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  1. Cruise line is definitely a factor. So is roll call traffic, not just how many people stop by and introduce themselves but also how many posts are generated. Viking is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum of guests who are also members/active members of Cruise Critic. Our group of 42 at the M&M was a large group compared to the others I have attended but we also had a very active roll call and a number of us showed up with more than just our cabin-mates. We were upstairs in the Explorer's Lounge and it was a bit small for the group and a bit noisy with that many people in that space. Glad they have moved it to Wintergarden.
  2. We have been in 4060, over the lifeboats/tenders. Sometimes there is noise when the boats are raised, lowered or cleaned but we did not have any problems. Our next two cruises will be along that same section of hallway, between the aft lifts and the launderette.
  3. That is what I had in the back of my mind when I said to contact "TellUs" but Andy's suggestion is even better.
  4. This is one of those kinds of questions that really should have some input from Viking directly. Contact Viking at tellus@vikingcruises.com (include name, booking number and phone number) and they will either answer any questions you have about insulin storage or put you in touch with the department that can best answer them. They will be able to tell you if the temp on the in-room fridge can be regulated and if there is alternative storage (at a constant temperature) for the quantity of drugs it seems you will have to carry for a World Cruise.
  5. We are a private club. The idea of the M&M is to put faces to the names of the people with who we have been chatting in the months prior to sailing. Viking graciously provides us hospitality, but is our party. I have never heard of 100 on Viking and even 50 is a high number. I think we had 42 signed up for our first but at least 10 of that number were friends traveling with a member.
  6. More like most people -- but that is okay by me. I don't want a Meet and Mingle with half the ship. They already have that on board; its called the Explorer's Club. If roll calls are any indication of Cruise Critics' market penetration, then somewhere between 1 and 10% of cruisers, depending on the cruise line, know about Cruise Critic AND participate in the boards or roll calls. Viking is closer to 1% than it is to 10%. In numbers that means some where between 5 and 45 cabins on any given cruise.
  7. Cabin 3041 is over the shopping area, away fromTorshavn. The only complaints I have seen here are from people with cabin numbers in the 50s. For which cabin numbers? All of the cabins between the lifts and the Atrium or just the cabins that are closest to it?
  8. Sorry, that's not clear. Cabin 3041 is neither above the theater or the disco and is not besides the lifeboats, so it is an acceptable cabin.
  9. The cabins to avoid are the cabins above the Theater and above the disco as well as the cabins that are beside the lifeboats (3056-59). Cabin 3041 meets all of those criteria.
  10. That and people don't tend to go to old roll calls looking for information plus the search function here is not so great. I love "live" threads; the enthusiasm is infectious.
  11. IMHO, start a new thread in this forum. Don't bury it here or on the roll call for your sailing. Also, if you are posting from the ship, title it "Live from..." and encourage members of your roll call to post there was well.
  12. And a few other departments as well. Just as long as they don't mess around with TellUs.
  13. 1. Contact the folks at tellus@vikingcruises.com and see what they can do for you. Give your name, phone number and booking number. 2. Keep checking back to see if space opens up on the tours. People change their minds. People have to cancel at the last minute. 3. House rules say that we have to look for people to share a tour with us in the roll call for our sailing. You said you were on the Jupiter', so you should look for the roll call here; scroll down until you find your sail date: Viking Jupiter Roll Calls You missed the fine print at the bottom of the page; it is on the bottom of every page that shows the tours that may be offered in each port of call. I wish they would put it at the top of the page: it would make for fewer disappointed people: Shore excursions vary by departure and are subject to change. Another thing to note is that just because it is not showing as one of the tours now does not mean that it won't show up later. Sometimes it just takes them longer to nail down the contract with the provider.
  14. It depends on how wed you are to doing only shorex offered by the ship. These areas are so well visited that independent tours are easy to find --and many times are cheaper. Five ocean adventures completed, all in DV cabins because of location, not because of the booking window. We have never had a problem booking the tours we wanted -- including on the trip we booked less than a month prior to sailing. At the same time, each sailing has its own vibe and you can never predict what the excursion situation will be.
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