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  1. If you are flying into Athens and have the time, you can get a PCR test at the airport. You would have to fly in the day before the cruise. You can prepay and skip the longer line. Just search Athens Medical Group and you should find the site where you can book and prepay for the test. I got my test at 5:51pm and had results around 6:15am the next morning. The PCR testing site is on the departures the level. The rapid test is on the arrival level. Just in case you can't find another solution.
  2. I’m Sailing on the Ovation beginning Aug 14. I was first assigned a 4:40 boarding time. This week my boarding pass says 2:30 so your time may change before you leave. jan
  3. If you are planning on taking a ferry, there might be another requirement for paperwork. It was unclear on Greek gov site, so I contacted the ferry company..Kamelialines, they sent me another form to complete. No instructions, though on what to do with it when complete. I’m going from Corfu to Paxos and back precruise. Probably would be wise to contact the ferry company you are traveling with just in case good news was I got my code and plf within 5 minutes in filing the form only 5 more days before I start my European journey with an eventual cruise of Ovation starting August 14. Jan
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