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  1. I suppose everyone has a different experience. NCL is not my favorite line but as a solo cruiser I have had some of the best experiences with them, in as far as the cruise line was concerned. I have not had situations where I didn't feel welcomed by other guest, but then again I don't put a lot into whether I am or not. I know this was a Costa thread but I wasn't seeking a recommendation, just wanted to share my personal experience with MSC because it was mentioned that they just recently started opening up to solo travelers. That's not the case I traveled with them solo 7 years ago when they were first entering the US market. I chose the line and time I travel based on the itinerary and price (to a degree). I too try to avoid high season. I do not, however, mind the newer ships because they offer more distractions and opportunities to entertain myself.
  2. I'm 56 my first solo cruise I was 43
  3. Old thread but I want to note something from experience. First, I sailed MSC in 2013 as a solo with two other people who also booked as solo's. Separate bookings no problems. Second, I have also tried to book as a solo on Royal and not been able to get a cabin and called and was told something similar...that capacity wouldn't allow for a solo cabin to be booked. It's an algorithm they use to determine capacity. They will also block 3 or 4 people in cabins that allow it if it doesn't match the numbers they need or have. Royal use to do single rates at time - 110-150% (I've been sailing solo for 14 years), but they rarely do that anymore because they can make as much money from a solo cruise as a double cabin without spending as much. NCL is by far the best solo cruise line, the whole "freestyle" concept makes that so. I am/was a big Royal cruiser but I've ventured out and am finding that cruising as a solo is way more mainstream than it was when I took my first solo cruise in 2006. As for Costa I have not sailed them but I was booked last year as a solo I cancelled and changed line, strictly for destination reasons.
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