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  1. We are veteran HAL cruisers w/ 15 cruises. We have a suite cruise coming up, we are treating 2 family members to a first time cruise. My Question: on Mariner Luncheon day may we bring our 2 guests to the luncheon?
  2. THANK YOU you made my day ! I was afraid there would be the small tv's like Holland had in the 1990's.
  3. Does the Westerdam have large flat screens in the outside window cabins ?
  4. We had Binoculars on Veendam Amazon Cruise....they will charge you for them if you keep them. I still have ours. I did not mind paying...I think was about $80 - 100 dollars. That was in 2005 I believe.They are/were KonusVue 10/50. Quite heavy and good quality binocs, easy focus, and green and Black color combo with neck strap. You can tell quality by the weight of binocs I'm told. These are pretty heavy. They were new in the box.
  5. THANK YOU !! Looks beautiful. I am going to buy a cruise on NA asap !
  6. Can someone tell me does the NA still have a Library. And does it have Lincoln Center and Tamarind ? OP thinking of taking the cross Atlantic.
  7. Eurodam is a terrific ship. I have sailed on Eurodam 3 of my 11 Holland Cruises. The Theater is great, comfortable seats and usually top notch entertainment. The Cruise Director, Stone. is ex Ms Tennessee, and she is terrific. The things that really make Eurodam stand out are BB Kings, The Tamarind Asian Food Restaurant, and the well-trained staff who are absolutely superb. And of course Holland Food service is a notch above the other cruise lines. Unfortunately Eurodam no longer has the best Library afloat. It was removed during a renovation, so if you want to read bring several books with you. Oprah Book Club is now offered on board, if you like that sort of thing, however those are touchy feely books and weren't appealing to me. There is a book-swap shelf on port side entry to Crow's Nest, Deck 11. And GALA Night has replaced Formal Night. So leave your Tux at home and bring a Suit or Sports Coat.
  8. How does one ea in upper main dining room? Is it for upper deck floors only ?
  9. Sorry you had the Odor Problem, it really ruins your cruise. We sailed the Eurodam fm Ft Lauderdale to Barcelona, then around the Med for 14 more days , This was in 2016. We loved the Eurodam . BUT BUT, we also had a foul, sickening odor in the bathroom, on the first day we called the room steward. He immediately poured in some Pine Sol type liquid. Only helped an hour or so. I was determined not to let this ruin our 59 day trip of Europe, so I did the following. I had a 2 inch roll of clear p;astic pkg wrapping tape, and a pair of Scissors. I cut a circle ot tape, and put it directly over the chrome drain pipe cover the tub and toilet. NO MORE ODOR the next 13 days. Our neighbors also had the same issue so I gave them a piece of tape too. Later after the cruise I found a post saying there were a couple of HAL Class ships built which had defective valves that allowed sewer gases to flow up through the ships drain pipes in certain areas of the ship. It is interesting to note this problem occured in a midship cabin abovr the upper prominade. We sailed the month before in a forward cabin, main deck and hd no such problem. In the future I will not be in the super-structure on this class ship. AND I do love the Eurodam. It is a terrific ship !!
  10. How do I find out how many Mariner Points I have. They are no longer displayed on HAL's website, as they used to be.
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