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  1. I see now where the passengers have been confined to their cabins ,but perhaps now that’s changed. Seems as though they actually might be getting food now ,not sure if it’s being brought into their cabin or out and about the ship. I did see Mr. Abel’s videos( hope authorities have as well) and while I feel for everyone on that ship. Seems like things are being updated minute by minute and changes are being made as they go along. Still can’t believe that passengers medical concerns on the ship have not been addressed. Very concerning especially if you’re made to stay in your cabin. Let’s hope passengers can get out of their cabins and eat normally as they do. Even though they’re confined to a ship .
  2. Where did you see or read that the passengers are confined to their cabins? Maybe I missed something. I think they’re just confined to the ship. They may have been confined to their cabins for a short time so the medical personnel could check everyone.
  3. Someone was asking in an earlier post that’s cruising on the sky soon, is Roatan local time and ship time the same? Apparently they have a tour outside of Princess that they’re trying to coordinate. I show that Roatan is 9:35 AM local time right now.
  4. My mom bought EFFY on the ship. Hopefully no problems on Saturday.
  5. Woobstr112G- Bob, same thing happened to my mom yesterday when in transit with her EFFY purchase. ( the medallion alert)Always her understanding that EFFY made in the USA and returning to the USA has no duty to pay ,so why is the medallion alerting customs ?my mom says she wasn’t happy with that at all. They “ customs” made her feel like she did something wrong.And obviously it’s probably gonna happen again Saturday when y’all disembark. Julie
  6. Have you run into my red headed mom yet? She frequents EFFY onboard often. If you see her,say hello. She is also from Cali. I am Enjoying your photos and your Live from,thanks. Julie
  7. Following along. Beautiful photos. I happened to catch the princess WebCam for the Sky -actually leaving St. Maarteen and agree -sunset was beautiful. Julie
  8. I cannot remember if I had some in my carry-on and some in my checked luggage or all of it in the checked luggage ,etc. No note by TSA and no problems. Of course that’s not to say that somebody else won’t have a problem. But I bought quite a bit of coffee one or two kinds in each port. Good heads up though for somebody else, I’m long back home from my trip. Julie
  9. Well apparently Havensight is where they are currently docked. I just know they took a tram into town. So they must’ve not felt like walking so that’s why I said it was the furthest ,but I’ll retract that. Sorry for any confusion. They are generally walkers but the tram must’ve been good for them today. Julie
  10. Just spoke to my mom on the phone who is on the ship and she says Havensight. They just got off a shuttle that took them into town .I believe four dollars each way but not sure on that one. They are at the dock that’s furthest from the town. Julie
  11. My mom who is also on the ship but not me says they are docked at Havensight. The furthest one from the town. Just got off the phone with her . Julie
  12. Wait until you retrieve your luggage off the carousel in Miami. Since you have a Princess transfer just have your luggage tags handy and there will be “ Princess reps” somewhere in the baggage claim area ( they will have a sign)and they will assist you with securing your baggage tags. They have tape and Or a stapler. Since it’s your first flight ever ,pack your patience and allow plenty of time. Your 9:30 am arrival flight is great. I am assuming Miami transfer to FT. Lauderdale/ Port Everglades. Enjoy. Julie
  13. Bike Treker- Pics beautiful pictures. I’ll be following along. There’s also another live from the sky,but it also includes the following week February 1 to the 8th from Woobstr112G. If you see any redheads from California Onboard say hello -that’s my mom. She is on Cruise critic,but since I’m not onboard she did not attend the meet and greet. Julie
  14. woobstr112G- Thanks for the live from the sky princess. my mom and her husband are onboard -back to back as well. They are also on Riviera deck- one of the aft balconies ,that’s about all I know. So say hello to all the redheads that you pass by -that’s my mom. She’s on cruise critic ,but since I’m not onboard with her she doesn’t attend the meet and greets . My mom is also from California like you. Great information so far. Enjoy the rest of your cruise. Julie
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