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  1. What about these? I think they are inflatable lifeboats on the Breakaway? Can anyone confirm this? If so, how do they work? Maybe there’s helium in those tanks and the passengers can just fly the inflatable whatever’s to safety? Sounds like a plan!!
  2. I have the 250 minute internet package the comes with the Free at Sea. I know that this wasn’t enough minutes on an 11 day cruise, so I need more on a 16 day cruise. I only need basic wi-fi, not streaming. How much to add more minutes and how do I do that? Can I do it before sailing or wait till onboard? TIA
  3. I booked 9 days ahead of a January sail this year. No problems at all.
  4. lkjacobs - We are on the same Roll Call for Nov and I've been following this thread on CC. I am about to buy the NCLH stock in order to obtain the OBC and was counting on the $250 credit for that cruise. However, that stock purchase isn't as attractive now, as you believe they arbitrarily assign how much OBC you will receive. I will probably still buy it, but this is very troublesome. Also, I'm not sure if I paid 200% or not. I booked directly with NCL and when I look at the pricing online, I only input 1 traveler and didn't pay attention to the pricing that initially showed for 2 passengers. I'll look more closely next time! Maybe we can discuss more when cruising - by then I'll see what they've given me for OBC.
  5. Thinking about doing this tour with NCL in November. Interested in the size of bus that's used, if they are air conditioned or open air? If you did this tour, what did you think of it? Highlights/lowlights? Do you see much of the city of San Jose? I haven't seen a tour here that I really want to do, but I used to work for a company that had an office there, so I was thinking of taking this. Please let me know what you thought of this tour. TIA
  6. Cruising on NCL Joy, arriving Los Angeles November 24. That's a Sunday, before Thanksgiving, so I assume it will be pretty busy. Also assuming the ship will port in San Pedro? Burbank has the cheapest fares. What's the best way and cost for 1 person to get to Burbank? I'd like to get my return flight nailed down. Appreciate the help.
  7. Just booked this ship for the week before Thanksgiving, as a solo. I’ve never sailed with HAL before and I ‘m excited. After reading this thread, I’m really concerned about boredom setting in while on the ship. I’m fine doing a lot of relaxing and reading (now I know to bring my own books!), but it sounds like there’s not much else to do? Is this true? Do you think they may pump up the entertainment or activities that week, since it’s close to the holiday?
  8. Grenouille21 - as to which ship, I personally would choose the Breakaway over the Princess. Newer, bigger ship with more to do. Love The Waterfront, better/more entertainment choices. The Caribbean Princess was an older crowd. It was very quiet and relaxing. I did like the Princess aft pool on deck 14. Looked out over the ship’s wake with close access to a bar and the buffet. I like dining by myself, which was easier to do on an NCL ship. Princess didn’t seem to be as accommodating for that.
  9. I’ve read where there is a pool on NCL Dawn that you can swim laps in. However, I think it’s in the Spa area or Thermal area? Wondering if anyone can access this pool or do you have to pay or purchase some kind of pass? Thanks.
  10. I sail out of Miami the weekend after Thanksgiving and I will probably stay at one of the smaller, older motels a block off the Broadwalk in Hollywood. It’s only a block away from the beach with lots of little shops and restaurants and bars and plenty of people watching. Las Olas is too far north & way too expensive for me, 17th St. is too blah and I’ve done both before. I think the traffic from Hollywood down to the port on a Saturday or Sunday morning even the weekend after Thanksgiving should be fine. Right?
  11. I have booked the 1st week back, November 24. If the refurb isn’t complete, I think I can put up with some finishing up during this cruise. As I pay the solo rate, I’d be happy to get a future cruise discount or some decent OBC or something worthwhile for the inconvenience. What do you think the chances are?
  12. My very first cruise was on the Song of America (I think that was the name) in January of 1984. She had that blue paint down the side and we thought she was a beautiful, distinctive ship. I figured the date out because our oldest child was about 18 months at the time and now she’s 36. We boarded in Miami and this ship was docked just in front of the Norway, which looked massive! I remember how lucky we thought we were to have an ocean view cabin. We had really saved for that cruise and that ocean view was a big deal for us. We met 2 really nice couples and that’s what really made it a great cruise - all 6 of us being able to enjoy the ship together!
  13. Just in case you didn’t know, the cruise terminal is located at Riverwalk outlet mall, in case you forget to pack something! They have a pretty good food court and a Cafe Du Monde for your Beignet fix. I got a new pair of kicks just before boarding so I could walk the long pier st Harvest Caye!
  14. I was on the Breakaway in cabin 9770, a guaranteed forward balcony cabin across from a “Crew Store” door. My room steward had his cart just outside of that door and in front of my door all day and well into the evening. Made it awkward to get in and out of the room. I could easily hear the room stewards talking to him (and each other). They went in and out of that door a lot, but the worst noise came because there was a full sized cooler on this cleaning cart and they filled ice buckets from that, which was very noisy. I could also hear what sounded like a giant ice machine, dumping ice 24/7. It was quiet during the night to sleep, but otherwise, it was noisy early and often.
  15. I have sailed solo recently on both the Caribbean Princess and NCL Breakaway. I enjoy the freedom that solo travel gives me, allowing me to interact as little or as much as I want with the other passengers. On Princess I met many people, playing trivia, going on shore excursions, attending events in the atrium. I didn't particularly enjoy meals in the dining room because I thought the food in the buffet was better and because seating for me was spotty. I was seated with either a big group or just a couple or one time, I was by myself. I felt more at ease by myself in the buffet. On NCL, I didn't meet as many people. There were more people on the ship, but there was more to do than Princess, so I was fine with that. However, I did go to the solo group meeting initially and would see other people in the group around the ship and was fine talking to them. I didn't get involved in their evening dinners, but would hang out with a few of them during events held in Spice H2O. It's up to you how broad you want your social activity to be on a ship. Enjoy it however you choose!
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