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  1. I don't send anything that is delicate or could possibly shrink. Although I have been told that the laundry would be returned the same day, on my last two cruises it has taken 48 hours to receive the clean laundry back. On my cruise on the Grand in October, I overheard another suite passenger asking our room steward the afternoon before disembarkation when her laundry would be returned. I hope that she got it back.
  2. Not necessarily...Gen X and Millennial cruisers may not have the same tastes in activities/entertainment that Baby Boomers have. Currently, the activities/entertainment that Princess offers definitely appeals to an older crowd. MedallionNet is a step in Princess attracting a broader, younger clientele.
  3. Princess may have done something right in the past to attract the clientele. They are going to have to continue to adapt to attract new customers. Many of the current loyal passengers are senior citizens. Princess will need to find a way to become more attractive to multi generational groups and younger passengers.
  4. There was no charge for this area. The cabanas were all occupied by 6:00 am on my cruise (March/April 2019). Tables with chairs were available throughout the day Unfortunately, the TVs were not functional in the cabanas. I would have preferred to pay for the cabana in the Hollywood Conservatory & had some amenities.
  5. To be honest, this was not my favorite cruise. The ship missed the port that I really wanted to visit again. The weather was a little cold to take advantage of the balcony and there were a lot of entitled passengers complaining in public areas. With that said, customer service was great. The staff was very attentive to my elderly mother. The suite offered plenty of room/storage to be comfortable. So for me, the cruise was worth it.
  6. I am not sure what purpose the doors serve. They were never closed. I received a complimentary meal at a specialty restaurant the first night for booking the suite. I chose the Crown Grill for my meal. I also received free daily canapes at the time I requested and chocolates. Club Class dining was included and I was underwhelmed by the experience. The tables were very close to each other and I was unable to choose my table. The extra item offered in Club Class was a pasta dish which I declined. I actually preferred the service in the other part of the dining room. WiFi was horrible on this cruise. I tried to turn in my 150 free minutes for a plan upon embarkation. I was told that I had to use up my minutes before purchasing a plan. I ended up being given additional minutes because the internet was so slow. After a couple of days of trying to access my email, I gave up. I participated in the first formal night. I wore a sequined dress and I would say that I was on the dressier end of the scale. I saw one man in a tux and many in dark suits with a tie. Surprisingly, I did not see as many casually dressed individuals as some of the posts on Cruise Critic indicate. I boarded at 11:00 am. There was a line for Elite/suite guests. I was offered an escort on board but choose not to wait since the escort service was not to the cabin. My cabin steward was efficient but not as friendly as some. I think he had too many cabins to attend to and little time to chat. If I specifically asked for something I received it. Laundry sent out was returned within 2 days. The nearby laundry room was $3.00 per load and kept clean. A token machine is inside the laundry room and the tokens are charged to your account. I did not use the shoeshine service this cruise, but have in the past. They did a great job and the shoes were returned the next am. We were provided a fruit bowl which consisted of apples, banana, grapes & pears. Fruit on the room service menu was melon. Overall, the staff was friendly and helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. I just got off the Grand Princess on Oct 27th. I was in C410. If you have specific concerns regarding the suites in this section, I would be happy to try and answer your question(s).
  8. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney. The hotel was just OK, but the location was great. I was able to easily walk with my bags to the cruise terminal.
  9. I have not been in B733 on the Majestic, but I have stayed in cabin R730 on this ship. Cabin R730 is also an aft cabin. There was soot daily on the balcony. The room steward was very good about mopping the balcony deck and cleaning the balcony furniture.
  10. My husband I were in Riviera 730 on the Majestic. We loved the size of the balcony and the proximity to the Concierge Lounge. I would recommend this location to anyone who is not concerned about possible soot on the balcony. Also, you will be visible to the decks above you while out on the balcony.
  11. I liked the food on my Carnival cruises. I thought on average the food was better than Princess. I would still choose Carnival if sailing with my adult children or grandchildren. I think Princess offers more amenities/benefits to suite passengers than Carnival.
  12. There was at least one pub lunch on my Majestic cruise. It was very popular. There was a line to get in. The wait staff were very rushed trying to serve everyone.
  13. It is interesting that you mentioned NCL Haven. I have not yet sailed on NCL, but if cutbacks continue, I would definitely be interested in the Haven.
  14. Suites also work for me. I appreciate the extra space...the larger shower & balcony.
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