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  1. I heard a very distant, faint noise for a short time one night only. Was some kind of music, so I assumed it was from the theater, but it wasn't enough to bother me. DH, who has a lot worse hearing than I do never heard a thing
  2. We had one of these cabins on the Grand recently, and we really liked it. Great price and nice view. We had E120, back in the corner, so nobody walking past.
  3. Funny you should say that. We actually did cancel at the last minute because our cat was sick. We got a future cruise credit, which was fine. We understood that that's how cancel for any reason works, so no worries.
  4. What part is showing as incomplete? For some cockamamie reason, my husband's home airport never will save, so his setup says it's incomplete. I have to contact my PVP to get her to update it. She says that just happens sometimes.
  5. The screenshot below shows the position of the stairs (circled in red) and where E120 is. Nobody goes past the window of E120. These cabins, E101 to E121, weren't always classified as obstructed, and that's probably why they aren't on Renmar's site. If I had half a brain, I would have taken a photo of the view from E120 and sent it to Renmar. As it is, I can tell you that the view is substantially similar to E102 as shown for the Crown/Emerald/Ruby. You're looking out across some decking.
  6. It's back in the corner, so people don't walk by. I went over to the window first day out and tried to look in. Couldn't see a thing. The only way we found to see in was if it was dark outside and the lights were on in the cabin. The upper promenade is closed at night, and we shut our curtains after dark. People looking in at you isn't a problem.
  7. This is what I've been thinking some ships/some cruise lines would move to in the future as the included food option. Lots more extra cost restaurants and more buffets.
  8. We've only done one cruise with Medallions, and at that time there was a website it could be done through as well as a smart phone app. I can't find any mention of a website now, and they may have done away with it. So I think you can't get it mailed to you. You'd need to scan your passport in anyway, and that's a big hassle. They'll set you up with a Medallion at the cruise pier, and you don't need a smart phone to use it. Just check in like always.
  9. The link above that Renmar provided is your best resource. We had E120 on the Grand in January of this year, and it was great. It's one of the cabins that look out onto the upper promenade. It's tucked back in the corner, so no traffic going past, and the view was good. The added bonus to that cabin is that it's near the forward door that goes right out onto Promenade. I don't know that passengers are actually suppose to use that door, but we've done it many times and nobody ever complained. This cabin is forward, so if there's any motion to be had, that cabin will have it. We like this, but you may not. Also, the cabins that look out over the small boats are good.
  10. We had this happen once too. One couple showed up any old time, and it made our poor waiter's job so much more difficult. And, since the waiter tried to catch them up to the rest of us, it left the two of us and one other couple sitting around for long amounts of time.
  11. L108 is a club class mini suite, and it's really, really nice. Huge deck, separate sleeping area, and lots of room. Nicest cabin we've ever had.
  12. First off, if it's an allowed reason for cancellation, then the insurance company that provides Princess insurance will issue a refund. If it's not a covered reason, then the cancel for any reason applies, and that generates a credit to account, not a refund. You should read through the insurance contract. I think there won't be any refund or credit for a no-show, but I'm not so sure about that. I think one way or another you'll pay the single supplement if only you go.
  13. I don't know, and I will avoid at all costs finding out!
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