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  1. We are on board sitting on our aft balcony. Super easy boarding, never had to sit and wait. We have a brand new mattress & bar soap in the bathroom. Should be a beautiful day for sailaway!
  2. We are super excited to see this on today's schedule πŸˆβ˜‰πŸˆβ€ GO CHIEFS!! People seem to ask if games are shown onboard -- yes!
  3. We are on the same trip as you. When I read your thread title I thought for a moment we'd missed the ship! Looking forward to boarding tomorrow and am anxious to see if we have a new mattress after last week's wet dock. We just landed at the airport and are waiting for our gate to clear so we can deplane. Was 27 degrees at home when we left, and it's 75 here now πŸ€—
  4. Here's my advice, even though it doesn't answer your direct question. Don't worry about going to the MDR in Alaska. Go outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery and ports. I personally would never go through the trouble and expense of traveling to Alaska to then sit in a dining room for 2 hours when I could be on my balcony watching whales, or observing Glacier Bay National Park, etc. You get the idea. But to each their own.
  5. No reason to be scared πŸ™‚ I check my flights this way every day, sometimes several times. Nothing is going to change until you verify you want to make the changes. There is no reason to do this while not logged in. In fact, I would be afraid to look up prices NOT logged in, because what if by the time you log in the price has changed and no longer available? I have made many changes to my own airfare over the years after finding better pricing. No reason to be scared about this or make it confusing, honestly πŸ™‚
  6. We rented a jeep in Skagway and went into the Yukon -- super easy, just make sure you take your passport to get back into US. Very scenic and follows same basic route as the railroad. Also went to Dyea and cemetery, and various other places. No problem getting back in plenty of time. We rented a car from Avis in Juneau, again very easy and a reasonable walk from the pier. As someone else mentioned it is virtually impossible to get lost here. We went to Mendenhall Glacier, the Shrine, and a few other places/scenic driving. Stopped at Walmart on the way back for supplies, then dropped off the car in plenty of time. We really enjoyed both ports on our own for a fraction of the ship's tours, and the ability to do what we wanted on our own time frame was priceless. Nothing to be worried about.
  7. https://www.princess.com/html/global/personalizer/ssv/beverages/disclaimer/ When in doubt, check the source. It clearly says The package may be used on our private islands, all food and beverage venues, and other areas such as the theater or public spaces that offer beverage service. Selections and service are limited to each venue’s menu offerings and operating hours
  8. I would think it'll be Brooklyn, but you could check the port schedule here https://www.nycruise.com/schedule/ It looks like they haven't updated it for 2020 yet, but you could check later. We cruised from Brooklyn in Oct 2018 and the schedule was updated early in the year, if memory serves.
  9. I feel the same way about those asking who the maitre'd is, or who the captain is, or what time is traditional dining in the MDR, or what time the Sanctuary opens, because I don't care one bit about any of those things. But I just ignore those questions and read things that interest me. We do like to watch movies on our cruises occasionally, so knowing what movies are upcoming is of interest to us so we don't watch them at home.
  10. Yea.....I was referring to people posting 'look up '****.com' type posts, instead of just posting the link. There is no prohibition on posting those kinds of links, AFAIK.
  11. It's been my experience you can find pretty much any cruise port schedule with a simple Google search http://wico-ltd.com/cruise-ship-dock/ship-schedule-port-availability Not sure why people aren't just posting the links -- I've posted links to port schedules many times here with no issues. I thought we were only prohibited from posting TA links/info.
  12. Someone posted several weeks ago the Regal will be in the Bahamas for dry dock that week. It was of interest to me since we board the Regal on the 19th so we'll be on the first sailing afterwards. I hope they replace bedding since people have posted recently that our cabin still has the old mattress. I assume they will be replacing carpet too, but haven't heard specifics.
  13. We have the Star booked for 2021 Alaska cruise. When I looked at the schedules for booking I originally though the Coral would be best. However, the Coral leaves on Wednesdays and the Star on Saturdays, which works better for our schedule. Not sure if this is an issue for you, but you might need to look at the dates/days to determine which schedule is the best choice, rather than simply which ship. Edited to note that in 2021 the Star is doing Anchorage/Vancouver itinerary, not San Francisco as poster noted above.
  14. Good point! I think we'll enjoy E733 and will go with it, unless a D deck suite opens up. Thanks for the input πŸ™‚
  15. Thanks for the input -- I have E733 booked so I appreciate your first-hand knowledge. I was second-guessing my choice after reading more reviews and realizing the balcony on E733/E732 is smaller than the C and D deck suites. One review I read on E733 said smoke from the designated smoking area on the Promenade wafted to the E733 balcony and it impeded their use of the space. Since we're going to Alaska I don't expect to be eating meals out there, but do plan to enjoy it on our 2 scenic cruising days. I also thought being closer to the water would be advantageous for Alaska. We could hear the ice popping and cracking in the water from our mini-suite balcony E728 on our last cruise to Glacier Bay National Park, and it was so serene and beautiful. I think I'll stick with E733 and keep checking to see if the D deck suites become available. Thanks again!
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