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  1. If you look closely, I think they have their medallions around their necks. 😂
  2. I'm genuinely curious what it is about Turks and Caicos that makes you want to go back so bad. It's a pretty desolate stop where the 2 biggest attractions are the Margaritaville pool and Jack's Shack. I get the attraction to a beach stop, but there are very similar experiences on numerous other islands throughout The Bahamas and Caribbean. I recommend going with the RCI option. Go to Coco Cay. You might just find a new favorite.
  3. It truly was a luxury. We used to book last minute...like on Thurs for 3 nighters that started on Fri. The best deal I ever got was $99 for a balcony. I didn't care if the ship went to places I've been 100 times. It was 3 nights of pampering, decent meals, good shows, hitting the bars without designating a DD, and great underway sleep. Enjoy it when you get down there! 😁
  4. Swimming with the pigs? Forgive my ignorance as I haven't been keeping up. Is RCI trying to copy the natural attraction on Big Major Cay?
  5. Driving during love bug season:
  6. RCI and HAL are very different cruise lines. As mentioned, one of the biggest differences you'll notice is the entertainment. Production shows have gone downhill or are totally non existent. There might be one passenger participation game show on the cruise. No live music by the pool, and no nightly theme parties. There is some good live music, like the BB King band, but those couple live venues are pretty much your only options at night. On the good side, the service is right on par with RCI....maybe even better in some areas. Also, I think the MDR food is a slight notch better. RCI has better buffets though, and better buffet hours. If the cruise goes to Half Moon Cay, you'll find the best beach of all private islands. It's nice soft white sand as far out into the water as you can walk for the entire length of the beach. To enjoy HAL, just realize you're going in to a very sleepy atmosphere with an older crowd. It's a great cruise line for relaxation and getting away. I think it's a good line for older couples, but a terrible line for extended family or groups of friends.
  7. Hi coffeebean. 😊 Yeah, I'm still around. It's just been a few years since I've cruised RCI so my time on that board has been limited. Thanks for that Tony's link. It reminds me how great the shows are on RCI. That's how a production show is supposed to look! Mama Mia and Saturday Night Fever are 2 other EXCELLENT RCI shows.
  8. I've been reading of the website horrors for months on this board but finally got to experience it myself in the past couple weeks with a last minute cruise I booked. I encountered those same issues. Now that my online check-in is done, when I go in to look at my booking, all the links and photos on their page are stretched and distorted. It doesn't look very professional. Just trying to figure out what room I was assigned was a bit of a hassle. I don't get it. How can such a large company have such a user unfriendly website?
  9. Ha! Great story. I heard a great line years ago that can be applied directly to high ranking loyalty club members. "When everyone is special, no one is special." I'm all over the place with my cruises lately. The lines on which I have the highest status are the lines I've cruised the least in the past few years, and it does not bother me one bit. I've found I prefer new experiences over loyalty perks. I'm really hoping to try a line like Oceania or Viking Ocean in the near future.
  10. The way I scale cutbacks is by what replaced them. For example, on RCI, when I'm annoyed by the room service charge or lack of pillow chocolates, I'm brought back off the ledge when I sit down and see one of the most amazing production shows I've ever seen. On HAL, I can't seem to find those ulterior upgrades that trade off the cutbacks.
  11. I agree with this post 100%. The production shows on those lines are phenomenal. Just one thing....are you sure you saw Hairspray on Epic? RCI ran that show on a couple of their ships, but I don't remember NCL having it. That said, when I saw Hairspray on Oasis, I thought it was excellent. The whole theater was up on their feet at the end when they sang "You Can't Stop the Beat."
  12. 2 years ago on my Koningsdam cruise, they were taking requests. The actual talent, however, left a lot to be desired.
  13. You obviously did not understand the context of my post. I cruised 7 times in 1 year because I lived in South Florida. Yes, I fly to cruises, but not 7 in a year.
  14. Seattle has about a 5 month cruise season. Also, I used to take advantage of last minute 3/4/5 night cruises out of MIA/FLL. I remember scoring balconies for as low as $99 on Thursday before a Friday departure.
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