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  1. So you came back to dig up an eight day old post to make a lame insult? Having a slow day? BTW, if you're looking to frame something as intelligent, I suggest you obtain your information from a better place than Wikipedia.
  2. Did you even read the post that you're commenting on? The poster specifically stated in the analogy that the raise was a mistake as evidenced by the words "error" and "enearned". How can you read that and reach the conclusion that it was "probably given out intentionally"? It would appear that it is YOU that can't see the difference.
  3. Betting you wouldn't feel quite the same if a bunch of people where you work were given raises that they did not earn due to a computer error. Especially if you weren't given then unearned raise. Also wondering how you'd feel if a computer glitch took points away from people? Would you think NCL should correct the problem or just let it stand?
  4. It isn't a loss because it is a financial transaction where things of equal value (you give cash, you get vacation) are exchanged. Each side has something that the other wants and they make an agreed-upon sale. You haven't "lost"...you have exchanged.
  5. No, actually it is anything but fine. If you are going to make a comparison you have establish a common baseline. Both examples used the same initial cruise price and both examples rebooked at an identical new price. You have to have an apples-to-apples comparison when discussing the math. And, even in your skewed example, you are still wrong. The person who took the FCC would have had to pay their initial $1,000 plus the $50 increase on the new cruise. Given. If you intent to claim a loss at the new inflated price, then you are conceding that the new cruise WILL be booked. The person who books the new cruise without the benefit of the FCC is still going to have to cough up the entire $1,300. They will pay $250 more than the FCC person...no way around that. In the end, your math is lacking.
  6. You're using bad math if you think that is a "sure loss". Consider an example of a person who paid $1,000 for a cancelled cruise. And NCL has raised the price of the replacement cruise to $1,300. If the guest chooses the FCC: NCL would give them an FCC equal to the original price paid: $1,000 NCL would give them a bonus FCC equal to 25% of the original price paid: $250 New cruise cost is $1,300, guest applies the $1,250 in FCC, and only has to come up with $50 difference. In this case, the guest pays $1,050 (Original $1,000 and the $50) out of pocket for the new cruise. If the guest takes the cash refund: NCL refunds the guest the $1,000 originally paid New cruise cost is $1,300, which guest has to fully pay out of pocket. In this case, the guest pays the entire $1,300 out of pocket for the new cruise. In one case the guest pays $1,300, in the other the guest pays $1,050. How is paying $250 less a "sure loss"?
  7. Cruise Critic even did an article about one of those training centers recently https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3195
  8. Considering just who it is you're asking, I think the better question might be "How could he NOT know it?"
  9. Hardly, if there were no other jobs, then everyone in the country would be doing cruise work and we all know that isn't the case. Yes, some (bold font not necessary) will not return...which is what I said. Obviously it will be some...not everyone will choose to not return. And "lots of new people"...you mean an increase in the percentage of rookies?
  10. My concern in all this is that given the length of this "pause" and the uncertainty behind its end date, many crew might just decide to give up on cruise ship work and move on to other jobs. Then when things finally do start up again, we're going to see ships with a greater percentage of rookie crew members than we have seen in the past. Letting all that experience walk away is going to cause the service experience to suffer.
  11. Boy are you going to be surprised when you find out the counting has multiple meanings....try using the right one.
  12. I did read the OP...not only was it off-point, but your interpretation of the contract was incorrect. But hey, what do I know...I only had three (3) cruises cancelled by the government due to COVID. The accounting of my funds is 100% complete and was done 100% to my satisfaction...but hey, your expertise seems to be working so well for you. FWIW, if you're going to try to insult someone (since your content hasn't achieved your goal), then you should be careful to ensure the proper use of the comma. Makes all the difference in the meaning.
  13. If that was truly the purpose of the OP, then why didn't you a) mention that you had a chargeback (successful or not) or b) encourage others to do the same at any point in your OP??? Too busy counting posts to pay attention maybe?
  14. Math? Why math? Isn't content more important than quantity? Are they 20,000+ posts of good information, 20,000+ questions seeking information, 20,000+ chit-chat posts from the floataway lounge, or some combination? I'll bet that in those 20,000+ posts there aren't any whining about a refund. Why does this happen to you and not to them? Has to be a reason behind that. Glad you can see that the idea of being paid to be against the cruise line is asinine. Just as asinine as the idea that people are being paid by the cruise line. Just as asinine as the idea that the cruise line actually cares what is posted on an anonymous message board. All the posts you've made and yet not one of them has resulted in the cruise line lifting a finger. Hmmmm. Come on Norwegian...there are very clever posts right here on Cruise Critic. Why isn't the CEO picking up the phone to call the OP already??? If you're not careful, people are going to coalesce! Best of luck getting strangers on a message board to coalesce and deliver the desired result you aren't getting through the proper channels. Perhaps you should file a complaint with the folks at ConsumerAffairs.com. They have a whole section just for Norwegian Cruise Line.
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