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  1. Great! Looks like things have changed since I posted on May 24, which is par for the course.
  2. The policy is whatever is printed in the Booking Terms and Conditions at the time you are booking. However, you can negotiate to have the pay in full date changed before you put down your deposit. The best you will be able to do is 12 months prior to sailing (unless you already have another future cruise on the books) and you must request the change before you pay your deposit. Once you have paid the deposit, you have entered into a contract and other than cancel under the terms of the contract, there is nothing you can do to change it. Make sure that your Viking agent or your TA sends you a copy of the offer from Viking and make sure to read it in its entirety. It will show what you are paying, the discounts you are being given, when you must make your deposit and how much and by when you must pay in full. If there are mistakes, if you want to request a different pay in full date, you need to take care of it before you pay your deposit. This is a contract and Viking treats it like a contract and they will not make changes once you have paid your deposit. Booking Terms & Conditions > (at the bottom of the dates & pricing page) spells out the payment terms in effect at the time of booking. For example, among other things, the terms this months say: Additional restrictions may apply. 2019: Book and pay in full by June 30, 2019. 2020: Book by June 30, 2019; pay in full by July 31, 2019. 2021: Book by June 30, 2019; pay in full by December 31, 2019. Offer expires June 30, 2019.
  3. No way! I'm on vacation. I'll take the undies to the self-serve but the rest goes to the laundry where someone else can do the ironing.
  4. I've given up. They were designed not to come off in the wash process, and come off they don't. Most of them don't bother me and for the most part are reminders of wonderful vacations. Except for the two that were put on the hem of the shirts, right over the chain stitching that makes the hem (just as shown in the picture), so any attempt at removing the tag runs the risk of pulling the entire hem out this rendering the shirt entire unwearable. As King Cool says, first world problem.
  5. Actually, I start looking on the one of the three big travel websites that we aren't allowed to name by name. It gives me an idea of who flies the routes from my home airport to my destination and back. Then I can decide which route is most appealing (in terms of travel time, number of stops) and look at who is offering that route. I compare pricing, too, including looking at the websites of the individual airlines to see if they offer a better price. If Viking's deal is way better (I always book air with Viking knowing that I can drop it if I find a better deal through the airlines), I go ahead and lock it in. I'm not looking to upgrade with points or the like so I'm not particular about what class fare they get; if you are looking to upgrade with points, then you need to talk with Viking Air to make sure that they are booking you an upgradeable seat. Also, you can't start the process until about 300 days before departure because airlines are just starting to open up booking at that point; some airlines are even later than that, so you might not get the full picture until about 270 days out.
  6. @philw1776 and everyone else as well read the comment on Trip Advisor this morning. Even if you don't read the review, the title says it all Don't miss the exhibition upstairs afterwards
  7. Arrgh! Will you please make up your mind!! My fingers are wilting with all this exercise. Cross. Uncross. Cross....
  8. I've done a B2B where we changed ships (in addition to three nights in a hotel pre-cruise), so moving from cabin to cabin on the same ship is no big deal. It just isn't a deal breaker.
  9. I was wondering about that. That would kick up a stink in Miami--loss of revenues at the port, the airport, hotels and all the rest tourism infrastructure--especially if other cruise lines did the same.
  10. That might work if this itinerary is really undersold and Viking can accommodate all of those who have already booked cabins on the longer itinerary. Otherwise, they are going to have to hope that there are enough guests who will cancel altogether because the cruise is no longer going to Cuba or because the new dates are no longer viable for them.
  11. I had been waiting for Viking to get docking in Havana before booking a cruise to Cuba. Had I been booked already, I must admit that I am among those who would be swallowing the $100 cancellation penalty and looking to book on another Viking ship in another location (even if it were a longer cruise). The only other thing I want to do in the Caribbean is to transit the Panama Canal and some how that just doesn't seem appealing for a 7 night cruise.
  12. Re car rentals: are automatic transmissions available or just manual?
  13. Your socks go on your feet. The 360° does not really tell all. Storage space in the V/DV cabins: The closet is 5 feet wide, all hanging space with a shelf above on the Star, Sea and Sky. On the Sun, which is tasked to the World Cruises, the closet has a different configuration and includes hanging space as well as additional drawers for storage. Can't remember what they have done on the Orion (oops, geffric says drawers in closet) and the Jupiter. No idea what they are planning for the Venus. BTW, ask you steward for more hangers. In the space marked up in red is where they hide the drawers in the cabin for storage of things like socks. You access them from the entry corridor and so can't see them in the 360°. In this space from top to bottom are: two shelves for storage, the space for the coffeemaker (which you can ask to have removed for the duration of the cruise), the safe and three drawers. In the bathroom, there are two drawers, one on each side of side of the sink: There is a small drawer in each night stand with open storage space below. Nightstands also have outlets and USB ports. There is a vanity built into the desk with a mirror for make-up. This is where Viking hides the binoculars. I never use the vanity because have too much other stuff stacked on top of it. There is plenty of space under the bed to store empty/partially full suitcases. There is no clock in the room. Okay. I think I have covered it all.
  14. You might have a better chance of getting an answer for this question in the Ports of Call section of Cruise Critic, which has a larger audience. Europe
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