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  1. Thank you for your help. This is all extremely informative to me, as it has been a long time since we have sailed a Princess.
  2. Okay..... the fine print wasn’t clear to me. And on Princesses web site, there are 5 cabin categories, of which Club is not one. Club is accessed by clicking on Mini Suites, hence why I wasn’t sure if Club was considered an upgrade within the Mini category. I should have explained my lack of familiarity with Princesses cabin structure within my first post I guess.....
  3. Does anyone have experience with the Norwegian Club Balcony Suite and Princess Club Mini Suite and can offer a comparison?
  4. Does anyone have experience with the Norwegian Club Balcony Suite and Princess Club Mini Suite and can offer a comparison?
  5. Thanks...I guess I was looking for an explanation somewhat similar to this as opposed to the snide comment Chrysalis decided to share. Sorry for my inability to decipher this explanation from the "fine print". It appears Princess includes Club Mini in the pricing of Mini cabins on their room choices when doing an online dummy, hence why I was curious if I could book a Mini- and upgrade to a Club.
  6. We are looking at the end of August of '21, IF we are back traveling, so the ship options sailing form Whittier are the Royal, Sapphire, and the Grand. The Club Mini does interest us as we do enjoy the Aqua category on Celebrity due to its dedicated dining, and this appears to be the closest style to that.
  7. We are looking at hopefully being able to travel to Alaska late next Aug, or early Sept. Does the Princess Stateroom Upgrade offer allow an upgrade from a Mini-Suite to a Club Mini-Suite? Does it allow an upgrade from a Balcony to a Mini-Suite?
  8. I wish I could search just within the Princess threads, but I'm not able to figure out how, so....my search becomes a thread. I haven't sailed Princess in a number of years, consequently, I'm unfamiliar with the cabin categories. Can someone give me an overview of the differences between the different Balcony categories and the different Mini-Suite/Club Suite categories? Are there preferred cabins ala the Sweet Sixteens for those who are Celebrity proficient? Even links to threads discussing this would be appreciated.
  9. Greatly appreciate all the insight, as we are really rookies on Galapagos info....especially appreciate the insight on non-snorkelers options. Please keep them coming.
  10. Thanks 4774Papa...this gives us a different option that we hadn't really considered....doing both as part of a small group as opposed to the small ship.
  11. 1 question I had was, if you aren't a Snorkeler or Scuba Diver, are there activities for you?
  12. The travel absence finally bit us. We have decided to start to research a trip to the Galapagos Islands in Fall of 2022. I know absolutely nothing logistically about getting there. Do all travelers take advantage of the Cruiselines Flight relationships? I have to believe you can independently fly there, but is it 8 different flight connections? We would obviously like to add of Machu Picchu either before or after. Is there a reason for doing it either before or after? If we are going to book a tour to Machu Picchu through an independent travel company (assuming we can in 2022), would that make
  13. Totally agree. I had no idea that this was in the works a couple of weeks ago when, on our own, we decided to delay or Best of Japan back another year, to 2022. As it is, there were actually some very reasonable prices, and lots of desirable cabins available when we decided to cancel and rebook. We actually came out better doing that, than if we had L&S’ed. We were easily in a time frame, that ones more adventurous than us, might have started making plans that Celebrity appears to know would have been a waste of time.
  14. We had this booked until recently, when we changed it to the 2022 sailing on the Solstice. A couple of days after you changed, it had disappeared from our TA site, and Celebrity is ONLY showing Retreat's available with all other categories sold out. Anyone else find this unlikely and maybe have some insight?
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