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  1. I’ve sailed solo on Epic 4x, Getaway 1x, and Escape 2x. The host always planned extra activities, usually with the schedule prepared upon boarding. I stopped attending the solo gatherings because the 5pm time was just too early for me, as was the subsequent dinner. Fortunately I met my match and no longer cruise solo ☺️
  2. How did you get to $1000? The grats would be about $435 as you mention, but $99x11x2=$2178 for two people, for a total of $2613 if you do not get the drink package included. I love the drink package. I like picking my own room so I wouldn’t consider the sailaway rate. If you drink 2 drinks a day, you come out ahead. If you only drink beer, you’d need to get 4 beers to come out ahead. You can get two drinks per card at a time. I’ve never had an issue with lines. As previously mentioned, you cannot being alcohol off the ship.
  3. You can reserve your tender spot via the iconcierge app as soon as you board. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. I’m going against the grain. Vibe is overrated IMO. One hot tub, a shower, but nice lounge chairs. It gets very hot up there, and it’s WINDY! I bought it for my first Escape cruise. Second Escape cruise I never had an issue finding a chair and/or a quiet space. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. I have 25 cruises under my belt. First 23 cruises I’d get to the port around 10-10:30 and be amongst the first on, for many of the reasons listed by others. The last two cruises, I ended up sleeping in at my pre-cruise hotel, and got to the ports around noon. No waiting in line, and I was able to walk right on the ship after checking in at both Miami (Escape December 17) and Barcelona (Epic July 18). I’ll aim for noon in the future. I find Vibe overrated and I like not having to wait around. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. I was in the Epic a month ago and I was just going to type something similar. As for the age ranges, I’ve done 7 solo cruises on NCL, and ages range from 20s to 70s+ with most in the 40-60 range. M I tend to not participate in the solo activities as much because the meeting time and dinners are just too early for me. I do go the first night and meet people and tend to connect throughout the week on our own, though. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. I was on the 7/8 sailing out of Barcelona and booked the 7:30 tender ticket (7:30 is the earliest tender) right after I boarded on Sunday. The actual day in Cannes, I was in line with several people that boarded in Rome that did not have the early tender tickets, but they were told by shore ex staff to go down early and go “stand by”. Everyone that was waiting near me got on the early tender. I was gold on this sailing (hit platinum on the last night) but found it easier to book a ticket since I was able to do so. You can book the tickets through iConcierge or your TV in the cabin. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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