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  1. I’ve have no problems with the medallion app and has used it on several cruises prior to the shut down. I am booked on the Nov 3 cruise from the UK and have completed everything except for the final health check form.
  2. There was a death of a 77 y/o woman on the Carnival Vista out of Galveston. She was vaccinated and by the time the shipped docked in Belize they had to take her off the ship to a hospital in Belize. Was airlifted back to OK where she was from and died a few days later. And btw she did not have insurance.
  3. I doubt if they will cancel Regal TA but Regal has some 3 & 4 day cruises on return to Ft Lauderdale that could be canceled. Remember that the CDC CSO is actually voluntary for cruise lines in Fl as the governor won in court.
  4. Hopefully will extend to the entire cruise industry in Fl without having to go back to court.
  5. I had to chuckle when the Politico article mentioned the state hinted that it would take it to the SCOTUS. Sounds familiar?
  6. In what Walgreens, CVS, or any other testing site is a physician present???
  7. As far as I know right now Princess is doing fully vaccinated cruises only. You have to show proof of vaccination. They won’t be leaving from Port Everglades until mid November. What will happen for the Caribbean cruise season is anybody’s guess. Certainly Princess can not afford any negative publicity. NCL has filed suit against the state for not allowing all pax to show proof of vaccination. Unfortunately the state was successful in their suit regarding the CSO. I will not get on a cruise ship of any brand that doesn’t require proof of vaccination and most Princess customers feel the same way.
  8. There is no law that I am aware of that states a cruise line must allow children on their ships. In fact Virgin Cruises are adults only cruise line. People with kids have many other options besides PCL.
  9. It is very confusing for everyone. I am also on the Nov 3 Regal cruise and fully vaccinated. Final payment is Jul 25. As of today, the US and UK do not have any agreements in place regard the return of normal travel between the two countries. I am hoping they make changes for fully vaccinated US citizens and UK citizens coming here, especially in light of the 99% of new cases in the US are among the unvaccinated.
  10. With 77 cruises and usually cruise solo paying double, that is a significant loss for me. I don’t really care about the internet or free laundry but taking actual cash sucks big time.
  11. Pete, I am on the fence. Booked on the Regal TA but thinking of just staying within US and doing Grand or Ruby to Hawaii. I was booked on the Island northern lights that just got cancelled. Worried Regal will get cancelled although the ship is already in Southampton. Maybe easier to just stay local.
  12. Also problems in Fl with the new law where cruise companies are not allowed to ask for vaccine status of pax. So if this isn’t resolved I don’t see the Regal going back to FLL but another state or somewhere in the Caribbean for the next cruise. I am booked on this TA but live in Fl so I am not flying anywhere to get home. Situations are crazy and likely to put many cruise lines into bankruptcy
  13. I am not concerned about testing but would like Princess to be more transparent about what there cruising plans really are. I have a cruise booked for 10/5 out of Southampton with final payment due 7/7. UK still has US citizens red listed.
  14. Our vaccines in the US are progressing very well. The average is 2.5 million shots given/day. I truly believe that Princess acted hastily in making these cruises for UK residents only.
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