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  1. In truth, I would probably do it too. Laying by the pool for the day, getting drinks at the pool bar, and listening to a live calypso band sounds pretty nice right about now. I would probably even eat in a specialty restaurant. Some are quite good. And yes, I know this can be achieved at most land resorts but there's just something about being on a ship. But alas, the question was "why can't?"
  2. Ah. Yeah, you're right. Thanks for the correction. I was just up there a couple weeks ago, but on a critical infrastructure exemption, so I wasn't well versed on the testing procedure.
  3. Where and under what circumstances? Foreign corporation, foreign crew, foreign flagged ships. Crew on foreign flagged ships receive what's called a C1/D work visa, aka seaman's visa. This visa only allows for temporary stays in the US when the ship ports. If a ship permanently ports and runs shop from the dock without getting underway, all these crew would be illegally working in the US. But that's US law. Can't speak for the rest of the World.
  4. Sheesh. Can't say I'm surprised. Considering Alaska still has a mandatory 14 day quarantine for visitors, I was wondering how these cruises were operating to begin with.
  5. I agree. Whittier is a cool little town, for about 10 minutes. There's so much more to see and do in Seward. That said, the 26 Glaciers cruise in Whittier is excellent.
  6. Me: Sitting on balcony, relaxing, about to doze off. Neighbor: %&$#! @$%&! (scream) &$#%! (furniture getting flipped over) Me: Looks around divider with great concern and sees a woman doing battle with a crazy seagull who got stuck on the balcony. Neighbor: Help me! Me: LMAO for a solid 30 seconds before I could breathe enough to tell her to go inside. LMAO for another solid minute before I went next door to help the seagull.
  7. I know this is just my opinion, but I think you just described Celebrity. 😉
  8. Good advice, but just one correction. Those ships are sailing out of Whittier. I don't think any major lines hit Anchorage anymore.
  9. I think this Britney was a lot more popular... ...than this one.
  10. Anyways. Back to the actual subject. Cruise, by a mile. I like Vegas, but being at sea on a cruise is so much more relaxing to me.
  11. That number is a little misleading. My mother runs a small travel agency. She only makes 10% commission. 15% only comes after they meet a certain quota for sales with that line. Then, the commission is not even based on the total sale price. It's not even based on the base price pre taxes and port fees. Only a certain amount of the base price is commissionable. I just booked a $2200 cruise through her and her commission was only about $125.
  12. This is the sort of thing I'm talking about. I know some on this board would balk at the idea of cruising these mega ships, but RCI gets entertainment right! This is a photo of a violin/piano duo playing at night in Central Park on Oasis of the Seas. It's so nice to sit at Giovanni's Table (specialty restaurant), Vintages (wine bar) or the Trellis Bar...all located in central Park, and listen to this sort of entertainment while still being able to have quiet conversation.
  13. Its hard to say what ship is best because we don't know what you're looking for regarding on-board amenities. Holland America is a good Alaska line, but is very lacking in activities. Royal Caribbean excels in activities, but doesn't hit Glacier Bay. Lot of lines in between. I recommend a one-way cruise....one that starts or ends in Alaska. This will allow a land vacation before or after. Personally, I prefer before. That way, you can get all the active stuff out of the way, and then relax on the cruise. The major cruise lines embark in Seward and Whittier.
  14. Ya'll are better men than me. Unless I was chief of security, I'd be fired after day 2 if I had to deal with passengers. What am I saying? I'd be fired in that job too. I'm too blunt when dealing with liars and the self entitled.....which is a lot of people nowadays. 🙄
  15. No, but considering planes go into the sky, not on to the water (except seaplanes), you do have to put on the pertinent safety device....a seatbelt...which is demonstrated by crew. Whether you pay attention or not, you still have to do it. Newflash. Ships are on a large body of water. Therefore the pertinent safety device is....you guessed it....the life jacket. Somehow, I think this still doesn't make sense to you. But that's ok. In my line of work, you're what I call job security.
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