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  1. Many thanks for your very entertaining blog. Safe journey home.
  2. Hi again Cougaraz, If you have time before reaching NY can you comment on your Enclosed Balcony Stateroom, we are in 5215 for the Far East a Voyage. Best Wishes, Georgina1
  3. Hi Cougaraz, Happy Holiday to you both. Really enjoying your Blog. Bytheway we would be interested in any comments you have on the Sheltered Balcony Stateroom as we are in 5215 from 10th January. Enjoy St Kitts Railway excursion, we have done that for the last two Caribbean Cruises. Be wary of the Rum Punches and Pina Coladas - they keep on coming! Best Wishes, Georgina1
  4. Hi SueSue22, Pear Carr is away at the moment. If you want to contact me at dvh1945@protonmail.com Re the trips in Shanghai and Beijing with ChinaHighlights I can help. My post # 9 above replying to your post will point you to our Roll Call which may help you. Details of the Beijing excursion organised by myself can be found at the following link, prices have changed as the number have increased but gives you more information of the excursion. https://www.chinahighlights.com/community/tourManager/letter/2017/11/DavidHolmes-Trip-Proposal-LS171108018-2.html?vtrim=2425508 The Shanghai excursion outline organised by Pear Carr is as follows:- From memory the price is approx £230 per person based on 4, so it may change slightly. However this may depend on the exchange rate of the day. The Beijing excursion will be closing shortly due to time restraints, so if you can let me know either way. Best Wishes, Georgina1
  5. Hi SueSue22, Pear Carr is right and backs up my post #2 above, the excursions have to be organised by a Travel Agent legally registered in China. To echo Pear Carrs statement re joining a Roll Call, the link below will take you to the Roll Call for the QM2 Far East Voyage:- You will find information that is relevant to your queries and indeed full details (content and prices) for the Shanghai and Beijing excursions. Included somewhere in one of my posts in the above Roll Call is my EMail address, if you wish to contact me or Pear Carr who has already given you her Email address for further information. There are other Roll Calls listed under QM2 (under Cunard Roll Calls on this site) and you may find it advantageous to dip in and out to find other information relevant to your leg (s) of the Voyage. There are some really good posts and tips across all the Roll Calls from a lot of experienced travellers. Good luck and good reading! Best wishes, Georgina1
  6. Hi SueSue22, As long as you are on excursions organised by a Chinese Tour Company starting in Shanghai you will be entitled to the 15 day free visa which is provided by the Tour Company who organise the excursions. CIBT in their Visa Pack go on to say for the 144 hour visa free rule is for one port only in China:- “Guests who transit in Shanghai or Beijing for up to 144 hours may be eligible for visa free transit stay. To be eligible, travellers must be entering China only once (either Shanghai or Beijing) on their way to a third destination and confirm in advance with their airline they will be travelling without a visa”. “Guests entering China on board an ocean cruise ship may not require a visa for up to 15 days provided Shanghai is the first seaport of call in China. Guests with individual shore excursions and overland travel in China during the cruise are not eligible for this exemption. Guests must be arriving and departing China on board the same ship and must not visit other countries in between the Chinese seaports of call. Guests must go ashore in Shanghai prior to arriving in other Chinese seaports on their itinerary. Hong Kong is generally not considered a Chinese seaport”. Visas for a World Cruise or part of one are a minefield. So good luck. Georgina1
  7. Hi GP&LK, Many thanks for the Video and commentary. We are in 5215 in January 19, just down the corridor from 5257. What about noise, access to lifts and problems you had? Best wishes, Georgina1
  8. Thank you so much for your “Daily Reports” which we found entertaining and enjoyable, enjoy your free time in Barcelona. Best wishes, Georgina1
  9. Thank you for such an interesting review of your crossing. What was the number of the Sheltered Balcony Stateroom in Deck 5 and have you any comments to make on it? Again thanks. Georgina1
  10. I agree completely, the older we get I find that there are people of my age and above who are less tolerant towards others. I have seen it from people who hail from all parts of the UK. It is a shame as we are all lucky to be able to sail on Cunards wonderful ships and looked after by amazing staff.
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