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  1. Please remember that if the FCC is taken, the only way it can be used is for a future cruise and that it MUST be the same person as the credit was issues to. The FCC is not transferable. The issue of the refund is that it is only for 100% of the cost and the FCC is 125%. Either way, I don't think these folks will be cruising together in the short term. The refund id the way to go IMHO.
  2. Harris - You are totally correct in your legal interpretation of the contract. My point is that X is totally within their rights to make an offer in this highly unusual situation where at least 50% of the world is closed to cruise ships that gives their customers an option that meets their needs. But then I tend to live in a world with several shades of grey or is it gray rather than simply black and white.
  3. Harris Omeinv - You May certainly be right about X’s legal argument and that some or many cruisers would prefer X to sail simply because any cruise is better than no cruise. I was thinking back back to an Intro to Law class I took about 35 years ago where the Reasonably Man Theory was applied. In my world a reasonable man would agree that the cruise X has designed is not close to what I purchased. If they added additional ports in New England or even the Mid Atlantic it would be closer to what I was expecting. The Straw Market and Diamonds International in Nassau does not compare to the quaint streets in Quebec City. Why not not give the guests the choice of a refund, FCC or taking the totally new itinerary. To me that is the way a company that values their customers would react as opposed to what X is proposing. But, I didn’t just take out a new 2.2 BILLION DOLLAR LOAN that put Celebrity and its ships up as collateral for the loan. PS - I was glad to see they have reopened the liquor stores an cannabis shops in Colorado.
  4. Agree with Fouremco. Definitely not the cruise you paid for. Changing one Caribbean island for a different one or having a sea day because high winds don’t allow the ship to dock is totally understandable. Even a change of ports on a Mediterranean cruise is fine to me. Sailing to Nassau from New England and the back is absolutely wrong. You should be be able to cancel with no penalty. It’s not X’s fault but it’s not your fault either.
  5. Virginia has cancelled classes for the rest of this school year. Governor announced this at about 1:30 pm today. This is for all Public Schools.
  6. If FCC runs similarly to gift cards the number of unused value is between 8% to 10%.
  7. I thought the first stage was a river in Egypt.
  8. The Captains Club Perks are a minimal cost to X. Cutting back on those would not be a way to encourage current loyal customers to stick with Celebrity once cruising gets back to normal. There is a long way to go once cruising restarts. Long time customers are their best friend right now. If the Edge series of ships was intended to create a new market with new cruisers, this suspension will make at least some of them question the if cruising is a smart, safe choice. Are you you still feeling sorry for the top executives?
  9. I trust you said that with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek. First, the Perks are not free, they are built into the price. Second, I don’t know exactly how the shares were obtained. Some were likely issued as part of a compensation plan and may have cost them nothing. Others may have been options where they purchased them at favorable prices. Unless they sell them at a loss they have lost nothing. If you must feel sorry for someone, feel for the small time investor that bought them at their high point.
  10. Not just the shareholder benefit but the $3.12 dividend is certainly at risk for the short term.
  11. Here is the original Princess 2 offers. I don’t know what the current offer is.
  12. Alejandro and Captain Leo. What a great combination. They really know how to play off of one another. We cruised with the on Eclipse a few years ago on a Southern Caribbean. Our favorite combination of Captain and CD.
  13. Your 225% figure is no where to be found. Even Princess was “only” offering 200%. Please don’t add to the confusion by quoting offers that don’t exist.
  14. Last night I went to Sam’s Club to buy a bag of food for my dogs. Already in line, a woman behind me asked me if I had a dog. I stare at her (those who know me will imagine my gaze 🤔🤦🏾‍♀️😳) ...but then why would I be buying dog food...right? 😝😝 So on impulse I told her no, that I didn’t have a dog, that I was starting the dog food diet again, and that I probably shouldn't because I ended up in the hospital the last time, but 15 pounds less! I told her that it was the perfect diet and that all you had to do is carry the kibbles in your purse and eat one or two every time you feel hungry (I have to mention that practically everyone in line was interested in my story). Frightened, the woman asks me if I ended up in the hospital because the dog food had poisoned me. I answered...of course not! I was admitted because I bent down to smell the ass of a bulldog and I was hit by a truck 😂😂😂 I thought the man behind her was going to have a heart attack...he was laughing so hard!
  15. Hopefully our Reflection B2B this September. Other than embarkation in Amsterdam and debarkation in Rome, all new ports
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