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  1. Take it and don’t think twice. When we sailed from Vancouver to Hawaii, the first day was long pants cold, and each day got warmer. Day 2 was maybe 70. Throw in the winds and it gets colder.
  2. Headed there in early October for the first time. Other than the sea grass I think we will enjoy it.
  3. JC, how clean does the wave surface look? Is it a bright blue or dirty looking?
  4. El Fresh was so busy when we were on board that we never got there. Next time.
  5. Ok, I’m lost on that total. You might have to spell it out better for me. Not post whoring.
  6. Sydney Crosby has some free time. 😉😱🙂 High five to Susan.
  7. Just a heads up, some cabanas are for 8 people but there is at least one for 6. That is Thrill Water Park.
  8. Thanks for the correction. Took a shot at Oasis, but knew that Allure was in Cadiz. 😊
  9. Cel the Crispy Calamari is amazing. Sorry you missed it. The crab bruschetta is amazing as well. I could a meal of appetizers there, except for the Truffle Tagliatelli. It is amazing. The desserts could be stronger but I usually fall for the sorbet.
  10. Oasis and Allure both had their previous 5 year dry docks there.
  11. The area between the two arrows is what some have mentioning as the missing balcony rails and wood top ledge. How it looked prior to the accident.
  12. We are in Sky and Star Class and we booked our cabanas on line. For our cruise in September we booked the cabana in November 2018. For March 2020 we booked it in April 2018. A bird in the hand is our philosophy, at least until they and we know what is happening with suite Guests booking them. Edit to add, that as of now they aren’t saying there is a suite exclusive area. Just a private beach club with a paid entry fee for all who wish to use it.
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