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  1. Of course I remember you, we met on Adventure and you're absolutely right - 10 years ago next month! 😄 hope you and John are keeping well. I agree that times are difficult and things won't be the same for a long time. We only sailed once on MSC because the itinerary looked wonderful - and so it was, Venice to Durban. The TA looked great too with a number of new ports, not the same old same old you get with RC. However, the way they are messing people around with all the changes and the real lack of communication makes me very wary of trying them again. Thankfully we only have 2 cruises in the pipeline (both with RC), and not until next year, so we'll be staying cautious for a while. Hope you get your issues sorted out. Stay safe xx
  2. Just to point out that here in England mask wearing is not mandatory except on public transport and when visiting a health facility, and that has only been in place for less than 4 weeks. I would estimate i see less than 1 in 10 wearing masks when I am out and about. Of course we have had other strict measures in place and thankfully mask wearing isn't part of a political battlefield. Our numbers continue to decrease exponentially.
  3. So, 97 days after we should have sailed from Barbados to Southampton (31st March) the refund finally appeared in our bank today. That's me done with MSC - we had taken one cruise with them and were more than satisfied with the product but, having seen the way they mess people around (and not just over refunds) and their woeful lack of Customer Service I'll be taking any future cruise business elsewhere.
  4. Hahaha. Wow, things must be getting desperate on here to resurrect a 3.5 year thread about someone nobody cares about 🤣
  5. No it's not. We have flights booked to Portugal in September (booked last November) and we've changed the flights to extend our holiday since we've already lost out on 2 holidays this year.
  6. In that case I fully understand. I remember the days of getting stung for half term prices - and it puts a totally different perspective on it when it involves getting kids back and having no flexibility on dates. Sounds like the RC flights may be the way to go.
  7. Are you absolutely sure you need to book the flights with the cruiseline? The reason I ask is that we flew Easyjet to Venice in October the year before last and the base price was £13.50 before paying for bags (and seats if you wish). I see that Easyjet fly from Edinburgh to Venice too and would think you'll find similar cheap pricing in October, unless it's half term - in which case prices will obviously be much higher. You mention about shifting the cruise and the flights being non- cancellable. You can always shift flights with Easyjet and pay a change fee of around £30 to do so - we've done it several times before. In fact currently they are not charging a change fee, although flights have not yet been released beyond May. Take a look at the cost of this year's flights on the dates you would be going to get an idea of how much they may cost. £575 seems a ridiculous price to pay for flights to Venice, especially when RC only seem to use the budget airlines anyway. I would also add that if you are not planning to stay any time in Venice before the cruise you would have to transfer to Ravenna, which is the new departure port. In that case you may be better flying into Bologna if you can find a flight from one of your preferred airports, as that's much closer to Ravenna.
  8. Exactly - and then the fact that our pubs are opening at the weekend (albeit with many rules in place) and inevitably the Brits will go crazy 🙄
  9. Just to point out that not every country in Europe has mandated mask-wearing so 'everyone' in Europe didn't diligently wear masks. I can't speak for ALL 44 countries in Europe but here in the UK mask wearing is only mandatory on public transport and that has only been the case for the last 2 weeks. When I am out and about I would estimate I see less than 10% wearing masks - and then mainly in shops (where it is not mandatory). There are other European countries which have seen little use of masks. Having said that we haven't loosened the lockdown as quickly as many States in the US and social distancing measures are in place everywhere (for those who want to comply) - thankfully our numbers are still decreasing.
  10. Far from disappointing for me. Those replies are from precisely the type of people I wouldn't want to bump into on my visit to Cambodia - which is on my bucket list 😁
  11. A slight update. When our cruise was cancelled it was at the time MSC were only offering FCCs in the UK. We told our TA that we wanted a refund (in accordance with the T&Cs) and he said he would request one. He was then furloughed and we heard nothing more. When MSC finally backed down (no doubt after pressure) in mid April and said they would allow refunds I applied via the the email address on the website and had an acknowledgement which said it could take up to 120 days from application - which would mean mid-August. Our TA is now back and I spoke with him this week. Apparently the agency (a big online cruise agency) had actually requested refunds for a number of people and we have been told that the money will be refunded to our account next week. I actually have a suspicion that MSC had already refunded the agency and they have been sitting on our money (it's happened before with this agency). However, if the money arrives next week that's a lot earlier than mid-August and it shows the agency did actually go out to bat for us when the cruise was cancelled. Fingers crossed and will update when (if) the refund arrives.
  12. Well done. We were due to be on the cruise bringing Preziosa from Barbados on 31st March - still waiting for our refund!! Did you book direct or with a Travel Agent?
  13. But surely it's irrelevant how clean a ship is or whatever measures are in place, all you need are several infected and incautious/uncaring people boarding that ship to make those measures pointless
  14. So would I be right in thinking that if I do L&S the OBC which I received for booking onboard and a FCC which I applied (for a cancelled Coco Cay stop) would both switch over. Thanks in advance, you really are a mine of information 😀
  15. Hahaha. I might have guessed 😁 I wonder if anyone else noticed.
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