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  1. Masks are worn to prevent sick people from breathing, spitting (accidentally), or sneezing on other people. This is why it is common for sick people in Asian countries like Japan to wear surgical masks. If you are wearing a mask to prevent someone from sneezing on you and it getting in your mouth, you may wish to purchase full face masks to protect your eyes instead. These can be reused and come with a handy hard hat in many cases. Or just wear a motorcycle helmet which will also stop you from touching your face.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/15/uk-coronavirus-crisis-to-last-until-spring-2021-and-could-see-79m-hospitalised UK coronavirus crisis 'to last until spring 2021 and could see 7.9m hospitalised' OK folks, guess this means everyone should stay home in isolation for the next 18 months and then we can go back to normal.
  3. That is direct transmission. Airborne is carried on the air and transmits across MILES, not 6 feet.
  4. Or remember to treat this like any other flu and wash your hands with soap and water instead of hiding in your homes and counting toilet paper. Yes, the .7% mortality rate is a concern, and for those people that are high risk they should avoid other people. FOr the majority of the population, there really isn't a lot you can do to avoid this. Do you go to work with other people? Do you ride the still operational NYC subway system? When this hysterical panic is over, Mom & Pop places, hotels, restaurants, other small venues, will have gone out of business from lack of patronage. Big corporations will happily close in and take over their market share. Meanwhile, those working jobs and living paycheck to paycheck will go to work, or they won't get paid and probably lose their jobs. The hospitality industry is the 5th largest industry in the US employment, while wholesale and retail industry is the 2nd largest industry employment. This panic is doing exactly what several groups want, destroying the US economy in a manner that it may take years to recover. It also may force the November election to be put on indefinite hold due to a state of national emergency.
  5. And yet it is most likely that people going to work sick are going to be the greatest spreaders of this virus, just like with the flu.
  6. WDW was actually built with that in mind as part of their tax incentives. And putting them in arenas and conference centers would be a terrible idea. While they may have decent ventilation, they have decent ventilation, without medical filters. Unless we know exactly how long the virus can survive outside a host the facility would have to be shut down until that was determined to be clear. Or replace the entire duct work system.
  7. WDW FL is already set up for conversion in to military use at any time. I think it is funny some of the reactions to this. CA bans any large gatherings that don't generate large tax amounts, but the parks can stay open and have people intermix just fine. Disney closes and the Governor's office says that they never meant to ruin people's vacations and for the parks to close. NY bans gatherings of people that don't generate any tax fees, but leaves open the entire NYC subway system intermixing 1 million + a day to spread any diseases. The fear mongering is so evident in how places are reacting to this.
  8. Because people are going to travel no matter how much fear mongering that there is. And NYC doesn't want to lose billions of dollars in revenue and basically stop everyone from going to work by shutting down all transit stations. You have a choice, go on a cruise with 5000 people, 1 of whom MAY have the virus. And spend a lot of time around the same people. OR You can stay in NYC and travel the transit system with 1,000,000 PLUS different people every day, any one of whom may be infected. Statistically which do you think is more likely to expose you to the virus?
  9. If you cancel prior to the port closing they would have no requirement to do anything other than FCC as that was the case when you canceled.
  10. 20 million deaths is .7% of roughly 285 million people, with is roughly 90% of 327 million people living in the US. The .7% number is based off the number of deaths scientists are attributing to the virus outside China. Or do you mean to use the 3.4% number that WHO used to describe it that people took out of context? https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24532733-700-why-is-it-so-hard-to-calculate-how-many-people-will-die-from-covid-19/
  11. With a mortality rate of around .7% 20 million deaths means 285 million cases. So if you are estimating that 90% of the country's entire population will get the virus no matter what why are you worried about people going on cruises? I mean, if you plan on being part of the 10% that has zero physical contact with anyone else in any case cruisers don't really matter.
  12. Biggest will be the aft balconies or the forward balconies. Jewel has non-Haven aft suites with really nice balconies, but you do have to contend with the ash from the stacks.
  13. It is scary I know, over 56,000 dead in the US alone for not doing self quarantine at the first sign of illness. I mean really, people should just stay home the second they think that they are even slightly ill and not go to work or leave their homes at all. The flu this year has killed so many people. Anyone who went outside over the last few months is just so inconsiderate, let alone ANYONE who dared to go on any sort of winter vacation. Those bastards just wanted to kill grandparents by getting the flu and bringing it home. Oh, and there is this new virus that has killed just over 4,000 people on the entire planet so far that people are freaking out about. I don't understand that at all.
  14. They have shifted a lot of their pricing back to more normal in anticipation of people canceling and rebooking. Yesterday our balcony cabin was $635pp, today it is $989pp, $10 less than we paid for it and not worth being on hold to get a credit, let alone cancel and rebook.
  15. If you have ever been in a warehouse where sealed cans are stored you would wash them before opening regardless. It is amazing to see the difference between the immaculate storage of made cans prior to filling and how bad warehouses of cans are waiting for distribution.
  16. These numbers are ONLY the numbers from the US: 52,000 people died from the flu in the 2019-2020 season in the US (1 Oct 2019 to 29 Feb 2020) 620,000 people were hospitalized from the flu in the US. 23,000,000 people went to the doctor for the flu in the US. 49,000,000 people are estimated to have had the flu in the US. Worldwide Coronavirus counts: 109,723 documented cases, estimates are between 5 and 8 times that number of actual cases. 3,802 deaths, estimates are approximately another 10%, or less than 400, deaths that were not identified. Of the 44,961 cases still active, 86% are classified as mild. Of the 64,762 cases that are considered resolved, 6% resulted in death, 94% resulted in recovery and discharge. This is a new virus, but it isn't as bad as the media frenzy is making it out to be. The regular flu killed 13 times more people in the US alone than the new Coronavirus has killed worldwide.
  17. Had terrible butler service on the Jewel trans-pacific in 2018. The only time the "treats" got replaced is if they were all gone and got pretty much terrible all around service from him. We were in an aft suite, so it may have been too much trouble for him to bother to go to the back of the ship. Had excellent service from the concierge and room steward. Thankfully we didn't really need anything from the butler, and the poor room steward had to work super hard because for some reason the ash from the stacks comes down on the aft balconies so he was out there cleaning them every chance he got.
  18. Headed out on the Epic 22 March, not so much worried about the virus but don't want to miss ports. That said, if they turn away too many cruise ships they run the risk of having cruise lines cancel the stop and change itineraries even before sailings, this means a huge loss of revenue for the islands.
  19. They are responsible for everything food, except actual cooking, in every place you eat. From fine dining to room service. You may see them standing around calmly but chances are they are just taking a breather running from one incident to another. Sadly, due to allergies, we get to meet every one on all our cruises. Some are good, some not so good. On Costa we had the best even though he spoke almost ZERO English. He stopped by for every dinner, in the dining venue and the specialty restaurant, to make sure DW got the right food. He also introduced her to two servers who worked the buffet and when they saw her one of them would come over and assist her with picking food.
  20. You mean like dive knives, spearguns, and other items that people bring on board and security holds for them to use on port days? I have even taken firearms on board for use in port, never had an issue with security storing items and giving them to me for use during the cruise. Although I will admit I pre-planned the firearm with the head of security before the cruise so as to avoid any issues on that one, and had to do all the cleaning prior to returning to ship.
  21. True, you do get a less noisy aft that way. But I never really found it an issue with noise. The only ship that I disliked aft balconies on was the Jewel, and that was because for some reason the ash from the stacks tends to get blown back on to the balcony.
  22. The place will be packed quickly. Keep an eye on your time and you should be good, it is maybe 15 minute walk to most of the docks?
  23. Epic buffet is in the front. Which is really annoying when you like aft balconies....
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