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  1. Recently back from a Nile cruise on Jaz Royale. I used to be able to automatically cross post here but since the change in forum software then it is no longer possible. http://www.wansbroughs-cruise-blog.me.uk/2019/02/jaz-royale-nile-river-cruise-preamble/ Lots of photos from our trip with a day to day journal which was done while we were away.
  2. Hello gingerspike, just noticed in your signature that you were on Infinity last year on the same Antarctica cruise. I thought your name sounded familiar. Still getting over missing the Falklands.
  3. Thanks for the link, we are off to do a Nile cruise in 8 weeks time so it was interesting to follow your experience. I also intend to do a blog and researching the acquisition of a MiFi device of some sort with a PATG Data sim. Our TA has said the boat WiFi is a little on the unreliable side.
  4. I have found a thread on Cruise Critic for the same cabins on Carnival Victory. Carnival Triumph/Victory cabin 6451/6459/6424/6432 Its back from 2009 but there are still a few photos. Our TA said she had asked around her colleagues and the big white rectangle is a crew staircase. Not sure how much noise you would get from that.
  5. They came up as a Premium Balcony during a dummy booking run and also the colour code suggests the same. Perhaps I should try a search for the Carnival equivalent?
  6. I have been doing a bit of cabin research and some of the following cabins on Fortuna/Destiny class (Fortuna & Magica) have come up as available. They at the aft on deck 6 - 6451, 6459, 6424 & 6432 Can anyone shed any light on them? The appeal is they seem to have a rather long balcony.
  7. Just wondering if this has gone fleetwide yet? The Costa website still has lots of photos of the old version and a google search only throws up the same few ships. I quite like the new look. ๐Ÿ‘
  8. I have just remembered that I said that I would let you know how we got on and I have to say the whole experience was very positive. So much so we are considering another later this year. For us, the prices are the big draw and despite a few cutbacks here and there it is essentially the same product on offer. The dining experience was as good as we have had anywhere and my wife who is a vegan had her own menu which choices!!!! I don't know of any other line that does that. We have cruised Celebrity for a few years but they have priced themselves out of our market for the time being. Really loved MSC Seaview and would consider that ship if the itineraries were a bit more varied. We have just had to cancel a MSC Grand voyage Dubai to Yokohama due to a medical crisis so currently, have a blank year. We will certainly be looking at Costa for some deals later on.
  9. We stopped there in 2014 and had read about the same thing occurring prior to our stay. It seems this thing still happens. I made the point of contacting them to raise the issue and fortunately for us everything worked out okay. We had a really great stay there but I do admit to feeling apprehensive until we had actually checked in. If we sail from Civitavecchia again I will look elsewhere.
  10. I have seen this question raised many times and I don't think there as a definitive answer. There are so many things to take into consideration and most specifically peoples expectations. We have sailed both lines and in the main, they have all been great, a couple not so great but I'd still rather be on a ship than trudging off to work.
  11. The Chinese cruise market must be massive considering the ships being based or transferred to the region. I just hope they fully appreciate the clingy shower curtains.
  12. Does anyone have any experience of the MSC Houseboat Cruise excursion in Cochin? The listing is as follows
  13. Thanks for all the information, I have just done a Youtube search and found more details and see what you mean about the sunbeds.
  14. Hello John, fancy seeing you here. Would I be right in thinking its a tender operation to get to the island? We will be there in March and don't mind a beach day. As its not MSC exclusive do you know if there charges for sunbeds etc....
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