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  1. It's pretty sad when you need to take your own sweetener on a cruise. 🙄
  2. Because Holland America (all of Carnival Corp actually) is on an Environmental Compliance Plan...aka federal probation...for their role in recent dumping incidents. The action of eliminating sugar packets, straws, etc, are an effort to comply with the probation. So basically, sugar packets are gone as a result of their dumping. Kinda sad when you let that sink in.
  3. I have flown in and out of the USA and UK numerous times, and not once have I been made to feel like a criminal. Then again, I understand they have a job to do, so I don't give them a reason to treat me like a criminal. Kinda sounds like you might.
  4. Adventure is a great ship! I sailed her twice and loved it both times. You're going to have a wonderful cruise. Enjoy!
  5. Agreed. She might feel discriminated against, or unfairly treated as a person but the fact is, what's happening does not equate to racism. No matter how certain folks on this thread try to spin it, the fact is, racism has a specific definition and this does not meet it.
  6. What would I do? I would book Nieuw Statendam. I'm no fan of HAL's entertainment cutbacks, but I really dislike Princess' newer ships. I don't like how the ships are totally inward facing and have no lounge, like the Crows Nest, with panoramic views.
  7. I totally disagree. They are the newest ships of each line, so I think the comparison is totally fair.
  8. You might want to consult a dictionary. He said "nationality." Nationality and National Origin have 2 different meanings.
  9. Actually, you did erroneously state earlier, several times, that it is racism. And two, no, nationality is not a protected class. You're wrong on that one as well.
  10. Nothing more needs to be said. You answered your own question. Daughter needs to know a European cruise is unreasonable.
  11. Yes. Red Dog is a very short walking distance to the ships, or the shuttle if you need to shuttle to your ship. You will have plenty of time. However, just realize Juneau is a very busy port. Red Dog will most likely be packed.
  12. You will be fine. When I used to drive to the port, I always arrived between 10-10:30 and it was always fine. RCI strives to begin boarding at 11:00. Even with your 10:00 shuttle, I guarantee there will still be at least 100 people there before you. I don't know what time they start checking people in but it must be earlier than 10:00.
  13. Princess isn't a bad choice either. You cruised them prior, so an Alaskan cruise wouldn't be much different other than having a naturalist on board for lectures. I'm not a big fan of Princess' newer Royal Class of ships because they have no interior lounges with panoramic views looking outward. Plus, the balconies are miniscule. You said you like to gamble. Celebrity's casinos are 100% smoke free. That could be attractive or a deterrent, depending on whether or not you smoke.
  14. It's been many years since I've sailed an early Voyager Class ship, but I thought all...with the exception of aft facing...had those glass panels.
  15. Mid-sixties says a little, but not much. If you prefer relaxed and slow-paced, and entertainment is not important to you, I recommend Holland America. If you enjoy great shows and energetic activities, I recommend Royal Caribbean. If you're looking for something in the middle, I recommend Celebrity. Eclipse would be a good choice.
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