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  1. Virtuosa isn't due to do a Transatlantic. Confused
  2. If you look on the deck plans it would appear so, but look at the graphic above and you can see that 8168 extends into the corner of the ship. 8670 is deeper but 8168 is much wider. Best thing to do is search for each cabin number + balcony in google images to get an idea of what the balconies look like. There are plenty of pics. In any case aft balconies on Radiance class are all good.
  3. Excuse me for jumping in here (as obviously I'm not Phil 😄) but just to confirm that currently no tests are required to enter Spain (our son just returned from there a couple of days ago). For return from Lisbon (or anywhere else not on the UK red list) the current requirements are those laid down by the NHS and current requirement is a Lateral Flow test within 72 hours of flying and a PCR test on or before Day 2. We returned from Portugal last week. However, from 4th October there will be no requirement for a pre-flight test just for a day 2 test. The current advice is that from the end of October (no actual date yet given) the day 2 test will only need to be a Lateral Flow test. Obviously, as is the way with our Government, this could all change again in a couple of weeks!!
  4. I'm currently sitting by the pool at a villa in the Algarve after a week in Porto and 2 days in Evora on the way down. This is my second trip abroad since early June and have another booked in October. I haven't felt particularly stressed about the testing requirements. Yes there's an extra expense involved and a small anxious wait for a negative result (which I had no reason to doubt having had Covid at Christmas and being doubly jabbed), but the payoff was well worth the minor inconvenience - all our flights have been pretty empty and we had rows to ourselves. We really had no desire to holiday in the UK for the reasons you said I am glad that you have enjoyed your cruises and know that it still provides a comfort zone for many - just not enough freedom and too many restrictions for us. Enjoy your next cruise 😊
  5. I suspect most of the answers will be in the positive as people on this site tend to be passionate about cruising and desperate to cruise whatever the restrictions and anyone giving a negative view will be shot down in flames. So flame away but I still can't work up any enthusiasm for cruising right now and - apart from less crowding onboard- haven't seen anything on all the onboard reports which would tempt me back
  6. Nasty and misinformed. You can't take a train from the airport 🙄 It's very nice to arrive by boat but much more costly. The bus is easy and cheap.
  7. Utter rubbish. I know someone who tested positive on 17 July this year - and with symptoms, not asymptomatic. He had another PCR test 3 weeks later as he needed it to travel abroad, and tested negative.
  8. Not sure where the 90 day figure came from, presumably been reported somewhere. However there may be an element of scaremongering with that stat. A friend tested positive on 17 July - young man (early 30s). He was poorly for a few days so not asymptomatic. He did a PCR test 2 days ago (3 weeks after positive test) for travel abroad to a wedding and tested negative.
  9. Brilliance is sailing out of Ravenna, not Venice, so the tips about the great views of Venice on sailaway are irrelevant. As for the other ports on the route, it would help if you can provide the itinerary but on that ship probably the best views will be if you are on a cruise which includes Kotor and then the best views are from the top decks. Some ports are not picturesque and some are tendered anyway. If you are talking about views are you are sailing between ports you are generally too far away from land to see much anyway.
  10. No problem. Other posters have said it - and they were misinformed. There are ongoing trials in the UK but we are not giving mixed doses to the general population Incidentally the trials in the UK and other countries are showing favourable results from mixed doses
  11. UK have not been mixing doses. The only instances would be those taking part in studies to see whether mixed doses are more effective. But the doses being administered to the general public are not mixed.
  12. Not left in my cabin but handed it back to LA - twice. Amazed that people will arrange cruises around picking up certain blocks. Different strokes for different folks I guess 🤷
  13. Think it also had something to do with the LA onboard.
  14. 5 blocks and only ever had one presented at an event.
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