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  1. My mistake. We were on Infinity (M Class) and were able to do this. Thanks for clearing this up.
  2. In addition to the Celebrity Every Day items you can order anything off of the Main Dining Room Menu. We always take a photo of the MDR Menu on our phone along with the Blu Menu and usually pick something from each for our dinners. Unfortunately Reflection has not been Revolutionized so the Celebrity App is not available for your cruise. The App lists all of the menus for ships that have been Revolutionized and most of the time they are correct.
  3. It depends on what X is calling a "Part" in the 4 Parts of Premium Liquor. A Jigger is 1.5 ounces so 4 Parts in that scenario is actually 6 ounces. Most likely they mean 4 Shots which in the USA is 4 ounces. As was mentioned, the bartenders at the Martini almost always pour free hand vs using any type of measuring device. They are pretty good at knowing what it takes to fill the glass. If they don't have a good feel for how much to pour into the shaker and consistently over fill it they will likely get a remedial course on how to do it since they will be "wasting" liquor. I don't have any proof of this, but it is my feeling the size of the Martini Glasses has shrunk over the past couple of years. On Edge they now have Large and Small Martinis. Only the Small ones are included in the Premium Package. They are priced at $15.00 and $18.00.
  4. It is true that smoking is allowed in that bar. It is part of the Walking/Jogging track on the S Class ships. You need to go directly through it if you are walking.
  5. No. As long as you stay at or under $9.00 there is no additional gratuity. If you purchase a drink over 9.00 you pay the difference plus 20% on the overage. For example a $10.00 drink would cost $1.00 plus $ .20 equaling $1.20.
  6. Spa Cafe was open on Infinity at the end of August. Sure hope this isn’t true. We usually go there if we board before 1:00.
  7. We just booked a B2B on Reflection in Sept. from an online TA. When I compared the price to the X website we saved a total of $2,375 for the cruises + we got an extra $325 in OBC, Gratuities, WiFi and the Premium Beverage Package on both of the cruises. I know this was a Group Rate and they don’t have group rates for all cruises, but it really paid off for these 2 cruises. We also beat the deadline for having to pay the extra $28.00 per person per day for the Beverage pkg. That saved another $644 for the 23 nights. This is an extreme example of savings, but we always get 1 extra Perk plus some additional OBC in the range of $50 - $150 as a minimum. This is is not meant to be a criticism for anyone that books off of the X website. It’s what we are comfortable with even though there is a small Non-Refundable deposit that can be transferred to a new cruise within next 6 months.
  8. Bo - The flyer states you can enjoy your drinks when you want them during your cruise. To me that means they do not expire on a daily basis.
  9. The main purpose of my post was to show that Celebrity has a vast amount of data that they collect on passengers and where they drink, eat and spend their discretionary dollars. The comment about the staff positions was meant to show how Celebrity can track onboard spending and maybe get useful information about which officers are the most profitable for the cruise line. This is a financial data analysis vs. a marketing analysis and is totally off topic, but sometimes I write in a stream of consciousness. If Captain/CD/Hotel Director/F&B Director Y is consistently generating a higher per capita in onboard spending than Captain/CD/Hotel Director/F&B Director Z on comparable cruises, is there a best practice that Officers Y are implementing that could be adopted across all ships. Celebrity could also use this as one metric when reviewing performance and likely are for the revenue producing departments.
  10. He was correct about a change coming. He was not correct about the charge being gratuities on the beverage package. This is a surcharge on the beverage package, not gratuities. Drink Staff onboard should not expect to receive any of the additional money.
  11. Trying to theorize why X is implementing this new charge is fruitless. None of us were in the room where the decision was made. I know many people complain about X’s IT Department. I can assure you those IT folks are using a wide variety of analytics to slice and dice the revenue to make a variety of recommendations on how maximize revenue. Celebrity has all of our personal information like age, zip codes, # of cruises, which perks are selected, which web pages we view and much much more. Toss all of this information into a computer program and we’d all be amazed at what gets spit out. They likely analyze each cruise and know how many guests had which perks. They can then run the numbers against the demographics of that cruise. They can then run the numbers breaking them out by who the Captain, Hotel Director, Cruise Director or F&B Director was. The number of Sea Days can also be thrown into the mix which can tell them the optimal number when planning future cruise calendars. The amount of information available is endless. The tricky part is how to best use it. Or or maybe I’m totally wrong and they just throw ideas against the wall and see what sticks. Many of you have strong opinions about LLP. I have my own. Pro or Con, one thing I do know is she is a smart businesswoman who is definitely making changes at Celebrity and using as much input as she can get in order make Celebrity successful. Time to get off my soapbox, my time is up.
  12. Very good post by JonnyCT81. This explains what will happen on 10/10. My only question is why would the 4 Perks choice have to pay the extra $14.00. There are only 4 Perks available to choose from and 1 of the Perks will be the Beverage Package. The price of the cruise will be significantly higher if you choose 4 Perks vs. 2 Perks. Shouldn’t X include the $14.00 into the actual pricing of Cruise + 4 Perks?
  13. As Jelayne states that Celebrity has not stated anywhere the extra charge is for Gratuities. I will agree that Celebrity does not state that the $14.00 per person per day is for Gratuities on the Beverage Package. But, I will also say that when you look at the price of the Premium Beverage Package at $70.00 per day and figure their standard 20% Gratuity it equals $14.00. A Coincidence? Me Thinks it is NOT. Rule #1 - There are no coincidences.
  14. I may or may not be in the minority here, but this is my take on how I view this new revenue enhancement Celebrity will be imposing. This additional charge for the selecting the Beverage Package as a Perk can be viewed as adding a Gratuity to the Perk. At $28.00 per day it is close to the same cost as the what we are already being charged for Gratuities based on current daily pricing. Though not required, we always tip for drinks at bars, Cafe al Bacio or any time we get a drink. The amount varies based on a Port Intensive Cruise or one with lots of time spent onboard. This adds up to about $15.00 per day for me - YMMV. I will likely reconsider whether or not I continue to do this. Before you start flaming me about how this should not impact the staff that works so hard to take care of us onboard, think about this. Celebrity is always looking for ways to increase their bottom line, which is and should be one of their objectives. We as consumers need to be looking for ways to get the best value for our hard earned dollars - this is and should be one of our objectives. As a consumer, it is not my responsibility to make sure their staff are compensated fairly. If their objective conflicts with our objective, we need to look for ways to balance them out. Just my opinion.
  15. We were on Infinity (M Class) in the Med in August. There was no problem ordering off of the MDR Menu. We did it every night except the one where we at at LPC. Each night we took a picture of the MDR Menu and simply ordered what we wanted that evening.
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