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  1. I did not know HAL offered a laundry deal now. This will be a great deal for us as we are doing a land tour first along with extra nights in Seattle and Fairbanks. I was not sure what ourlaundry plan was going to be. This will be well worth the $49 and we will have a big pile for them as soon as they except it. My guess is sometime on Monday as we embark on Sunday.
  2. Are the side roads not paved? Is that what you need the Jeep for?
  3. I just found out about Dyea Dave and the reviews are amazing. The idea of taking the tour and the train back sounds fun. My plan is to have something booked by April for the June trip. I don't think the train or rental cars will all sold by then.
  4. How is the road? Is it wide or narrow? Is it difficult to drive? Avis is $175 with fees and Green Jeep is $375. The jeep does come with an audio guide and lunch. I'm not sure if we will do any off roading though to justify the extra expense with the Jeep except that it is cool!
  5. This is a great video, thank you for the information. It sounds like the train is the way to go but I'm still thinking about rental car.
  6. Thanks for the information, I think we will keep the car rental for the time being.
  7. I appreciate the replys. I reserved a car just in case but may take the train/bus tour offered by Chilkoot Charters.
  8. We will be in Skagway on 6/17/2020 and are wanting to do the Whitehorse Pass by train or car. The train leave close to the cruise ship and is about three hours roundrip. There are two well known rental car places in Skagway and maybe a few lesser known ones. We currently have an Avis midsize car reserved for $176 with fees. There is a Jeep company that is about $376 and theirs comes with lunch and an audio guide. Has anyone on here rented a car before in Skagway? If so, do you have any recommendations. We plan on doing excursions on our other stops so this one would be mainly to enjoy the scenery.
  9. Thank you, I was kind of thinking the same thing. Plus it is $400 plus less expensive. We are not heavy drinkers and will enjoy the internet being included, although I heard it does not work well in Alaska.
  10. The perks from the first offer would go away and the price would go up about $400.
  11. I'm not sure what the value of Denali meal package is. We are only there for a few day. I'm thinking of keeping what we have and just purchasing a few drinks. We originally had the Explore 4 with the drink package. The cruise went down quite a bit when the next Explore 4 came out. I think we will just week what we have but am still undecided.
  12. My wife and I have a D5L Alaska Cruise/Tour booked for Jun of 2020. Option A: We currently paid $6,850 for a balcony which includes: $600 OBC, Pinacle dinner for two and internet for two. Option B: The new promotion prices out at $7,125 and includes: Drinks for two (does not specify which), a Denali meal Package (no details), and a White Pass Summit Scenic Rail Excursion (which we plan to take either way). I am open to opinions and suggestions. Either option come with about $500 back from the travel agent. My TA called it a toss up.
  13. We would like to visit Haines someday but think Skagway is better for our first trip. There is train that leaves from there and it was going to be ho challenge to catch it from Haines.
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