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  1. We have booked the June 20th sailing on the Apex and are between two S3 Sky Suite options - 7198 and 11160. Since the Apex has not yet sailed, we only have the Edge reviews to compare. And frankly, the reviews on 11160 are not that positive. It seems the Magic Carpet railing is very obtrusive on the balcony. Also, the connecting cabin door for 11160 seems to be in the room where 7198 is in an alcove. But what is really important to my wife is that the bed faces the balcony / ocean which is shown on the website. When I look at pictures from 11160 on the Edge it seems that is not the case. Does anyone know if the configuration of the Apex will be the same as the Edge or any other feedback on 7198 vs 11160? TIA.
  2. So actually I have one more question on this. I was told now drinks are subject to an additional 22 - 24% VAT in addition to the cost of the drink plus 15% gratuity. So that $9.50 glass of wine is actually $13.21 (9.50 + 1.43 + 2.28). But if you get a drink package you are exempt from VAT. Has anyone confirmed this is true?
  3. MSEARS101 thank you very much. I mistook the join date for the post date so I thought the menus were from 2010. This makes more sense.
  4. We are traveling on the Wind Surf on August 4th. I am trying to decide if I should get the beverage package or pay a la carte. I did a search and found menus / prices from 2010 but does anyone have anything more recent that would show the prices of beer and cocktails? Also, my wife doesn't really drink but occassionally may share a fruit-based frozen drink. How strict are they if only I purchase the package?
  5. My extended family (20 of us) will be on the June 9th Allure sailing. Two of the families - 4 adults and 5 kids (15, 13, 10 and 7s) - would like to do one of the dolphin encounters. However, there seem to be multiple encounters listed as possible excursions. Has anyone had any experience with one vs the other or any recommendations / opinions either way? Thank you in advance.
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