekend & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  8. HI all! I just read somewhere that Derek will be a judge! I wonder what that means? Are they going with 4 or has somebody left? Oh well only 6 more days 'til we see!! Stay safe! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  9. HI all! I saw somewhere that Derek Hough is returning in some capacity. I wonder what he'll be doing. I was never that fond of him. I hope the new direction isn't downhill with the changes they've made!!😉 We'll soon see. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  10. Hi all! DIana ~ sounds like a nice birthday you have planned. May you have many more happy healthy ones. Izena ~ welcome to the thread! You've done great so far, congrats! I should have chosen today's weight which is down 1.2 lbs from yesterday's!! I had a low calorie count yesterday on MFP. I made a little list of all my snacks so can see how the calories in a day are going, then know what I can have later Those lovely blueberry peach cupcakes I made, I froze so I don't have to resist them. They'll be nice in winter. Have a nice long weekend & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  11. HI all! Belle ~ birthdays are special & to me require cake! MIne is 3 months tomorrow. Well, I have been doing MFP & thought I was doing pretty good denying myself but still am up 0.2 lbs. I did bake some peach blueberry cupcakes yesterday so guess I'll have to resist them or maybe freeze them. Anyhow it is what it is & there's always tomorrow.😉 Take care & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  12. HI all! Belle ~ wishing you many happy healthy returns of the day. Happy birthday!! Hope there's cake.🍾 Stay safe peeps! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  13. Hi all! Ombud ~ not a problem! Tomorrow's a new day & could be a fresh start, that's what I'm thinking. Now whether I do anything about it is a different thought. I'd like to be 20 lbs lighter for my next cruise in February. It's going to take a lot more self control than I've exhibited so far!! Stay safe! See you Thursday if not before. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  14. Hi all! Belle ~ sorry you were sick but neat you lost so much weight! I'm joining the +0.8 lb increase group but the good news is my weight is the very same as it was mid March so no Covid 19 gain for me!!!🤞 Getting cooler & darker earlier up here too. It was only 60F yesterday morning when I got up. Pretty excited today as I changed the perks on my NCL Star cruise & saved almost $1K, all the better to do something else with it, maybe adding a couple of days in Guernsey, a stopover in Reykjavik or a return trip on Cunard. I can dream, right?!!😉 Have a nice weekend & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  15. Hi all! Belle ~ I did see that about the MSC family. Glad they were reprimanded, some people just don't think the rules apply to them!! Hope that cruise is successful & we can get back to cruising too. After Eights are good room temp, from the fridge or the freezer IMO!😉 Usually they were only available up here at Christmas but one pharmacy in Town seems to be keeping them all year round, at a higher price, around $8.29 a box, so I go on Seniors' Tuesdays & get them at a discount. Have a great weekend & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  16. Hi all! I received an email from ABC about DWTS & even what pros are back. It starts Sept 14. I wonder whose clothes we'll be critiquing, Tyra's? I'll give it a boo but if I don't like the new people or don't know any "stars", will forget about it. Hope you're all well & staying safe. Sure hope we can cruise again soon!!!🤞 ~ Jo ~ 😊
  17. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for getting the thread started & your thoughts. Jan ~ how disappointing to be up when you thought you'd have a loss. Diana ~ let's hope you all are good & some restrictions will be lifted. melmar02 ~ that would be disappointing to put in the work with no reward. I thought I might be up because I've be trying new things like fried green tomatoes, roasted veggies with olive oil, oh & some chocolate. DH loves After Eights, do you know them? Well we have several boxes & I often take one when I go to the fridge. That being said, I am down 0.2 lbs so that's good. I want to get into the 160's, it'll feel much closer to 150 then 171 does!!😉 I've been watching the reports on the MSC ship sailing now & sure hope all goes well so maybe cruising can start again over here. Have a nice weekend & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  18. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread & those words of wisdom. Jan ~ too bad your family cruise was cancelled.Can you reschedule for next year? Happy anniversary & may you have many more happy, healthy ones.🍾 DIana ~ wow, that's great being the lowest you've been in 6 years, Congrats on that!! Melmar02 & pacruise804 ~ at least you're both seeing some good results, & trying. I'm a little disappointed as although I'm down 0.6 lbs to 171, when I weighed myself Tuesday I was 169.6. I didn't buy the big bag of the chips I like, just a little bag to go with my lobster roll which I didn't eat any of the bread part. Being in the 160's would make me feel better about getting to 150 at some point. Oh well, it is what it is & there's always next week. Have a good one & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  19. Hi all! Thanks for your nice comments. Off to Town today & looking forward to getting out! pacruise804 ~ yikes that's a long time your Dad has to wait for results! One of my sources said results within 48 hours (didn't happen!) & another said 4 days. I got impatient & called my doctor's office who told me of the negative result. Jan ~ I missed that about your Zoom family reunion, how neat! Zoom has been a blessing through this pandemic period & what a long time it's been. I had to check the calendar yesterday as I couldn't believe it was August already!!😉 If I stay the same as today Thursday morning, I'll have a good number!! A bag of my favourite chips is only 99 cents, can I resist?!! We'll see in a couple of days. Have a nice day & stay safe! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  20. HI all! Just wanted to pop in to say the result of my Covid test was negative. I thought it would be but wanted to be sure. Looking forward to getting to Town tomorrow, got a few places to go, one being a local farm stand. We don't have a garden here any more. Hope to be a little lighter Thursday!🤞 ~ Jo ~ 😊
  21. Hi all! Belle ~ nice start to the thread. Hope we all are losers this month.😉 pacruise804 ~ yikes you have had a rough week! Hope things improve soon. I was just reading a review over on the Carnival boards & saw you were there too. Diana ~ are you talking about a Happy Meal? That's what I have sometimes & find there are a lot of fries & only 4 nuggets. Jan ~ salads sound great, I love them just don't like all the getting them together! In the summer we have green bean salad a lot. I've been having a recurring sore throat so called my doctor. He called me back Saturday & will give me an antibiotic but suggested I get the Covid test which I did yesterday so have to wait 48 hours for the result. I had intended to go to the library, bank, grocery shopping & pick up the prescription when I went to Town but the nurse said from the time of my phone call making the appointment I had to self isolate, just come for the test & go straight home!! Sure hope the test is negative as I still have to do those chores! Oh btw I'm down 0.2 lbs, not much but at least a step in the right direction! Take care & stay safe!! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  22. Hi all! Well at least I'm in good company with my weight gain!! Congrats to the losers! I was going through some health records the other day & see that from June 1970 when I was 3 months pregnant with my 1st child, I've gained 60 lbs!! Yikes, but guess it could have been worse! Belle ~ could the word be inconsiderate? Thanks for your help re the ring. I did the soap, hands above head with ice cubes around the ring & no go but then DH helped & sort of twisted it off, so relief at last! Have a nice weekend & stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  23. Hi all! Belle ~ nice poem! Looks like getting my hair cut didn't make me lose weight! I'm up a #, chocolate & chips were involved!! It's pretty humid up here & has been close to 90F too. I'm having trouble with my wedding band being tight so will try to get it off with helpful hints from Google. One tip is to use WIndex, ice, thread & holding your hand above your head for 5- 10 minutes. Sounds weird! I booked another cruise today, NCL Star from Southampton in Oct.2022. I want to go to St Peter Port/Guernsey. Anybody been there? Have a nice weekend, a long one here for those who work! Stay safe. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  24. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting the chat. Congrats to the losers & better luck next week to those, like me, who gained, in my case 0.4 lbs which is less than I thought it would be! Robin ~ nobody I asked knows where in Belleville the Hawkins Cheezie plant is. I wonder how it smells near it. We went to Swiss Chalet yesterday for lunch after my eye doctor appt. There wasn't many people there. Do you have Swiss Chalet out in BC? I have 4 cruises & a bus trip planned for 2021. BTB cruises from New Orleans in February are the earliest so hope they're a go. I have a TA in April & a Caribbean cruise in Nov, with the bus trip around Poland in September. Guess I know where all the refunded extra money's going!!😉 Have a nice day & stay safe! Today's the day I go back to short hair!!👍 ~ Jo ~ 😊
  25. HI again! Robin ~ Cheezies are a Canadian thing & are made in Belleville, an hour away from where I live. Cheezies were my downfall last week!😔I didn't realize they were a corn snack! Guess I never read the package, lol. ~ Jo ~ 😊
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