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  1. Italy! Visited several times on a med cruise but spent time in Northern Italy last October. It was nice to meander around Venice, enjoy the wine regions, go curling in Cortina...
  2. Yes, I suggest waiting about 6 months before you look as the Covid shutdown in the UK has changed things
  3. And the irony is that the Canadian ports have few to no Covid-19 case...
  4. We are booked on a cruise with 4 stops in Iceland in June 2021. For Reykjavik I’d like to go to the Blue Lagoon. Rather than being restricted by the 2 hours on the cruise ship excursion, we’d like to go on our own. How easy is it to get there from the port? I see they have a bus, would there be a stop near the port? How much would a taxi be? Thank you!
  5. I liked the buffet on the Summit. Different stations rather than one long counter. It was less crowded at dinner and the food was good. During breakfast, they had staff offering breakfast breads like croissants. They also had sinks with soap to wash your hands. This was in January 2020. I didn’t observe any nasty behaviour at the buffet. It’s a nice alternative to the dining room when you just want a casual meal.
  6. While I hope travel restrictions are lifted by then, they need to be lifted in every country. I hope you get to go on your cruise, both of you definitely deserve it especially after landing in Fort Lauderdale only to find that cruise cancelled. You might be able to get your B2B2B2B rescheduled.
  7. I live in a different province in Canada from my parents. They’ve really restricted travel up here and I was supposed to be in Montreal on Mother’s Day weekend. That plan was cancelled when my train was cancelled. My poor Dad is going nuts as well not being able to socialize with his friends. He also looks after my mum who is in the early days of dementia. I just want to get away somewhere!
  8. Personally I’m happy if buffets are no longer self serve. I’ve seen too many people, kids doing nasty things at them. I once went to a buffet in Istanbul (on a Carnival cruise), and you were served from the buffet. Nobody complained
  9. Just put down a deposit for an Iceland/Scotland cruise on Carnival Legend in June 2021. The price was very good and the ports interesting.
  10. I know, I was looking at cruises to Iceland for next summer, found one with Carnival that had 3 ports in Iceland and visits Kirkwall in the Orkneys. Found something similar on Celebrity bUT the difference in price was $1300 CDN each! I can take that $2600 & spend some extra time in the UK.
  11. Oh yes we’ll keep cruising just put down a deposit for Carnival Legend sailing to Iceland in June 2021!
  12. Call me an optimist, I saw a 12 day cruise on Carnival Legend cruising to Iceland & Scotland out of Dover for June 2021...so I’m going to put down a deposit. The price was half that of a similar cruise on Celebrity. Anyone have some comments on the Legend? Anyway, thought it would be far enough to book without any issues.
  13. Fantastic review so far! Takes me away from all the Pandemic madness
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