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  1. I'm going to believe Jan's post. However, for those still debating this, there is this comment on the Azamara boards about this topic to add to the mix.
  2. KS&JW

    For sale?

    It say Glasgow here.
  3. At this point I will just have to wait and see. Antartica was not the only reason I booked this cruise, but a major factor.
  4. This thread makes me sad. I have a deposit on the January 2022 cruise. I knew the 'drive by' is not the same as an expedition cruise, but I don't have the $25k/pp for a 'true' experience. No way to move up the cruise as nothing on Oceania comes close to this in 2021. Plus, I don't really see how any of the January 2021 cruises on any lines will happen, as least for this part of the world. Now it seems I have missed my chance and this part of the world will be effectively out of reach forever.
  5. So the currently itinerary on the Marina for the January 2022 polar cruise will not come anywhere near the islands they are scheduled to 'drive by'?
  6. I was following the thread just fine. Thanks. I was commenting on your post " What surprises me is they allowed Americans at this time" I was pointing out that there were no Americans on the Covid filled Norwegian cruise, so it is not just an American problem.
  7. The original post was a Norwegian cruise filled with Norwegians. So it is not just a problem with Americans.
  8. This is really bad news. I assumed if you could just get tested prior things would work out.
  9. https://thepointsguy.com/news/covid-outbreak-hurtigruten-norway/?fbclid=IwAR3vtCpcrG1hxNU0WxilPAOVgjepvEoPX8BLhXcXNGsUMv6xPAlGy3JFQx4 If they can't pull it off, nobody can.
  10. I have been on a deck three cabin on the R ships. It is VERY quiet down there. Nobody is ever walking past the rooms so no noise. Our cruise hit a patch of rough seas and many people were sea sick. We had no issues in our cabin due to its location. The biggest downside in my opinion is the small porthole makes for a dark cabin.
  11. This includes our cruise, Riviera October 16th. We canceled several months ago but there were a number of people who are still on the roll call with crossed fingers, until now.
  12. Not that it matters at this point since, but it is still there. I just looked.
  13. Hawaii and Alaska have had a quarantine requirement for awhile now so add these to the list.
  14. One post there was talk of only taking on 400 passengers on the R class ships. Is this true? Who knows.
  15. I have been using this website as it is deaths per million so you can compare countries regardless of the size of the population. I have selected Belgium, Sweden, USA, & Brazil just for comparison. You can play around with it. However, since the USA is so large, geographically, it is more complicated than smaller countries. https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/covid-daily-deaths-trajectory-per-million?country=BEL~VGB~SWE~USA~BRA
  16. I know someone who canceled their fall cruise on June 1st and got their money back 3 days later. Which would have been what you would have expected if you canceled last year. It look me 6 weeks for the same fall cruise when I canceled in March. So you really never know. Those that got their money back quickly are likely to not post here.
  17. The important date is not when your cruise was set to sail but when you canceled. Have others with the same cancel due been receiving refunds? Edit - Sorry I just saw your later post.
  18. I am not trying to encourage you to not cancel, but you seem like you feel better if you have something planned. Wait a month, we will know more in a month.
  19. Not an Oceania article but relates to your statement about grouping the crews together enabling them to get home on as few ships as possible. https://www.cruisemapper.com/news/7554-carnival-cruise-line-panama-organize-cross-country-crew-transfer. Carnival had to get crew across Panama so that those on the Pacific side did not have to go around South America to get on a ship with others. I find things like this interesting in how things work behind the scenes.
  20. https://www.cruisemapper.com/news/7539-oceania-riviera-arrives-in-eastport-maine-us-for-extended-period
  21. I believe it is very credible. HOWEVER, that does not mean that this schedule will happen. Nobody knows what will happen. Too many variables to be sure of anything. They have to have a tentative plan and as was posted earlier, they probably have more than one tentative plan. When they get more information they keep adjusting the plan.
  22. When I saw the Tahiti was opening up and I could use AA miles to get there I was tempted. There is a local drive up testing sight that you receive results back within 3 days, while most seem to get results back within a day. However, you would need everything to work out just right to be able to get on the plane. If your test results are late, you are out of luck. I don't need that kind of stress to start a vacation. Plus as you say, they could easily change the rules between now and then
  23. Yeah, I can see the ship thinking that and having a rule due to that. But the CDC will not let them off even to fly home. Seems crazy to me. I read on another board that crew members of oil tankers etc. have no such rule and can come and go as they please due to their 'essential' status.
  24. Yes, it is sad and crazy that they cannot get off the ship. They have certainly been quarantined so you know they are all virus free at this point.
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