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  1. Deck 4 aft on Luminosa are the largest sized balconies, great location. Just had a deck 5 this time slightly smaller by about a foot but still bigger than the regular ones.
  2. Should have been more specific and said Asia...or that way.
  3. That will make a nice change, can we assume Voyager through Singapore and Anthem via the Pacific?
  4. Can any of you guys tell me what ship is booked in to Darwin Sat 18th April 2026, it says Vista (new build) there is info when you click on the name, but not enough for me to work out what it is.
  5. We are off to Bali for a week in June then on a cruise in November...will have to do all this twice.
  6. Sounds good.....hey qantas just gave us 30 bucks each for food...we are at the bar. You just can't fly in the day of the cruise anymore
  7. Haha we still waiting...unbolted seat. Supposed to depart at 1pm. Natives are getting restless now
  8. Either Merure Icon or Mercure Bugis...ATM. Don't do FB but will catch up with you on board. Still in Sydney....broken seat....all off plane. Bloody Qantas.
  9. Chilli we are on that cruise. Have a 1pm flight booked but it's our only choice as only one flight a day to our hometown. Today we have had to fly Port Macquarie to Syd then to Brisbane....as no direct flights on a Saturday, long day. We have a transfer booked to airport for this cruise....Luminosa...with Con x ions. $20 each. Will see how it goes and may book for Quantum.
  10. We are visiting Champagne Bay and Port Vila next week.....fingers crossed🤞and do not need a visa.
  11. Hey there, Dravuni Island is beautiful, very tropical and lush, we are there next week. We have taken boat trips with locals, but usually swim, snorkel and have a massage. Last stop there was 2016, but can let you know anything new when we get back.
  12. Thankyou Les, hope you enjoy your night, I know all about "our shout"!! We must be getting old cos we forgot all about it, like we forgot about our wedding anniversary on our Brilliance cruise in October.....reason we went on the cruise but forgot it on the day🤣
  13. The Caribe balconies or not having a couch? We never use a couch, also depends where the TV is located but always end up on the bed🙃 If a couch/sofa is important then they are not for you, but for the price point compared to a Mini, worth some thought. We look for Caribe Aft, just before the Mid cabins where the price goes goes up! Always look for where the smoking side is and go the other. These X large half covered balconies are on Crown class, including P&O Encounter and Adventure
  14. We really love the standard balconies on Caribe, large half covered half open balcony, they are so good.
  15. Oh no!...I think you were on with Rob and Ali, I watch their Vlogs. I noticed she didn't attend a few things and thought she might have a bug. I like the Hideaway Island one, haven't been there since 1999😀
  16. Can't help with recent info as we were last in Argentina in 2006! but, if you have a Qantas FF card, it is a travel money card, just need to activate online and load currency. We haven't used it that way as we travel with our UBank direct debit for cash and 28Degrees/Lattitude Credit Card, but I would probably consider loading it with local currency for Argentina considering the money situation.
  17. Thanks for the Luminosa update, we are on next weekend. Really loved that ship last time. Biggest concern ATM is will the Luminosa do the South Pacific? Where could it go for 11 nights as an alternative. It's a passport cruise so wouldn't have to stick to OZ ports, but I heard it would need a hull clean to get to NZ and it hasn't had one lately!! I read the last cruise on Quantum were told at the port the change of itineraries, fingers crossed this weather system buggers off.
  18. And for anyone interested, the Quantum Transpacific 8th April 2025 is now live for bookings for everyone else. 21 nights from $3000. It includes Easter and ANZAC public holidays for those wanting to stretch out that annual leave haha!!
  19. Hi Maree, Quantum has been here for a couple of years cruising from Brisbane, while Ovation cruise from Sydney for the season. Quantum will come from Brisbane to Sydney, then head across the Pacific. Ovation will likely go to Asia. From what I have read, those that were booked on Ovation and moved have the same cabins on Quantum, call the number that is on your notification email, or log in to your booking and you should see you cabin numbers. Here is a link to the Rollcall discussing it Good luck!!
  20. Julie, during the day on Ruby and Emerald we escaped to Adagio lounge, up on Sun deck next to the specialty restaurant, nice and quiet to read and relax. i see there is one on Crown.
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