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  1. I hope no one else is positive. I do worry about the Cambodian PM Hun Sen - in videos of him meeting with the passengers he shook the passengers hands and kissed cheeks in welcome - what a nightmare if HE develops symptoms. 🤔 On the other hand other reports said he "threatened to kick out any reporters or officials seen wearing protective face masks" so?
  2. And another 14 were placed in a containment area on the plane after testing positive: In a statement, a Department of State spokesperson said Monday that the American evacuees were all deemed asymptomatic and fit to fly before being processed for evacuation. But during the evacuation process, after passengers had left the ship and gone to the airport, U.S. officials received notice that 14 passengers, who had been tested two to three days earlier, had tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. “These individuals were moved in the most expeditious and safe manner to a specialized containment area on the evacuation aircraft to isolate them in accordance with standard protocols,” the spokesperson said. The State Department made the decision to allow the 14 individuals, who were in isolation, separated from other passengers and who continued to be asymptomatic, to remain on the aircraft to complete the evacuation process after a consultation with health officials, according to the statement. also: Japan’s health ministry confirmed 99 additional coronavirus cases on board the ship Monday. More than 1,700 people on the Diamond Princess, which had 3,700 passengers and crew on board, have been tested since the quarantine began — 454 of them have tested positive for the virus, including some Americans. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/14-americans-test-positive-coronavirus-after-evacuation-quarantined-cruise-ship-n1137616
  3. Actually some Princess passengers are very angry about the quarantine at the military base: "On February 18, the Japanese government plans to begin testing all those who remain on board for the virus. Results should be provided within three days. From February 21, staggered disembarkations would begin. But American passengers who are evacuated will not be tested. “From tragedy to comedy to farce,” tweeted American passenger Matthew Smith, pulling no punches. “The US government instead wants to take us off without testing, fly us back to the US with a bunch of other untested people, and then stick us in 2 more weeks of quarantine? How does that make any sense at all?” Those who decide not to board the flight will still have to spend two weeks in Japan before being able to head home. For Karey Mansicalco, who owns a real estate company in Utah, the news yanked freedom from her hands at the 11th hour. “It’s like a prison sentence for something I did not do,” she told CNN from her cabin. “They are holding us hostage for absolutely no reason.” Mansicalco said another two weeks away from home would cost her upwards of $50,000. “It is financially devastating as well as emotionally devastating. I was in tears when I got the news and … I did not have the words to explain how I felt. And now I just feel angry,” she said". https://abc17news.com/news/national-world/2020/02/16/the-us-is-finally-evacuating-americans-from-the-diamond-princess-heres-why-thats-made-them-mad/
  4. Yeah, the HAL website now agrees: Update: 2/16/2020 5:24 am Pacific Time Testing done in Malaysia on a Westerdam guest who disembarked the ship to fly home was reported positive for COVID-19, as confirmed by a statement by Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail at a press conference. The guest departed Westerdam February 14 and later reported feeling ill at the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia airport. The guest was taken to the hospital and is reported to be in stable condition. The guest’s traveling companion tested negative for COVID-19. Holland America Line is working closely with government and health officials in Malaysia and Cambodia and experts in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). At this time, no other guests or crew, either on board or on their way home, have reported any symptoms of the illness. Guests who have already returned home will be contacted by their local health department and be provided further information. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/ships/ms-westerdam/statement-regarding-westerdam-in-japan/ JMO I truly hate that so many cruisers (and all others) are being affected. But my interest is not to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do, so I hope my posts aren't interpreted that way - I'm just very interested in why/how/what Celebrity and the other (various) cruise lines are doing in handling this problem. For example, how did Celebrity become one of the first to determine to refuse people who transited through HK, while the Westerdam boarded 800 (and then got in trouble)? What will happen to itineraries, how quickly that happens with the lines, how refund policies are being handled, etc. If you follow the roll calls you really get an idea of the maneuvering the cruise lines are doing in real time. So, from this standpoint, times in cruising are very interesting indeed.
  5. Seventy new cases of the COVID-19 from the virus-hit Diamond Princess cruise ship presently quarantined in Yokohama have been confirmed, Health Minister Katsunobu Kato announced Sunday morning during a news program on public broadcaster NHK. The additional cases take the total number of confirmed infections aboard the vessel to a total of 355. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/02/16/national/science-health/japan-70-new-cases-covid19-diamond-princess-cruise-ship/#.XkivwyhKg2x
  6. KLM agrees: "Following the woman's positive test, a number of passengers, including two Dutch citizens, were denied boarding for an Amsterdam-bound KLM flight departing from Kuala Lumpur, according to the Dutch foreign ministry. The tourists who were kept from boarding KLM flight 810 are still in Malaysia, along with another group of Dutch citizens suspected to have had contact with the infected American woman. Dutch RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment estimated that 11 people were not allowed on the plane. A number of Dutch citizens who were aboard the Westerdam have already returned to the Netherlands, where they will be monitored daily by local health authorities. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/coronavirus-westerdam-cruise-ship-passengers-bumped-from-klm-flight-in-malaysia
  7. More news from the Twilight Zone over on the HAL Board re a Westerdam passenger. Cue music: PETALING JAYA: The health ministry has tonight confirmed that an 83-year-old American woman tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of cases detected in Malaysia to 22. The woman and her husband, who tested negative, are both being treated at Sungai Buloh hospital. They were among 145 passengers who had flown to Kuala Lumpur on Friday after the cruise ship Westerdam docked in Cambodia. Some 1,500 passengers had disembarked at Sihanoukville port after the ship had been rebuffed by Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and the US territory of Guam. The woman is reported to be in stable condition and is being treated at the isolation ward at the Sungai Buloh Hospital. Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said in a statement that the victim and her husband displayed symptoms when they were screened at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and were referred to Sungai Buloh hospital, where she tested positive. “Her husband, 85, tested negative but was also treated at the hospital,” he said. https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2020/02/15/us-woman-from-cruise-ship-is-latest-covid-19-victim/?fbclid=IwAR1SZa35J_lzQOupNZ_3lAWwKcNvKIEQreuJ2vn1rc4cbwpYnjcCIjrxxaA https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-02-15/american-passenger-on-westerdam-cruise-contracted-coronavirus Update: 2/15/2020 10:40 am Pacific Time While the first results have been reported, they are preliminary at this point and we are awaiting secondary testing for confirmation. We are working with officials in Malaysia, Cambodia and the U.S. CDC as is standard. On Feb. 10 all 2,257 passengers and crew on board Westerdam were temperature-tested and not one person had an elevated temperature. Disembarking guests also completed a written health questionnaire and the passports of everyone on board were reviewed to ensure no one had traveled through mainland China in the prior 14 days. During the voyage there was no indication of Covid-19 on the ship. Westerdam is alongside in Sihanoukville Cambodia with 236 guests and 747 crew on board. The remainder of guests from the voyage departed Sihanoukville via charter flights to Phnom Penh yesterday and today and are in various stages of transit home. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/ships/ms-westerdam/statement-regarding-westerdam-in-japan/
  8. Per posts on the Celebrity board, here's info on what will happen to Millennium and Spectrum of the Seas: Royal Caribbean Cruises announced it will dedicate two ships to "humanitarian efforts in Australia and California" to support those affected by recent crises in both areas. Both the Spectrum of the Seas and Celebrity Millennium, which are out of service due to the coronavirus outbreak, will redeploy for these sailings. The 2019-built Spectrum of the Seas will move Australia and be deployed on complimentary cruises sailing from Sydney in support of Australia's first responder community, according to a statement. <and> In addition, the Celebrity Millennium is moving to the West Coast of the U.S. earlier than previously scheduled ahead of her Alaska program and will offer a series of "Cruising for Heroes" voyages in support of California firefighters, other first responders and veterans. These voyages will run through March and April. A variety of three-, four- and five-night sailings have been added to the brand's offerings to travel the breathtaking Pacific Coast. The sailings will leave from Los Angeles and details will be announced soon. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22457-royal-caribbean-to-sail-free-cruises-for-crisis-responders-with-displaced-tonnage.html
  9. "Coronavirus confusion: Cruise ship owner denies reports of virus scare" Owners of the Norwegian Jewel cruise ship say some passengers contracted "stomach-related illnesses" - but there is no coronavirus scare onboard. The cruise ship arrived in Sydney today and Australian media reported that it was placed in lockdown while authorities tested a sick passenger for coronavirus. The ship was in New Zealand for a 10-day tour before arriving in Sydney today. It is unclear where the man, who Australian media reports is Singaporean, boarded the vessel. He fell ill with respiratory illness, The Australian reported. The man was being tested as a precaution and had not yet been confirmed to have coronavirus. The ship's owner Norwegian Cruise Line dismissed Australian reports that a respiratory illness had occurred onboard. "The safety, security and well-being of our guests and crew is our number one priority," the company said. "As such, we operate at the very highest public health standards. During Norwegian Jewel's sailing from Auckland to Sydney, a few guests on board experienced a stomach-related illness. "To mitigate any impact of this rare occurrence, we implemented stringent sanitation procedures. As such, upon the ship's return to Sydney [today] a a thorough inspection and rigorous cleaning and disinfection of the ship and terminal were conducted." https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12308614
  10. I noticed the Millennium is now showing up in Oahu on March 1 (marked tentative), Maui on March 3 (tentative), and San Francisco March 27 (marked overnight) and April 4, 2020. https://hawaii.portcall.com/#!?date=2020-03-01 https://hawaii.portcall.com/#!?date=2020-03-03 https://sfport.com/sites/default/files/Cruises/Docs/2020.pdf
  11. Ouch. If you haven't read this yet, poster Dr Dobro posted this article with lots of info about the Diamond quarantine. Interesting reading (including about the testing procedures (ugh) Quarantined Cruise Passengers Have Many Questions. Japan Has Few Answers. Critics say the government is making a coronavirus episode worse by not being more forthcoming. By Motoko Rich and Ben Dooley New York Times Published Feb. 11, 2020 Updated Feb. 12, 2020, 5:09 p.m. ET TOKYO — The 3,600 people aboard the Diamond Princess, locked down for more than a week and desperate for information, have been reduced to peering out windows as hazmat-suited workers take away the newest coronavirus patients and mysterious buses, their interiors shrouded by curtains, come and go from the port. They have Wi-Fi, but it is spotty, and even if it were not, they might search in vain for information about their plight from tight-lipped Japanese authorities. Experts in crisis management said the government was offering a textbook example of how not to handle a public health crisis. “Repeatedly explain what is known, and what is unknown, and when people can get more information about what remains unknown,” said Dr. Hana Hayashi, a public health strategist at McCann Healthcare Worldwide Japan. “It sounds very simple, but by continuing to do this, people’s concerns will be reduced.” With 174 of their number known to be infected — the most cases anywhere outside China — one of the biggest questions for those stuck on the Diamond Princess off Yokohama is: Why won’t Japan test everyone on board for the virus? As of Tuesday, only 439 had been tested, and the Japanese authorities have sent mixed messages. For days, officials have said the country simply does not have the ability to test everyone on the ship. But on Tuesday, as demands grew, Dr. Masami Sakoi, an assistant health minister, said at a news briefing that the health ministry was considering expanding its testing capacity. Japan’s insistence that it is an issue of practicality has been met with some skepticism. Critics of the government’s handling of the outbreak say that officials simply are not explaining enough of their thinking as they face an epidemiological challenge with no easy playbook. The government’s communications strategy has undermined trust, and speculation has sometimes filled the void, including about whether there could be alternatives to keeping so many people locked inside a contaminated vessel. “Here you have people locked down on a pseudo prison on a cruise ship,” said Kyle Cleveland, a professor of sociology at the Tokyo campus of Temple University who has studied Japan’s response to another crisis, the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. “Is it really a matter of not having enough tests?” In China, after all, where more than 44,000 people have been infected and deaths have surpassed 1,100, health officials are performing thousands of coronavirus tests a day. Unlike Japan, China has been confronting the outbreak since December, and has had time to produce test kits. Even so, it is contending with a shortage. Some passengers say that if it were just a matter of logistics, Japan could look for outside help. “I’d prefer if our countries pitch in and help test everyone,” said Vera Koslova-Fu, an Australian on the ship. Still, there is far from universal agreement that Japan should test everyone on board the Diamond Princess, even if it could. Olivia Lawe-Davies, a spokeswoman for the World Health Organization, said that its experts agreed with the way Japan was handling the quarantine. “No country or entity has had to manage this novel coronavirus, for which there are still many unknowns, on an international conveyance with this many people,” she said. “The most important thing is to ensure that people who are ill receive proper treatment, which the Japanese authorities are doing.” Some infectious disease experts questioned whether testing everyone on board would in fact be effective. “In reality, people are in the incubation period right now,” said Mitsuyoshi Urashima, a professor of molecular epidemiology at Jikei University Hospital in Tokyo. “The tests are not absolutely always right.” (Proof of that came from a different set of coronavirus patients on Tuesday. The health ministry announced that two Japanese citizens who had previously tested negative after leaving Wuhan, China, where the epidemic began, were now infected.) The tests themselves pose their own obstacles. They are not simple throat swabs, but instead require cells from hard-to-reach parts of the respiratory tract. The simplest test, a nasopharyngeal swab, “is not surgery, but it comes close,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. “It’s an aggressive medical procedure.” The alternative requires pumping saline solution deep into the lungs. “You could not do it on healthy people by the thousands, or just go from cabin to cabin doing it,” Dr. Schaffner said. Both procedures are risky for the medical personnel doing them, because they can send the patient into a retching or coughing fit, spewing out virus. And even then, he said, concerns would remain. “I’m sure a lot of people on board think, ‘If I’m negative, I’m cleared,’” Dr. Schaffner said. “It’s not that — you could be positive tomorrow.” Even if the tests are not scientifically warranted, some public health experts said, they might help calm anxious people on the ship. “If it puts people’s minds at ease, it has merit,” said Eiji Kusumi, a doctor specializing in infectious diseases at Navitas Clinic in Tokyo. “We’re dealing with people who are operating out of emotion.” One passenger, Sarah Arana, a 52-year-old medical social worker from Paso Robles, Calif., said, “I think it would provide peace of mind.” Peace of mind has been hard to come by for many passengers, in no small part because of the Japanese government’s limited communications. Passengers isolated in their cabins have been checking their phones for news updates and social media posts, while their families back home are frantically pressing for information. By failing to hold regular and timely news briefings and doling out cryptic information, the government “has made the problem seem much larger than it looks,” said Hiromi Murakami, an expert on health policy at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo. “It’s mostly bureaucrats who have to deal with a lot of things, and they don’t know how to respond sometimes,” Ms. Murakami said. “They’re not used to dealing with questions. They don’t know how to answer them, and they think if they can’t answer them, what’s the purpose of having a press conference. So they avoid these situations.” That may soon prove harder to do. Experts say the Diamond Princess may be only the beginning of Japan’s challenges with the coronavirus. “Probably it’s a tiny portion of our problem in Japan,” said Hitoshi Oshitani, a professor of virology at Tohoku University. “If we have a few hundred cases in Japan and there are probably thousands of contacts around these few hundred, the numbers will increase every day.” The government has been saying little. On Sunday and Monday, it waited hours to confirm that there were new infections on board, even as the captain of the Diamond Princess announced them to the ship. By Wednesday, Japanese officials moved more quickly to say that 39 additional passengers had tested positive and that a health ministry employee had also been diagnosed with the illness after administering a survey to those aboard the ship. Still, rumors abound. Early Tuesday, Japanese news outlets reported that the health authorities were considering taking some elderly passengers off the ship, but officials refused to comment. Passengers on the ship could see that at least two buses, their windows covered in curtains, had pulled up to the port, and claims spread that some people were being allowed to leave. In the absence of official communication, some have found their own way to communicate: Japanese passengers, who make up about half of the 2,666 guests on board, unfurled cloth signs off their balconies. “Serious lack of medicine, lack of information,” read one.
  12. Based on the 2/6 and 2/17 NCL Jade roll calls it looks like the 2/6 sailing of the Jade might also be turning into a "mystery" cruise. Lou33 posted: On the shiptracker page, it looks like the captain did a U turn in the middle of the night and started heading south. They were supposed to be at Chan May today. But it is 7:00 AM and they are way out at sea. Portobelly posted: On the 6th Feb FB group, passengers on board are saying the Jade has been denied entry to Vietnam calls and captain said they are now headed to Koh Samui, Thailand... vlnmkr posted: And yesterday the Jade was supposed to be in Ho Chi Min City and the webcam showed them out at sea. auntiejanie posted: Our HCMC tour company confirmed that the Jade did not arrive at Phu My yesterday But the real kicker was on the 2/6 roll call when the policy of not being allowed to board if in/transit through HK 14 days prior and someone answered: "Not true. We came from Hong Kong and we now on the ship". Uhoh. Might be the reason?
  13. I would let the situation in Asia continue to evolve before I sailed there right now, but anywhere else, I'm in! I have learned one thing though - to pay more attention to cruise line air instead of booking on my own like I usually do. It seems like most reporting that they had booked with the cruise line say that they have really taken care of their customers with no hassle re-routing(s), etc., unlike others scrambling to make arrangements on their own.
  14. Good news is that HAL Westerdam has found a port that will accept them. Finally. "The Cambodian government yesterday said it would allow the Westerdam to dock this morning at the port of Sihanoukville and the passengers will be permitted disembark" https://pncguam.com/westerdam-granted-docking-rights-in-cambodia/
  15. Yep, and looking at their cabin checker tool also, it shows that 8348 is directly above 7366 so would also have the larger balcony. Our friends were next door to us and their balcony was smaller (but still very nice!). If you compare the photo linked above that's supposed to be of Silhouette you can see the numbers don't match up to the Silly deck plans - but DOES match to Equinox, etc. OP you want 8348 lol! (or "my" cabin 7366 😄
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