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  1. I'm sorry this happened to your family, and am glad your husband is doing OK. I'm also very glad RCI is taking care of you. JMO but all the different cruise lines efforts seem to be paying off, with no ships with big outbreaks (shown as "red") - knock on (teak) wood ☺️ I know it probably doesn't seem like it could be any worse, but there was a Harmony passenger from that same sailing who was taken from the ship and hospitalized who would probably disagree. I don't know who is taking care of his situation - hopefully he had good insurance 😉 You'll have to use google translate to read the article (it's in Italian): *edited to add the translation: Covid-19 positive cruise passenger who landed at the first light of dawn from Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas, which docked at 3.27 yesterday morning. An ambulance was already waiting for the patient on the quayside and transported the man to the Sant'Andrea hospital. He is a 74-year-old American, with an Italian surname, who boarded last Sunday in Barcelona. The tourist was admitted to the Infectious Diseases ward and immediately began treatment. Apparently the American had been sick for a couple of days . High fever and pain that prompted Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas medical team to subject him to an antigenic swab which immediately gave a positive result. At that point, as required by the protocols, the man was isolated in his cabin waiting to arrive at the first docking port of the cruise ship. It wasn't a walk in the park. The ship that departed from Barcelona had made a stopover in Palma de Mallorca on Monday. Presumably that evening the American tourist began to feel ill. On Tuesday 31 August, the maritime health service was contacted from the ship, which was sailing directly to the port of La Spezia. At that point it was arranged to get the ship to the port of La Spezia as soon as possible given the tourist conditions. The Harmony Seas, whose arrival was scheduled for 8 am yesterday, arrived in the night. For the vaccinated American who, before embarking in Barcelona, had undergone two swabs with negative results and had a Green pass, were difficult times despite the presence of the ship's medical and nursing staff who guaranteed patient care. Hospitalized at Sant'Andrea, the tourist, who does not speak Italian, was immediately taken in charge by the Infectious Diseases staff where the doctors adequately informed him both about his condition and about the therapy to which he was immediately subjected. "We activated the protocols provided for in these cases and everything went well," explains Dr. Antonella Mofferdin, head of La Spezia's maritime health -. Disembarkation was scheduled and the patient was taken to the hospital. There is no other case of Covid on the ship ». Apparently the tourist also suffered from other important pathologies. Positive result at Covid, with the fever rising, the ship's doctors decided, together with the maritime health care, to have him landed as soon as possible to be treated in a hospital. With the patient remained his wife, who landed with him. Last night Harmony of the Seas resumed sailing with two fewer guests. «A guest aboard Harmony of the Seas was disembarked yesterday morning in La Spezia, Italy, due to an underlying health condition - explains Lucy Radford senior manager of Royal Caribben -. The guest was disembarked in La Spezia and was taken to hospital for medical treatment. As part of our standard procedure, the host was tested for Covid-19 and tested positive. All close contacts were traced and tested negative. To sail aboard the Harmony, which departed Barcelona on 29 August, guests aged 18 and over must be vaccinated and tested negative before boarding. Children not eligible for the vaccine must also test negative. All the crew is vaccinated https://www.ilsecoloxix.it/la-spezia/2021/09/02/news/la-spezia-ricoverato-crocierista-positivo-al-covid-1.40659016?fbclid=IwAR2WMFMzQVBjcL1DQN2xSQJu8_XEfqN0kB6e53pM6dhc_KSGU5KQPon2I2E
  2. Thanks for then sharing with us too! Beautiful! 😊
  3. Speaking as someone who had a father with a facial cancer (that he continued to "ignore" for quite a while despite our concern), I want to say that you are very smart (and brave) to go ahead and take care of this problem. He finally had his surgery and thought it was much easier than expected and I hope the same for you. Prayers and best wishes to you for a easy surgery and a rapid recovery ☺️
  4. Here's a fun to watch youtube video of a cabin tour of an Edge sky suite (Don called it the "Best Cabin I've Ever Booked") - it also shows the bath 😊
  5. JMO it probably was based on this info and was for that cruise only: "Nonetheless, in an abundance of caution after discussions and consultations undertaken with the Ministry of Health and Wellness, an additional protocol will be implemented for today’s call. Effectively, all passengers that have a negative COVID-19 test will be asked to provide proof of this negative test, and for those passengers that do not have proof of negative test will be subject to random testing to be carried out by the Ministry of Health and Wellness." https://belizetourismboard.org/carnival-vista-port-call-to-belize-city/
  6. Thanks for the reminder. I was a little late and jumped on the web cam at about 7:20, and got a screen grab (that I then forgot to post until just now). 🙃
  7. No, her maiden sailing was June 21 out of Athens. Could be that sailing (Greek Islands) just didn't sell so well for that week 😉
  8. And NCL has now extended the 100% vaxxed through December 31, 2021: https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Norwegian-Cruise-Line-extends-vaccine-mandate-through-2021
  9. @fridge posted on the Celebrity board that they are sailing now on the Apex and there are only 300 passengers onboard! ☺️
  10. ITA pointless now. 😉 OT PSA - yesterday when scheduling a home service appointment for my Whirlpool refrigerator the same "Have you traveled internationally in the last xx days" question was asked among the questions about Covid and your household. But the kicker was the last question "Have you been on a cruise in the last xx days?"! (I was so surprised hearing a question about cruising on there that I can't remember if they said 30, 60 or 90 days). But apparently Whirlpool won't schedule a home service appointment for you if you answer yes to cruising, so you better get those pesky appointments done before you sail LOL.
  11. I don't know if this will apply to you or not, but this poor Canadian had trouble (he also had a bit of trouble a couple weeks ago getting home on Celebrity😞
  12. Bird you must tell us how you always top your last greatest review? This is fantastic and even better than the last! Hopefully someone here was around in the 1960s and remembers this song because I'm dedicating it to our very much appreciated BirdTravels 🐦🐦🐦 Well everybody's heard about the bird ! Bird bird bird, the bird is the word ! Everybody's heard about the bird ! Bird bird bird, the bird is the word ! Don't you know about the bird? Well everybody's heard about the bird ! Bird bird bird, the bird is the word ! Bird bird bird, the bird is the word ! Yeah !
  13. Also makes me wonder if they wore their masks on the flights from and back to Illinois, or do you think they were surprised by that policy too? 😷
  14. Over on the Celebrity board poster @fridge has posted they are on the Apex now and there are only 300 guests! I can't imagine what that would be like, but pretty sure I'd love it! JMO I love all suites on all lines (who doesn't), but Celebrity suite class is hard to beat. And one of the best things is that their suite service is just as good among all their ships too. 😊
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