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  1. We have stayed at the Hotel Traiano in Civitavecchia, twice before, pre-cruise. Nice clean hotel, excellent staff and a free shuttle to the port on embarkation morning. On our Edge sailing in September coming from the UK we had flights and private transfer on the day, all arranged through Celebrity. Went smoothly.
  2. I noticed you walked up the hill in Valetta from the port into town. We decided on the easy option and took the lift 1 euro return up to the Barrakka Gardens.
  3. She was amazing, I've never seen a Captain out and about around the ship as much as she was. I even asked her have they cloned her as there must have been more than one of her. We weren't too disappointed at missing the two ports as they were replaced by what we considered to be better stops. I was seriously impressed with Celebrity, as I know of other cruise lines who would have just shrugged their shoulders and made them sea days.
  4. Looking forward to your review as always. We got off the Edge a couple of weeks ago. It was an interesting cruise as we missed Katakolon and Nafplion as Captain Kate substituted Rhodes and Chania so we could stay in that part of the Aegean allowing us to get to Mykonos and Santorini where winds had prevented us from getting to earlier in the cruise. It was a great cruise though.
  5. We had Select dining and pre cruise I booked a 7.45 dining time in a different dining room each night for the first four days. After that we rotated around again along with a couple of the speciality restaurants. We did use the Cosmopolitan more than the others though.
  6. I think we are on the same cruise, next August 28th ?. This thread from Norris has been absolutely invaluable. We intend to just jump on the Flamsbana, as looking at some of the pics the station appears to be within easy walking distance from the dock
  7. Nope, but my wife says they were frosted. I took no notice whatsoever, they may as well not have been there. That's women for you ..😁 I thought it made the stateroom so much bigger with them open. With the blind down it was a total blackout, I know that much
  8. Like I said in the other thread on this topic. we got off her 2 weeks We didn't even look at the doors, we kept them open all the time we were on board. Oh by the way she is a stunning ship.
  9. We got off the Edge 2 weeks ago. Too be honest we never even looked at the French doors, we kept them open all the time.
  10. We have just come back from an Edge Med cruise. While on board we booked the Silhouette out of Southampton on 28th. August for an 8 night fjords cruise as its an itinerary we have always wanted to do. People have told us that May is early for this itinerary as the weather can be unpredictable That date suited us as we have an April sailing in the Caribbean on the Reflection
  11. It was eventful. It was Captain Kate’s debut sailing on the Edge, and what an amazing job she did. We joked it was like being on a Magical Mystery tour. Long story short we had issues with high winds in the Aegean. On day four instead of going to Mykonos we went to Athens.Then Kate announced that the following day instead of Santorini we would head to Rhodes. Which wasn’t on the itinerary We had been previously so not a problem for us. She then later explained that they were doing all they could to get us to Mykonos and Santorini later in the sailing, as for many people, us included they were the main ports we wanted to see. So hey folks tomorrow we’re all going to Chania in Crete.Again not on the original itinerary Turned out to be a lovely port one that we hadn’t visited before, again most people were happy As a result we lost Kotakolon and Naplion. No big deal for us but some people wanted to visit the site of Olympia. We eventually later in the cruise managed to get to both Mykonos and Santorini and it was well worth the hassle that the bridge crew had gone through to get us there. They did an amazing job even though they may have used more fuel than they anticipated. The excursion desk worked tirelessly to set up last minute itineries in the new ports and arrange refunds for those tours in the cancelled ports. I know other cruise lines that would have just taken the easy option and made missed ports another sea day, so we were really impressed with the way the crew and Celebrity handled things.
  12. Norris, Thanks for this great review. We are late to the party as we have just got back from an eventful Edge sailing around the Amalfi coast and the Greek Islands. While on board we booked this itinerary for next August which has an additional day in Geiranger making it an 8 day. Cant wait for your ports photos.
  13. We are booked on the Reflection with the same itinerary for April next year. Not done the ABC islands before.
  14. Great to see you back Paul. Looking forward to reading the review. We may struggle to follow on Live as we board the Edge out of Rome on Monday sailing the Amalfi coast and the Greek Islands. Have a great trip, and yes, we intend to !
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