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  1. Ok so someone earlier in this thread was asking how many people do you know that was infected? I work for Home Depot (which by the way has gone overboard with extra benefits for us) I know personally if one person from a different store in our district which tested positive, was extremely sick at home, quarranteed in a bedroom away from his family - including his special needs son which thankfully didn't get it nor did anyone else in his family & he has fully recovered. I was sick in Feb 3 weeks after returning from the Breakaway 10 day cruise. Never had a fever, never missed a day of work. I just recently tested positive for the antibodies. No one in my store of 148 people was sick & with my job I am in close contact with almost all of them. No one in my family got it - they tested negative for antibodies. So big question- do I need to wear a mask????
  2. Same source not sure how true Cant even open my own link. On my Google feed ridiculous overcrowding of the crew on the Escape
  3. Same source not sure how true %22Ridiculously Overcrowded%22 Norwegian Escape Sails to Miami | Cruise Law News
  4. his cruise was scheduled for the 3rd week in July
  5. this is why New York & New Jersey are responsible for so many cases. We have 3 major airports CORONAVIRUS NEW YORK Coronavirus News: How international travel left NY vulnerable Ad Duration00:30 - More Info Play PlayCurrent time00:00Seek 00:00 Duration02:05Toggle MuteVolume Settings Toggle Fullscreen EMBED <>MORE VIDEOS Danielle Leigh has more on the data that shows how international travel left New York vulnerable. By Danielle Leigh and John Kelly and Steven Cioffi Tuesday, April 7, 2020 9:20PM NEW YORK (WABC) -- Analysis of flight records from December 2019 through March 2020 shows how New York's status as an international destination left it vulnerable to high coronavirus infection rates. The 7 On Your Side Investigates data team, along with ABC News, examined more than 20 million flight records from the tracking service Flightradar-24 and identified thousands of flights into the US and specifically the New York Metro area from cities in Asia and Europe just as coronavirus was overwhelming those foreign cities and making its way into the United States. The flights carried hundreds of thousands of passengers who could have been carriers of COVID-19. From December through March, airlines made more than 3,200 direct flights from China to the U.S. One out of five of those flights landed in the New York area. About 50 of those flights, originated in Wuhan, China; where COVID-19 was first identified. Nearly half of those flights from Wuhan landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Other flights originating from other countries that have also struggled with the virus, such as Italy and Spain, also made regular stops in the New York area. Our analysis indicates around 3,700 flights originated from Spain or Italy and traveled to the U.S. Roughly three out of five of the flights from Italy landed in the New York area and roughly two out of five flights from Spain also landed in one of the three major New York-area airports.
  6. Thank You @OceanBlueWaters!! Its exactly what I was trying to say. All stores in the USA are still allowing customers into the stores but its supposed to be only to buy essentials. Groups of people & families with little kids are coming in & socializing because there isn't many places open.
  7. I just posted on a different thread- one of my co-workers Princess cruise western Caribbean for July was just cancelled & their travel agent told him they heard all cruise lines were going to be cancelling thru the month of July.
  8. A guy I work just came to me & told his Princess cruise for July to the western Caribbean was just cancelled. His travel agent told him he heard all the cruise lines were cancelling until July.
  9. I'm in New Jersey it's no where near flattening around here no matter what the news it reporting. I work at Home Depot & we are limiting customers to 100 at a time & the amount of people that are shopping for non essentials are ridiculous. Families are coming in with their kids, walking around the store & then buying one gallon of paint!
  10. So what are they making the Landshark at Harvest Caye? This is the 1st I heard of them changing but should have realized that
  11. Haha me too but I can bet none of my kids can!
  12. This is what I saw on my android phone & my tablet. But when I checked from my computer the font was normal but slightly slanted like you said. Loved you review & comments. I like to read about haven experiences just in case on a slim chance we ever sail in there
  13. I work for a big box store - on Friday they announced the same policy but anyone who has to self quarantine will be paid in full for the 2 weeks
  14. ABC in New York just reported that the grandfather plead guilty!!!! Sorry I can't figure out how to link the story
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