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  1. We Love Love Love Rome, however for your first Europe cruise I would recommend Barcelona. Reason: proximity to both The cruise terminal and airport. It is very quick and simple to get to and from Barcelona from both the ship and airport. Barcelona is beautiful with many sites, you won’t be disappointed. however if you do choose Rome, I would suggest a precruise stay of atleast 3 nights. we have also departed from Venice, that was an amazing starting point aswell. I would say it’s simpler then Rome, But still Barcelona wins for practicality. hope this helps
  2. Barcelona cruise shuttle is not free. 3 Euros pp, or 4 Euros for those day visiting and need a return ticket. Price is current, we were there last year plus I read it last month on the website. a taxi to the port may cost you only a few euros more ( can use online taxi estimater) which is a better option with luggage. The cruise bus sits around waiting to fill up, which can take awhile.
  3. We chose to rent a car, hertz is close to the port and it worked out much cheaper for our party of 7.
  4. There is no guarantee that the cabins will be together, however from experience when we have booked this way our cabins ended up beside each other or at least on same floor.
  5. Rome is one of my favourite stops. We spent one day there few years ago on a port stop, then Last fall did 4 nights before a cruise. You already have some great recommendations, and agree do one day start at Vatican, and one day start at coliseum and forums. You will have plenty of time to explore many more sites, but start your day with those. (Forums are so much larger and more interesting then had anticipated, they require much more time then the coliseum, they also offer the best picture spots of the coliseum) we stayed very close to the termini train station, and recommend the area. Hotels are much better priced there and we found the location very central and easy to walk. (Restaurants in area better priced also) We walked pretty much everywhere, you see Soooo much more when you walk. Using the train or bus is a great way to return to hotel at end of day. enjoy!!!
  6. ldock


    We cruised mid October, Venice to Croatia, several ports I. Italy then ending in Athens. I’ll be honest, we were very cold on Venice. I wore jeans, shirt and leather jacket. Our second stop was Dubrovnik and I was worried about freezing like in Venice so I doubled up my pants, and ended up too hot, lol. The trip after Venice got warmer and warmer, in Rome we wore shorts. So pack things you can layer, and have an amazing trip!
  7. Take a Look into staying on the lido. We got a great deal on a hotel with breakfast through Priceline hidden rates. We were very happy with our stay and we paid a fraction of Venice prices. The vaporetto back and forth was a breeze and quite enjoyable actually. The lido area was also nice to spend a few hrs exploring. We were there in Oct, so skipped the actual lido.. (beach)
  8. Yes and no, yes there is plenty of spots along the main road including a open market. You should have no problem finding some snacks. however, nothing is technically walkable from the ship. You will first hop on the cruise bus, the bus will then grab guests from next ship in line. This does take a few minutes, but you are dropped off at the base of the main touristy are. (Google maps, look for the second smaller circle. I forgot name of touristy street, starts with a R, Rambla or something... do a quick google search) the cruise bus is 3euros one way or 4 euros return trip.
  9. The cruise bus will wait to gather passengers, rather then following a tight schedule. At 5 pm, I would assume many passengers will think the same way and arrive, giving them 30 min to travel to ship. I do remember it gave me some anxiety sitting and waiting to leave, but it ended up all good. ( we were there last nov, for 3 days while our ship was having a repair). Dont attempt to walk.
  10. Ahh, I don’t want these ships to retire. I absolutely loved the free thassotherapy pool that the constellation and Millennium has. After long days of walking in port, this was my favourite spot. I would book these ships again just for that pool. 😉
  11. We’ve found the main dining rooms food significantly better on our celebrity cruises compared to Ncl. I can’t speak for tours as we did all our Europe as DIY. We have chosen Ncl though due to some amazing itineraries, and do like the fact that you can dress down on ncl. We like to pack light for our Europe trips, and ncl makes that easier.
  12. I’ve done this twice. Both times I actually looked for longer flights that had long overlays in different countries. first time Canada to japan, we stopped in Taiwan for about 7 hrs. We arrived early in am, found a place to crash for couple hours, then went on a free half day tour provided by airport. second time, Canada to Philippines. Stopped in Xiamen China, there the airline gave us 1 of 3 free options, we choose the full day hop on off bus tour. both times I really appreciated seeing another place, even if just one day. Yes we were tired, but it was worth it and I would do it again. My best advice would be if arrive too early, do NOT leave the air side of airport till a decent hour. It is much easier to find a nice spot to rest for a couple hours on the air side.
  13. Rome specifically, I actually I don’t remember tipping at all, nor did the thought cross our minds. Rome felt very different then your typical us port. We walked from the train station right into the building, we’re met with amazing friendly people maki g sure everyone had there tags. We were traveling light, as we do when in Europe (been traveling a week by this point) and the nice gentleman convinced us to not bother carrying any bags through check in. He tagged them and put them on a conveyer belt right behind him. I don’t recall anyone tipping. We actually felt very welcomed in Rome as soon as we walked up. similarly in Venice Italy, we walked up to building, that also had a conveyer belt, we plunked our bags which were already tagged and along we went. Again in japan, we walked up and they looked at our ticket, grabbed our bags and placed them in a roped of area, and off we went to check in. Us ports are the only place I really recall tipping, and feeling the pressure to do so, or......🙄 I’m now trying to remember what it was like in Vancouver Canada... ???
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