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  1. So 2 ships pull in a port lol We are on the Breakaway & going to Harvest Caye on Jan 28th with the Escape. Same exact times 8 to 5 So is it the 1st ship in wins the dock space?
  2. I have received my free cruises thru my land based casino. & I don't need to enter any tournaments or gamble a certain amount of money
  3. We went on the Epic & of course I wore flip flops lol. My son gave me his socks to put on. One of my sons was under 18 so he had non alcoholic drinks & they were actually better than the ones they served us! I tried to get them to put vodka in them but they wouldn't
  4. I'm confused. I am booked on the 1/22/20 Breakaway & under my entertainment it shows Rock of Ages & even on NCL website under ships it shows the same.
  5. Kim I am so glad your news has been more positive lately & a possible Dec cruise in your future! It's just what you need to help with the boredom all the planning etc.
  6. I am on the week before you & the same thing is happening to mine. It even says we have an overnight at harvest caye lol. There was another post earlier about the same thing I think it is a glitch
  7. Hi Kim I hope you are feeling better & home now. It's been several days since your update.
  8. When we were on the Escape in Aug the workers were all telling my husband to go smoke in the cigar lounge. They were definitely not enforcing the no cigarettes rule in there. It was usually pretty empty in there maybe one or two other people except the last night of the cruise. It was so crowded & smokey it even bothered my husband
  9. Hi Kim I am relieved the docs said your surgery went well. I also pray that your pain killers are working - I usually have issues with pain meds they give me insomnia & don't seem to help me. Please give us an update when you are able you have sooo many people praying for you on this board.
  10. I am 120 days out today & was able to book all my specialty dining this morning & I have a regular balcony cabin
  11. They are listed on your vacation summary
  12. I was on the Jade Oct 2018 & one sea day I had a group sitting next to me by the pool & they had 2 buckets of beer. They had the drink pkg but they said they would rather pay then wait for drinks. Actually I never had to wait that long for a waiter to bring me a drink by the pool
  13. Hi Kim I'm sorry you keep having these set backs. I am not a nurse (nor do I play one on tv) but you might want to look into a wound care doctor. My mom fell & had a horrible bruise on her leg & it developed a blood clot & it started tunneling into her leg. Wound care was wonderful they had to heal her from the inside out but they have seen this before. It seems your doctors are only concerned with the healing of your broken bones but you are having alot of side issues. I wish you the best
  14. Go to the hurricane zone section of these boards. There are some great threads over there & Pelicane Bill is a big help answering questions
  15. @PelicanBill I live in NJ & ABC news was the only one the predicted Super Storm Sandy 8 days out. All the other news channels & even the weather channel didn't believe it was happening until almost 2 days before it hit. They are my go-to for all weather
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