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  1. Change that flight! It’s not impossible to make, but why stress yourself out at the end of a great vacation? Cabs are quite limited in the port area, and it’s about 45 minutes to the airport. It was almost 8 before they started the debarkation process on my July cruise. Computers were down at the Copenhagen airport which greatly slowed luggage check in. Then there was a shift change at passport control that required us to wait. My bag was pulled for additional screening when we went through security. We arrived at the airport 3 hours before our flight and only had time to go to the bathroom before boarding, and we flew the day after the cruise.
  2. You can’t use the platinums for Cagney’s and Le Bistro. You get one coupon for one dinner for two at either Le Bistro or Cagney’s. You get another coupon for another dinner for two at either Moderno or La Cucina. You don’t have to change anything though. Use your SDP for Bayamo, Cagney’s, and Food Republic. Use your platinum vouchers for Le Bistro and Moderno.
  3. You won’t. Never been charged VAT tax on drinks on any of my Europe cruises.
  4. I was not charged any VAT tax while in any European port. This includes Epic out of Barcelona in July 2018 (Spirit to various Greek and Italian ports in July 2017 and Getaway to the Baltics in July 2019).
  5. I was on the Getaway July 4. They had the pasta station every day.
  6. Bottled water, fresh squeezed juices, energy drink, Starbucks, and drinks over $15 are not included in the premium beverage package. There is an upgrade available for $35 per person per day ($29.99 + gratuity) that does include all of the above. However, I was on the July 4 Getaway sailing and did not see this offered (and I was looking for it, only out of curiosity. I didn’t want to upgrade).
  7. Perfect, thank you all! Suit will stay at home. And kiddos will have to deal with pants for a few hours lol.
  8. Hi! Experienced cruiser but only one on Royal ten years ago. We’re booked on Freedom of the Seas in December. I see there are three types of dress codes - casual, smart casual, and formal. Regarding formal night, do men really wear suits and ties? I’ve been doing a lot of NCL and that is definitely not the norm. No big deal if it is, but don’t want to bring a suit if it’s not necessary. Are there nights that are specified as smart casual? Last time I was on Royal it was either casual or formal. Finally, I assume children under 12 have to follow the same dress code? Specifically they will have to wear pants for dinner? I have no issues following the dress code - I just want to know the norms. Thanks in advance!
  9. I hit platinum on Carnival and then started exploring other lines. I am now also platinum on Norwegian and have cruises booked on Royal, Celebrity, and Norwegian. Huge variety of itineraries out there. Branch out...you’ll find there are a lot of great cruise lines out there. In the past two years I’ve done two Med cruises and just got back from a Baltics cruise. Carnival offers nothing like the itinerary I have booked on Royal and Celebrity. I am not a Carnival hater - I would gladly return with the right price/itinerary combo.
  10. I was on this cruise, too. Did you feel the crew was just a bit “off”? We ate in specialties 8/9 evenings (dining perks plus my platinum rewards), and service was SLOW, we were delivered entirely wrong meals, incorrect meat temperature, etc. The safety drill was the worst I’ve ever experienced in 26 cruises. Doing it in 4 languages took tooooooo long. People were rude, but listening to something where only 25% was applicable made people, especially kids, restless. I suggested they do separate muster areas for each language when I got the survey - no idea how feasible that is. I thought the only bad weather was the rain on embarkation day, otherwise we didn’t have rain and it was comfortable enough. I bought a jacket on the ship which I was happy to have for the evening in St. Petersburg and kayaking in Helsinki. We booked this same ship for the Mediterranean next summer.
  11. I booked on board last week. The cruise we booked is not eligible for the discount but the sailing before the one we booked is. We went from an 11 to 10 day cruise but saved $1500 in doing so. Done! One extra day in Rome!
  12. The perk does not include water, fresh squeezed juices, and specialty coffees. You have to upgrade the package (at $29 per person per day plus 20% gratuity) to get those (and I don’t know if coffee is included). If your friend doesn’t drink at all, it might be worth it for you to pay the cost of both packages as even at $606, you only need to drink about 4 drinks a day to break even, which is very easy to do unless you have a lot of 12+ hour port stops. If you friend drinks minimally, she only needs to average 2 drinks a day to break even. I got off the Getaway on Saturday - 9 night cruise with 6 port days (overnight in St. Petersburg and 8-5 in the other ports). We each had a minimum of 8 drinks a day so it was well worth it for us. Once they know you have the package at dinner, they keep whichever wine you ordered flowing. Somehow on cruises I don’t get drunk lol so keep them flowing.
  13. I’ve sailed solo on Epic 4x, Getaway 1x, and Escape 2x. The host always planned extra activities, usually with the schedule prepared upon boarding. I stopped attending the solo gatherings because the 5pm time was just too early for me, as was the subsequent dinner. Fortunately I met my match and no longer cruise solo ☺️
  14. How did you get to $1000? The grats would be about $435 as you mention, but $99x11x2=$2178 for two people, for a total of $2613 if you do not get the drink package included. I love the drink package. I like picking my own room so I wouldn’t consider the sailaway rate. If you drink 2 drinks a day, you come out ahead. If you only drink beer, you’d need to get 4 beers to come out ahead. You can get two drinks per card at a time. I’ve never had an issue with lines. As previously mentioned, you cannot being alcohol off the ship.
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