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  1. Before a lot of debate is wasted on Victoria keep your fingers crossed that the border is open with Canada. Currently closed until October 24th. Just read an article which states behinds the scenes sources mentioning Christmas as a possible opening date. All a wait and see but Keep your fingers crossed, Alaska cruises might happen next year.
  2. They can do some things in advance like order supplies and restock certain aspects required for when more staff arrive. I don’t see them doing this though, until they have been given the go ahead to sail. No need to put out money until they know they are sailing. I think the biggest thing the cruise lines can do is to see staff keep their paper work current for travel. Once given the go ahead to sail, they don’t want to wait on crew paper work.
  3. Sorry about the lockdown but let the Healthier New Year begin today!
  4. Who knows, she might just stay there until a submitted plan is approved by the CDC. She could have left months ago after the TA was cancelled, so one might/could think she is staying there for another reason/purpose. At minimum, why burn the cost of fuel for the crossing when empty. At most, maybe she will take on her crew there when they can sail again VS flying them to America.
  5. A quick YouTube search makes me wonder if it is possible. 🤔 I would not want to clean the windshield after, or the imagine the blockage of air through the rad after driving through this. 🤮
  6. Sticking with the bug theme, yesterday I saw 3 preying mantises in the garden within minutes. Maybe tomorrow I will film the wasp nest in slow motion. Ooh, the days are exciting. This one below looks to have recently eaten it’s mate.
  7. I don’t know it it is true or not, but an old neighbour to our place in Alberta, said that the grass hoppers would be so thick on the roads some years cars would slide off of into the ditch like it was ice.
  8. This is the year to change it. What further could go wrong.🤷‍♂️🤯 Canada is seeing in increase, but not a "surge" as the press might lead one to believe. However, 1 case can lead to 4, to 16 etc... It is a fine line to walk. Some bad habits have crept into daily lives. I see it on FB up here in Canada, by some of wife's friends posts. I'd say that might explain the increase I just noted above, over and above the 20 year old that seem to be driving the count as off now.
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