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  1. True. But that is offset by the land which feels cheap and a pure money grab. Labadee just feels like they built it to feel more luxury and they at least tried to hide the money grab. Poorly 😝
  2. Do it as soon as you get your email from the concierge. Usually 1 week prior.
  3. It could have changed on the last couple of months...but are you sure it wasn’t on Nellie’s Beach?
  4. It’s a slightly upgraded lunch with some additional choices and far less crowded but I did not think it was all that special beyond that. one other note based on a comment made earlier: you must be in a suite to reserve a cabana on Barefoot Beach. That is done through your Genie (Star) or Concierge (Sky). Star guests get first choice.
  5. Or, if you are doing suites again, get one on the top deck. At most you are a minute with normal mobility from the main restaurant and lounge. The suites on the lower decks tend to have very long walks.
  6. I approve of this plan. Royal, please see to it immediately! 😂
  7. Be careful with the batteries you find online. Two things: 1. Some are not properly protected with respect to the power they use which could lead to damage or, more likely, the inability to use it with the CPAP or at least the humidifier. 2. Some are too large (as measured by watt hours) to take on a plane. The limit is 100 watt hours per the TSA website. also, many of the third party systems are somewhat complicated.
  8. Are the ports in that area capable of handling that size of ship or is this like the Oasis type trips where you end up giving up ports for ship size?
  9. I don’t think RCL wants to get out of the Alaska market yet as a specific brand. However, otherwise I think you are right about migrating the smaller ships to a different brand (Celebrity?). Small ships don’t fit their brand anymore. They are all about active, family oriented trips. Which means big ships. if I was in charge, I would unify their loyalty program and then transfer the ships. I think that would address any lingering concerns. Although it would raise others.
  10. If you are not a planner, make heavy use of the concierge. They have additional access to reservations it seemed.
  11. What was so good about it? I just ask as looking at the menu I was not impressed. To bring this back to the OP’s question: the one thing you will find is that you won’t be able to do everything. However, if you like quiet sea views, make sure you take the running track to the back of the boat on Deck 5. There is a great viewing area there with several loungers that is not usually crowded. Also, there are other sporty things arranged between the track and the water.
  12. I didn’t have a chance to go to hooked (looked like Red Lobster at sea to me), but I did go to Wonderland. Very, very creative and very good.
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