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  1. Hi to everyone, Just a short time before we leave for Paris and then on wards to Bordeaux on the AMA DOLCE. Our documents were shipped late from CA and are now somewhere between CA and NY on a UPS ground truck. The delay is due to the weather. So DH is getting crazed as he wants the guidebook ( that is part of the doc package) to read on the plane. All the DW out there know that when DH get crazed the DW suffer. I've asked TA to have AMA resend everything via overnight air. Hope this can be done. OK now my questions for anyone who has done this trip: Do you remember what days/ports the various special dinners were held ( I want to make Chef's Table res as soon as onboard) Were there any outstanding excursions +/- Thx Carole
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/23/travel/what-to-do-in-bordeaux-france.html?em_pos=medium&ref=headline&nl_art=2&te=1&nl=travel-dispatch&emc=edit_tl_20190525 Hope this link works . From Sun NY Times 5-26-19 Anyone out there on the AMA Bordeaux cruise in the future or past. If past would appreciate your insights & suggestions- leaving in a few weeks Carole
  3. So agree with you Ozzie are the best traveling people. They really do have the most fun & joining with them is a hoot. On our last 2 AMA cruises we had several Ozzies Carole
  4. Thx One more thing off the list
  5. Bordeaux & Loire with friends on AMA in June. Anyone out there on this cruise? Carole
  6. Taking TGV to Bordeaux St Jean station. There are 2 couples with carry-ons & a large checked bag. We are docked @ Quai des Chartons. Need taxi/van transport- any suggestions Thx Carole
  7. update to Amboise.Evidently the Hotel Chateau is just a place holder name. Hotel is TBD. Anyone out there on June 13 2019 cruise? Carole
  8. Just rec an updated conf from AMA. They are now listing the hotel in Amboise (Loire extension) as Hotel Chateau. I cannot find any info on this hotel. Has anyone heard of it? Thx Carole
  9. Many thx. Now if someone would post the dailies... Carole
  10. For anyone that has done this cruise question- what days (ports) are the special dinners ( Chine de Rotisseries, Capt's Dinner etc) held? Thx Carole
  11. AMA & AMA Taste of Bordeaux rolls calls seem to have disappeared
  12. For anyone that has done this cruise question- what days (ports) are the special dinners ( Chine de Rotisseries, Capt's Dinner etc) held? Thx Carole
  13. Never saw this on 2 prior AMA. Were these men from a group of buddies that booked a special group rate? I've noticed on ocean cruises that groups appear to set up their own others be dammed rules. Any response from AMA?
  14. Beautiful photos. Leaving next June for Bordeaux.I'm drooling already Carole
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