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  1. I wouldn't like it either, but it's a fact that you may not get your cabin assignment until you check in at the port. Have you called and asked? If you do that, they may be able to assign you a cabin.
  2. We had an interior spa cabin on the Splendor and simply loved it. Unlimited access to really great spa facilities, and the cabin was nicer than ordinary cabins.
  3. We've only had it once, and we liked it a lot. Definitely much better dining experience.
  4. We like a cabin as far forward and as high in the ship as we can get. We really enjoy the motion. I'm fine with insides, but DH can't stand them, so anything from obstructed up to where I can't stand the price.
  5. Eggs benedict. The eggs have always been way overcooked (or over heat lamped) every time I've tried them. No more.
  6. Today is the first time I've seen the new setup on princess.com, and I like it a lot. It's different for sure, but it's a very workable method for filtering destinations, ships, and ports. Good change.
  7. I think I'd rent a car if I were you. Gives you the flexibility to go where and when you wish. The only time we've ever been in this situation was in Hawaii, where I had an agreeable and handy nephew and his wife living there. They dropped everything and devoted the day to driving us around. Best tour ever. Don't suppose you have a nephew in Vancouver?
  8. At this point of political divide in the US, I'd get up and leave if somebody from either side of the divide wouldn't stop trying to talk politics after being nicely asked to please change the subject. I don't care where we are in dinner service, I'd just leave. And ask to be put at a different table before dinner the following night.
  9. Very true. Many years back, we had some lovely neighbors who came from two different parts of India. Their common language that they spoke to each other was English.
  10. I see nothing wrong with moving ahead into an empty space created by somebody who can't make up their mind or who is incredibly slow. I'm happy to do this first time around as well and simply pass on anything that's blocked by the roadblock. There's plenty of other stuff.
  11. My only cruise superstition is that if I don't stay really active and eat only at mealtimes, I'll surely gain weight. 100%
  12. I think it all depends on how many extras you want/need to add on top of the cruise fare and whatever it costs to get you to the cruise. We usually skip all extras, so it's a great deal for us.
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