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  1. Burger queen is amazingly good!
  2. I actually just did this for my August (hopefully) cruise and I used a TA. You simply go online, click redeem my points. You will have a drop down menu, pick your reward, go to check out.... then, you will be asked for your reservation information and that's it. It took about 1 week to post to my balance... I never had to involve my agent, it was all done through Bank of America's website. I've done this many times with no problem. Hope this helps.
  3. Considering NCL and RCCL are working together on the health panel...I believe that speaks volumes...
  4. makes me soooo sad.... I just wish Royal would level with us I know bunches of you here are like us with two cruise fares tied up with these b2b... Trying to hold out hope but not looking great.
  5. Proposed hypothetical timeline for Italy...sigh... https://www.marca.com/en/lifestyle/2020/04/16/5e98b8d5ca4741bd688b45ab.html
  6. We are 2 couples booked on the same b2b...after 3 weeks all four of us are professionals, we NEED to get back to work, a quarantine is out of the question... I would really like answers or at least what they hope to be their plan... of course, not to mention the money tied up in this trip still, this is an epic bucket list trip for us, still hope to go
  7. MSN article about EU minister's statement https://www.msn.com/en-ie/travel/other/eu-chief-tells-people-not-to-book-summer-holidays/ar-BB12yfc7?li=BBr5MKc
  8. The smaller classes are great, just know going in what to expect...they definitely have my favorite Solariums. I find the staff WAY more attentive and personal like throw back cruising. Enjoy
  9. Air2Sea booked, still haven't booked flight home, probably a good time to look at that now... thanks for that heads up. We are being super safe in Louisiana, I'm not in the New Orleans area which is being smashed. I'm a food scientist so work has not let up at all... I'm hoping to see you on board and in higher decked DL as well. Best wishes...
  10. Any guesses if she will stay in Europe and resume at some point during the season? I have the President's Cruise followed by the TA... I wish there would be some kind of announcement... i.e. "our plans are to remain in Europe in the hopes..." or "Upon maintenance, the Allure will be returning to..." Some guidance Royal would be appreciated greatly
  11. any speculation if she stays in Europe after maintenance? Anyone feel the European season is dead? I'm anxious to see where she ends up...insight, thoughts?
  12. We are scheduled for the 25 and Nov 1st too... I would really like an update... especially if they know they are going to cancel the Med season...
  13. we too are on the Oct 25 and Nov 1 transatlantic... just checked our travel insurance policy and epidemics are NOT covered... hoping there is plenty of time to get the situation under control.
  14. Ship in at 5am... self disembark, disembark priority, TSA pre.... Is a 9:30 flight doable? I know all the what if lectures, not needed... well traveled. Just haven't been to the Miami port in a long time, not sure the average time frame...many thanks
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