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  1. I’m happy Celebrity finally did the right thing even if it took them a while to figure out what the right thing was.
  2. Peter118 - Did you Call Celebrity about this issue? If if you read the link in Post 19, KurtMo had the same problem in Murano and the customer service rep refunded his payment, booked him on a different night PLUS gave him OBC to cover the cost of his dinner on the new night. He basically got a free dinner. This was totally Celebrities error by not recognizing February 14 was Valentines Day. It happens on the same day every year. Changing this a month before your cruise is not acceptable. Give it a try and use his experience and resolution in your “argument “. Good Luck
  3. Please be aware that the Martini Bar on Edge has two sizes of martinis. The prices are $15.00 and $18.00. The $18.00 ones are not included in the Premium Package. It’s easy to simply order a second $15.00 Martini to avoid the extra $3.00 charge.
  4. Agree that 9108 is a good cabin and 9112 should be MUCH better than the 9105 that you had previously.
  5. I can only hope that Celebrity will make the same offer to everyone that has this same issue with their reservation. That would be excellent customer service. Otherwise it’s only no big deal. Maybe the OP can post this on their Roll Call and let everyone know to contact X and get the same deal.
  6. My only real complaint is the smell that my clothes come back with. It’s hard to explain the smell, sort of a chemical type of thing.
  7. You are correct. The App works on ships the have gone through their Revolution. The only exception is Reflection where X tested the App. Sorry, must have clicked the quote button twice
  8. We spent 2 weeks on Infinity in 9108 last September. Loved the location. Easy stair access, close to portside elevators and computer room. No noticeable noise from above.
  9. Your question about “What would my motivation be to keep sailing Celebrity?” Hopefully the answer would be “Because I enjoy the experience that Celebrity provides me for what I am paying” Isn’t that the reason you started sailing Celebrity? Perks are nice, but shouldn’t be the main reason to sail Celebrity.
  10. While I may agree with much of what you wrote , I totally disagree with your statement that it is “pretty selfish”. X is in the business to make money - Correct. We as customers are in the business of getting the most value for our money. If this makes us selfish, so be it. On the other hand you must then be of the opinion that X is being selfish for trying to make money. I guess what I am trying to say is that BOTH SIDES (Customer and Company) are looking out for their own self interest. It’s nice when both sides feel like they are winners.
  11. We have found our best upgrades are from C-3 to C-2 when there is availability for the hump slant cabins.
  12. We have only used Celebrity Air to book flights 3 times. Each time we received the locator number that corresponded to our flights. I don't understand why you are having issues. Have you tried doing a mock booking on the American Airlines website for your flights and checking what seats are available? You should be able to check on availability and then contact Celebrity Air with the information about what seats you would like for your family. If the reservationist at Celebrity Air "can't help you get your seats , escalate it to a supervisor. Hopefully you have documentation of the seats that were originally assigned. It is possible that the airline changed the type of plane (equipment in airline language) and they randomly assigned new seats.
  13. Do you have the confirmation number from the airline? If you do, you should be able to go onto the airline website and change all of your seats yourself.
  14. Hopefully some good news. The TV Show Inside Edition played the voicemail from Matthew saying he had severe burns. No mention of Lauren on the VM, but the reporter said she was also identified in the hospital also with burns on 25 % of her body. At at least they appear to have been found at the hospital. As I’m sure you know, burns can be life threatening even if you survive the initial incident. Keep up the prayers.
  15. We have had a report that a local couple (Richmond Virginia) were on their honeymoon and involved in the eruption. RCI called one of the parents to check if they had heard from the couple. The other set of parents received a voicemail that said they had been burned and taken to a hospital. One report indicated the VM was from the son, but another report did not say who the VM was from. Both parents have been trying to get more information, but are not having any success. Please say say a little prayer for the newlyweds - Matthew and Lauren Urey.
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