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  1. 119 pages in and I finally have something to submit.
  2. See Chris Rock’s routine about eating at that kind of establishment.
  3. Given that, I would say you are making the right choice. Of course, the S. Caribbean routes are so much less crowded if you like ports.
  4. I preferred the original earlier in this thread 😁
  5. We liked Wonderland on Symphony but it’s a single trip kind of thing. More of a show than a perfect meal. There is a Playmaker’s on Symphony though.
  6. I think you will actually see both. But I do expect the existence of FCC will drive prices up. My guess is based on travel outside the US taking far longer to recover than travel within the US and the limited options will further drive cruise bookings (I am including cruises starting from the US in US domestic travel for this comment only). Further, issues with travel services provided by small businesses will further increase demand for cruises.
  7. Here is what I expect although, as mentioned previously it is all hypothetical. I don’t think even the cruise lines know. 1. Crew cabins will be single occupancy. To do that they will move crew into inside and ocean view cabins previously set aside for passengers. 2. Passengers will only be placed in cabins with balconies. 3. Due to the lower passenger count, expect fewer crew (less required). This will lead to some venues being closed or having reduced hours. 4. Demand will not be as weak as everyone thinks initially. There is pent up travel/vacation demand now. Later on might be a different story. 5. Expect higher base costs due to all the items above. 6. Cruises to nowhere (if allowed) or to private islands will be first for two reasons: better for RCI’s bottom line and less worry about port issues. 7. Because of 5 and 6, the newest ships will be first as they provide the most on board entertainment and the highest population of people willing to buy extra stuff. 8. Demand will eventually tank as other travel options become available and older cruisers (a major demographic) decide cruising is too dangerous and/or expensive. This will lead to a sell off of older ships. New customers will be harder to find as they are going to have to pull from a younger demographic. Not too bad for RCCL, but RCI’s other lines are going to be hurt bad. Expect to see many of the smaller brands go away.
  8. While I understand everyone’s anger at the prices, allow me to suggest another item that may be happening: a Royal IT screw up. Their pricing systems are dynamic and with no one cruising right now, it may just be a case where they are ignoring those systems so that can process cancellations , refunds, and credits while furloughing unneeded IT staff or contractors. since that is happening, the pricing systems are pegged to their highest possible value. Just an alternate theory.
  9. Sigh. I just read the title and thought there was some new, weird cabin type that Royal was introducing. 🤦‍♂️ And then I had to share 😁
  10. RCI will provide a CPAP extension cord and distilled water if you ask. Either fill out the special needs form prior to sailing or ask your room steward. You may still need to ask your steward if you don’t see the water and cord in your room when you get there.
  11. I have heard some things about the seaside that people who have traveled on her just don’t like. OTOH, they all raves about most parts of Symphony. Since you listed ports though, it may not be the right choice as you get on her for the ship, not the destinations. What do you two both like to do together? also, did you ask on the MSC board?
  12. I did a CL on Symphony last year which would be similar. Plenty of room for 4 people, especially with 2 bathrooms. Drink wise, since you are 30s away from the SL on Oasis class ships, it is more convenient to just walk over and get the food/drink you want there. So, from a financial point of view, the drink package is not needed unless you won’t drink the low end stuff that is included.
  13. This is typically a contest you see at engineering schools and science fairs although interesting to see it on a cruise ship. FYI, the last one I did at school was done outside between two buildings. You had to account for the wind 😉
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