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  1. the yard is white now, with a layer of freezing rain under the ice. oh, I’ve seen Maureen’s FB page. LOL, I’ve seen what you have been up to.
  2. WHERE THE HELL IS MAUREEN? WHAT’S ANDY DOING TO HER? She can’t be in the brig already, can she?
  3. All depends on the ship’s wifi. What ship are you on?
  4. Judging by the wine glass pic, you are having a great time. 😉
  5. cruisinghusker, enjoy “our”😉 Air BNB this week and Star Class. Please pass our hellos onto Sunil. He should be going home for a Christmas, if all goes as planned, so I bet he is pretty excited. We love that balcony.
  6. LOL, that long... I give the new ones from Coz 30 minutes of shelf life, and them getting progressively worse from right now. Let’s get rolling Maureen.
  7. Take out a few pics and move a sentence and look what you get above. You are right, Normal people leave their cats at home. LOL. Lucy says hi back. Maureen is the best, and she better not behave herself. It’s nice to see the legend back. 🙂❤️
  8. I will say this... I hope some of the current cast are the old cast. They deserve the applause after 5 years of many guests leaving at the intermission not to come back. If Weber hadn’t been a stickler for accuracy, they might have run the play in the shorter format from day one and the “hatred”😉 towards Cats might not exist today.
  9. it’s now on its second of nine lives. I like it, a feline facelift. They just tightened it up where it was a little long. Thankfully RC didn’t cheap out, so they won’t have to visit Doctors from Botched.😂
  10. Well, he sure looked “handsie”😉 in the photos. I guess we now know why he's smiling in every photo. 😂
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