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  1. Andy, please confirm. You meant to type 2020. Right? I just want to make sure that that we aren't confusing people.
  2. Viking has cancelled all cruises through December, 2020. Not sure what insights we might have. Viking tends not to air its plans and thoughts publicly and the pandemic has made it impossible to even guess what might happen in the future. Since you are talking about a Viking River itinerary, you might find more help in the River Cruise forum https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/115-river-cruising/. Here, however, are two things that we can tell you that might help you decide how you want to proceed. First, final payment dates tend to be set in stone and we don't hear very often of people who have been successful in convincing Viking to budge on a final payment date. Second, you have up until 121 days prior to the start of your trip to cancel and get all of your cash refunded, less $100pp which under the current risk-free policy will be return to you in the form of a future cruise voucher. Once you hit the 120-day mark you enter the cancellation penalty phase and any refund you receive, should you decide to cancel, is given in a combination of cash and vouchers. The cancellation matrix is part of your Viking Guest invoice and it can also be found on the Viking website as part of the Passenger Ticket Contract https://docs.vikingcruises.com/pdf/3-191004_PassengerTicketContract.pdf.
  3. Sweet! Now you can join us on the thread Everything "Far Eastern Horizons": Hong Kong to Tokyo.
  4. There are a number of existing threads that my prove helpful (with comments from people who may no longer be following this forum). Far Eastern Horizons is a segment of the tour you are looking at but it predominates my list because that is the cruise I hope to be taking. This list is not complete but it is a start: All Viking Far Eastern Horizons 2019 (April September, October, November) Far East and Alaska included tour reviews I am reading through this one now and it is most helpful #24 *Review of tours #46 starting here and moving forward, port by port with pictures Also, sometimes reading the roll calls can be helpful; you never know where you will find a helpful comment. The itinerary has only ever been done by Viking Orion and Orion isn't that old so scanning the Orion Roll Call forum won't take long. Look for any roll call that covers ports between Hong Kong and Vancouver -- Far Eastern Horizons, North Pacific Passage, Alaska, and even the grand voyages that start in Auckland, Sydney, Bangkok and continue on Tokyo or Vancouver.
  5. Yes! it is the downside of traveling with Viking. 😉
  6. I am working on gathering all the information about the tours into one file. I'm just starting and already I want to share a compare and contrast Clay's description vs the official Viking description, which reads as follows: See the legendary highlights of Hong Kong, from its sweeping vistas to its most intimate corners. Meet your guide and ascend to Victoria Peak, the 1,800-foot summit that soars over the city’s skyscrapers. Known as “the Peak” by locals, it offers breathtaking views of the metropolis, Victoria Harbor and Kowloon Peninsula. Along Hong Kong Island’s south shore, browse the open air Stanley Market, a picturesque warren of lanes lined with a rich array of open air stalls selling clothing, jewelry, ornaments and various keepsakes. Explore the locale of Aberdeen, a fascinating juxtaposition of modern and ancient. Next, embark a traditional sampan for a cruise through the harbor’s floating village, where hundreds of people live on fishing junks—a stark contrast to the high-rise community that has risen on the island. After time to explore, return to your ship.
  7. Yes, and more conversation about the cruises themselves. Now is a really good time to be sharing information about the cruises we have done and solid information that people are looking for -- Viking tours, shuttles, highlights, regrets. Back to the nitty gritty.
  8. LunaSeaRetreat, THANK YOU for sharing this. It is a great thread. I have had it on my list for a while with plans to go back to it as the trip got closer. Eventually, my hope is to create a document the integrates all the comments shared tour by tour (giving credit where credit is due and links).
  9. Sadly, when there is nothing really to say, threads tend to drift a bit. However, the drift has an upside, small though it might be: it keeps the thread near the top of the pile. Also, sadly, we won't be seeing much in the way of updates because Viking only announces things like keel-layings and float outs -- good stuff. The rest we tend to find out by reading between the lines. If there is any information coming from Viking it will be in the form of e-mails sent only to those who are effected by the change -- or it may appear as an unannounced change on MVJ.
  10. It is that unexpected, unplanned moment that show the genius of the man. Saw him "in concert" -- Carson not Ed Ames. It was an hour and half of non-stop laughter.
  11. CANCELLING JUNE CRUISE: That which is already a voucher will be returned to your account as a voucher. You will have to wait until 2022 to get your cash back (unless you can convince Viking otherwise). if you have any 125% vouchers, they will be refunded less the 25% bonus.
  12. Hard to bail if all you have is vouchers. Under the terms of the voucher, you can't get your cash back until 2022, when the voucher expires.
  13. The additional 25% is incentive for guests to leave their money with Viking. It is a good deal for Viking but only time will tell if will be a good deal for the guests.
  14. Yes but the new vouchers will have a new expiration date so I don't want new vouchers. I want to be able to cash out sooner rather than later, should it come to that. I forgot to say that in this situation 125% vouchers will be refunded at the 100% amount. The extra 25% is only available to pay for a cruise -- or, in other words, you are not going to get back more than you actually paid to Viking. That is another reason for not issuing new vouchers; Viking has to keep track of which vouchers are 100% vs 125%
  15. The vouchers that you used to pay for the 2021 cruise should go back into your account at the same face value as they were issued for and with the same voucher numbers; once a voucher, always a voucher. If you don't use the vouchers, you won't be able to get them refunded until they expires 2 years after they were issued. OBC over and above the 125% voucher, I can't say. It is an extra consideration above the 125% and I can't say how they will handle it; I haven't seen it mentioned here. Maybe someone else will be able to shed some light.
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