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  1. Bravo! I was going to post the same thing.
  2. Not necessarily true. April can have very bad weather on the Atlantic. The Raffaello encountered a freak wave in 1966 that did major damage during an April storm. Did a westbound once from Malaga to Fort Lauderdale via Madeira in November and encountered force 10 for several days. Saw lots of food trays go flying in the dining room. There are no guarantees on the Atlantic, no matter how far south.
  3. I booked a cruise for the August 30, 2020 Serenity crossing for a total of $3195 on board the Symphony back in Nov 2019. I placed a $100 deposit on it. This $100 was mixed in with all my other shipboard charges, e.g. shore excursions, shop purchases, etc. This total was paid as one credit card charge. I fully paid the balance of $3095 in December 2019 on a different credit card. Crystal cancelled the voyage in May 2020. I requested a full refund. My question is to those who've had similar split payment situations and had a refund is: Will the entire $3195 be refunded to the credit
  4. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/crystal-symphony-26/connoisseur-club-286065/connoisseur-club--v13084228
  5. Both Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony on Crystal Cruises have a Connoisseur Club for cigar smoking.
  6. Mystery Island, Vanuatu. The best part was the ship's bar staff roving all over the island serving drinks to everyone on the beaches.
  7. Was on board the QE2 for a September 1982 crossing with Sugar Ray Leonard.
  8. Will you be able to use OBC in the casino? I know on some lines, OBC is not valid in the casino.
  9. Is anybody else infuriated by the e-mails from Crystal about cooking or performances e.g., Sunday Cooking with Chef Jon Ashton: British Scones with Lemon & Vanilla Curd or Crystal@Home: Friday Nights at the Galaxy, Tonight at 6PM EST, and various other forms of BS? Who gives a you know what, Crystal. You owe people money. Every time I get one of these I want to throw a brick through my PC and I'm only a couple of weeks into the 90 days.
  10. How capital gains? I thought money came out of IRAs as ordinary income.
  11. On AWE: Lux Lifestyles; Top Travel;Travel in Style; Live Here, Buy This; Private Islands; Dream Cruises
  12. The two words in French that translate into English as ship are both masculine. Le navire and le pacquebot. Therefore the pronoun il.
  13. The verb "manquer" means "to be missing". So, the sentence "vous nous manquez" means "you are missing to us" or as we would say in English ,"we miss you".
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