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  1. Royal hasnt told me anything though I didnt ask. I saw the ad for them. Says chartered, except I'm also booked that date. https://www.texascountrymusiccruise.com/ I'm also booked the same date and ship. Someone asked a couple of times and now to just buy the bracelet to see the music it can be purchased for $500 if we want to see the music. I think it was only $400 before, they now want $500. Just selling a bracelet to see the music.we are past final payment. I dont know how they can be selling group space. Maybe I'll hear some good music. Who knows, I like country.
  2. Maybe the term is partially chartered. Our harmony cruise is partially chartered by a music tour. They couldn't sell enough cabins to book the whole cruise. Any of us can buy a bracelet to let us hear the bands for about $500 now, it was cheaper before. I'm on b4b and its 1 of 4 weeks. Just interesting week to share with music groups.
  3. 2 I think were viator, thursday was tripadvisor but email says viator. Is San Giovanni the same as st johns? That's the address but says st John's last stop. Yes maybe taxi if they are around. And thursday I cant print the ticket. I was sent a voucher I meet someone to exchange for a ticket. At a yet unknown location. Its non refundable. The other two i get tickets ahead, but not thursday. I'm going to quit worrying about Thursday. I know if I had some other phone plans would be easier, but for 4 days not changing my phone plan. But I know it will be harder. I'll do the best i can when i get there and keep reading. Sorry spell check keeps changing the name of who I booked thru. Edited.
  4. If the royal up was just for one balcony be aware the other balcony who moves in with you will not have suite perks. They didnt royal up correct, just 1 of 2 balcony cabins? Whomever was in the balcony you regaled up gets suit lounge access technically. Enjoy.
  5. I think I'm nearest that piazza navorona but the trevi fountain minutes away too. Maybe I'll print out the walking maps before I go so I dont worry as much. My phone wouldn't work in rome. I have a tracfone and it doesnt service from there. So once I leave just wifi and google maps. By thursday hopefully I have my bearings. I've reread the excursion and I think there is a language barrier. Like I reread and asked so it says skip the line ticket included but doesnt say a entry ticket included. I asked and they said no worries we will have your ticket. Which ticket, are they one and the same. Didnt answer my question. It's not enough money to get upset about, hopefully I can figure out where to meet for that. It's just not written clearly to me. It's clear it wasnt written by someone speaking english as a first language. Just putting it aside for now and reading. First 2 written more clearly. I just checked yesterday on the 10 day cruise leg and was astonished how many excursions are already sold out. By the time I get to rome I'll have done and seen so much hopefully. It's the tail end after 23 days of cruising.
  6. Hopefully once I see rome with my own 2 eyes it's easier to understand and then I'll feel more comfortable. Had I been there before I'd feel better but it's just something on paper right now. Sisteen chappel is the most iffy but had a 90% positive review. The meeting pt isnt set yet the way it reads, they will send that before we meet. Its non refundable. This one is the worry mostly. Telling myself I'll ask the hotel if I still feel confused for Thursday. 2 little ones, google maps could find the first address and that's why I know its 31 minutes to walk. But ends st john so a different place to map to walk back to hotel. These are both refundable and easier to understand. Once I pay they send tickets. I dont have to pay until closer in so I can print tickets before my b2b cruise. Wednesday is a walking tour late afternoon. Group of 25. Says no large purses or bags to hold us up in security allowed. Hopefully my book bag holding my tablet allowed I use to take pictures. Rome Walking Tour: Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and Trevi Fountain Tuesday. Is the one starts one place ends another. Google maps had the starting point that's why I know its 31 minutes walk. Ends st john and I'll map that address to see how far. Says transfers will save me hours of walking lol. Meeting point Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major, P.za di Santa Maria Maggiore, 00100 Roma RM, Italy Start time 9:00 AM End point Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano P.za. San Giovanni In Laterano, 00184 Roma RM, Italy The tour ends at the third venue – Saint John in Lateran. 635 Reviews Badge of ExcellenceRome, Italy Monday I'm just walking to the spanish steps and seeing where food is and whatever.
  7. Same show. Not that many time choice. Just can book 1. To see it twice you can try the stand by line.
  8. Harmony had them in the crown lounge I used one because I needed to print out something. I'm pretty sure there was another computer up in the card room. I borrowed some printing paper from there. Higher deck maybe deck 14 aft card room. Where they had some books to borrow.
  9. I think it was deck 14? Big yellow comfy chairs. I think only aft port side elevators go up there. Make sure you get the right elevators. It's my reading spot.
  10. It seemed to me like the aft elevators on the side that went up to the crown lounge always had a lot of shaking and vibration. The other side always was a light that you had to push up on only one side, the other didnt work on my deck. Dont know if the crown lounge still up there or not but I also like the comfortable chairs up there outside the lounge near the bar. Best place to read in a/c and overlooking the pool. Not sure how many times I was on. I did feel like she needs a uplift.
  11. I was wo dering how much it costs to pre book. I have utopia next feb.
  12. I tried clicking on the link to soun up for deals but no form but I booked premium for next may and I'm getting promos but they are all for close in dates, not next may. No promos are currently offered past sept 30 2024. Fyi. I am looking forward to trying brightline. If closer in there are promos I'll be keeping track. I booked a miami hotel finally just this morning. I'll check out the next morning by 11 am. The $10 uber credit starts at 11 am. My ride is 12:50 pm. If it gets cheaper to leave in the morning I'll move the time up.
  13. I'm doing that tour I just mentioned. Ends at st john. Its listed as vatican. Also day 4 I have a skip the line to sisteen chappel and museums. Idk but assume it's near the Vatican but didnt book the vatican. My friend said see the sisteen chappel so I am. One skip the line type tour enough stress for me. I've never done anything like this. Cruises you meet close to the ship, but these I meet like by a white pillar .. I'm hoping its obvious where to meet. My cousin is like why isnt someone doing this booking for you. I tried to explain this is where the ship ends. It's not a formal tour of rome, the leg ends here so I booked some random stuff before I fly home. Not a clue I admit. I've never flown out of the country even.
  14. My friends said there are a lot of places with quick meals near the spanish steps. I plan on walking in that direct day 1. It's not on any of my tours so I'll walk that direction day 1. I didnt book any really long tours. Just plan on taking it pretty easy. Though day 2 I think I have to be at the Santa Maria Majorie at 9 am. Google says 31 minutes to walk. Tour includes transfer and st Peter and st john. Says transfers will save me hours of walking! Lol. Small group of like minded people up to 20 in the group. So that's a early morning kinda. Some think I'm nuts to do it alone. You took some gorgeous pictures. I hope my pictures are half as good. You must have a nice camera. But your pictures are beautiful.
  15. Well I'm sure they meant well just the machine broke. Otherwise we would have been early. The week before turn around was worse. Coast guard came on checked our passports, and we waited and waited. We had to be herded off. Where we stood in a single file line. People were saying this is too long on our feet for old people. We had 2 stowaways and the crew had to go looking for them. Just wasnt my lucky b3b. They had to remove all the b2bers so the crew could hunt down the 2 who didnt ding out and were hiding.
  16. By Saturday of a week long cruise regarding sunday you can make reservations, or before in my experience. Access a day before turn around day. Bogo for instance.
  17. I'd be calling whomever I booked with if it's a 2 pax cabin for sure. Since we dont know the category no way we can know if it's a 2 pax cabin. Call.
  18. Looks to me like rcl is trying to form new support in the 165 level. Today it needs to hold around 135 to hold here imo. Funds and computers trade off charts.
  19. Imo comparing cruises to flights are apples to oranges. A flight is transportation more so than a cruise is booked for entertainment. I will book a cruise gladly. I now hate flying. Whatever I book flight wise gets changed. My flight next may from rome to miami the price already dropped. Cant use flight credit on air europa most likely. I have flight credit on sw on both legs that dropped. I wanted to buy early bird, cant be used for anything but a new flight. I have been reading post a friend of mine is making from a princess cruise over in Norway. She flew into UK and her luggage wasnt there. They may deliver to her at the end of her cruise in time to fly home. Another bella cruise person flew last year to europe, no luggage, she didnt board. I'd bet I'm not the only one who dreads flying since covid. I honestly dont think people like me who dread flying but book cruises make the problems with flying compatible with cruise prices dropping are seeing the issues lately with flying. If a wheel falls off a plane it could risk my life. A small problem on a cruise ship might delay the ship but doesnt make me feel my life is at risk. Sweeping them into the same basket as equal and one will follow the other is not correct imo.
  20. Yes, I assume it's cheaper thinking a child eats less?
  21. Odd with my refundable deposits when I've booked next cruise or group rates with my TA I've had to pay for 2 people even though I'm solo. So I have bigger deposits than I would if I booked nonrefundable. OP is solo like I book and everything I'm booking refundable is double, $500 for me solo for 7 days. I think I paid $900, not $450 for 10 days etc. I have seen lower and given up refundable but not recently. But I've done it too. Agree np. @Ourusualbeachare refundable direct rates lower deposits? I booked with next cruise just that once for wonder. Was my deposit originally $250 for refundable?
  22. I'm sure hoping I dont have to take a taxi everywhere. This rome add on imo is already out of hand. Costs keep mounting. Someone on the carnival board said they used the HOHO bus and plotted from those stops. The whole reason I choose the hotel was because it was close to things supposedly. People said take a TA they are cheap, then it was the next leg went to greece. Then it was well it ends in rome, you have to see rome if you are there. I'm trying to save money. What I meant was I havent even booked the ports on the cruise. More $. Royal hasnt posted the choices so until i see what royal offers idk. This was supposed to be a inexpensive trip lol. I'm hoping there are places to eat i can just walk into. I saw you said you had booked reservations. I'm hoping to do this on a budget. It's just me, a solo trip. I already am worried this inexpensive TA is out of hand. I'm reading everything for tips. I got 3 excursions booked plus a day of walking and exploring on my own. Yes I can afford whatever it costs, but trying to budget. Ponta Delgada, Azores Málaga, Spain Cartagena, Spain Palma De Mallorca, Spain Barcelona, Spain VISITING: Barcelona, Spain Ajaccio, Corsica Sardinia (Cagliari), Italy Sicily (Palermo), Italy Santorini, Greece Athens (Piraeus), Greece Mykonos, Greece Naples / Capri, Italy Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy
  23. When you booked did you pick a time. You have either early or late or anytime. If early or late the time is already fixed and you cant select other times. Early or late it says your table on your sea pass card and which deck. Only if you have any time dining can you select other times. There is no way we would know. Call whomever you booked with if you dont know.
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