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  1. Found the visit to Perouges to be comme si comme sa. It is not a four hour excursion it is more of a 3.5 hour excursion. The ride is almost an hour each way. I found walking the streets to be stressful and hard on the joints. I felt rushed. We were in the town for only an hour and 40 minutes, most of it guided. We should have skipped the tour and gone off on our own. Adorable shops; saw two of them. This is a popular local destination, especially on a Sunday as pleasant and sunny as this one.
  2. At breakfast. Pulling into Lyon and have a busy two days planned. Once again, the sun is shining and come afternoon, it will be warm again. Beginning to think that we should have allowed some free time here in Lyon rather than planning two tours per day each day. Time will tell.
  3. SUNNY. 50 as we boarded the buses in the morning. Shirtsleeves by lunch time. Steam train this morning. Fun ride through the countryside. Minimal walking but you do need to climb up and down the three steps of the train. Long enough to be fun. Short enough not to be boring. Currently waiting for our arrival in Vienne. Spring has barely arrived. Very few of the summer trees have started to bloom. The willow trees are an exception: Tried to upload but failed 😞
  4. Friday. Vivier and the Ardeche Valley. Another Sunny day. It was 46 when we boarded the bus at 8:30am and almost 80 by midday. This was our splurge shorex. An all day tour with lunch. Vineyards and lavendar fields are not yet in bloom but we did stop at a Lavender Museum. Small but very nicely done and because we are off season, we had the museum to ourselves. Nice for those who do not get to see them in Arles or Avignon. 35 min or so from ship to museum. Ardeche Gorge was beautiful. Lunch was delicious. Another half hour from museum to gorge overlook. 20 min photo stop. Another 10 minutes to the lunch stop. 2 hours for lunch (sooo good). Time to walk down to the river for a close up view of the natural bridge. Last stop was a walk through the village of Vogue. By this time, the thermometer had already crossed my comfort threshold. Imho, if it is too warm for you, head down to the river bank and just enjoy. The town is quaint but it being pre-season, no cafes were open. All in all, a great day.
  5. Ugh. Internet has been spotty. Continuing Avignon. Pont du Gard. OMG. An absolute MUST-SEE. The tour is a good way to do it but it isn't the only way. In any case, there is walking involved but you can get a good view of the bridge without straying off the paved path.
  6. Sunny. 50s. No wind. Back in Avignon for walking tour in the morning and Pont du Garde in the afternoon. I went back to the ship after the Papal Palace tour. Lots of steps mostly even in the Palace. Only one longish flight up but more longish flights going down. Handrails for most flights. Time to rest between. Also, there is a minimal steps walking tour group that does not go onto the palace. Distance is a couple of km including getting from the ship to the city gate.
  7. THANK YOU , Jazz. We loved it. What an experience. I could have spent twice as long there but the rest of the party was getting dizzy-- and our time was up.
  8. I'm mostly a window shopper, so I'm the last to ask about shopping. I did buy a Santon to put in the display box. And other than some books that is about all I have bought.
  9. Wednesday in Arles. Sunny. Windy and chilly in the morning. Warmer and not as windy in the afternoon. Morning. Included. It is a walking tour. 2 hours plus. Mostly on your feet. Visit to Roman amphitheater with uneven steps. Loved it. Great guide. Afternoon. Optional tour. The multimedia show at Les Lumieres Carrieres outside of Les Baux des Provence. Many thanks to Jazzbeau who marked Les Lumieres as a must-see. Next stop is the cliffside village of Les Baux. There is no flat walking here. Great vistas. Interesting history. Good shopping. (2019 is Van Gogh show and a Japanese show).
  10. Mistral winds here in the south make it seem a lot colder than it actually is. I should have brought a second sweater because I am going to be wearing my one and only every single day. More thoughts on car rentals. Manual shift only around here. If you are not experienced on a manual, these narrow city streets and narrow winding country roads are not the place to be learning.
  11. Sunny. Windy. High 59F. We are on board now. Arrived before 11 am and were probably the first to board. Three of us went to return the car. Easy peasy. All returns go in one gate and then in the left hand barrier. Park on a space assigned to your car company and walk to the kiosks. Gas station on the road between ship and TGV. Taxi rank right by kiosks. Our cost 13.50 to return to ship. TIP: To get back to the ship, there is a pedestrian underpass. Walk out the city gate. Locate the ship and walk along the wall in the direction of the ship until you see the underpass. If you are at the St Benezet Bridge, there is cross walk right there, turn right out of the gate.
  12. Murphy, we have been on our own these past few days so I can't answer any questions about the Viking extensions. As for the optionals, I don't have access to MVJ anymore but I will see if they have left us a copy of the optional for this sailing in the cabin.
  13. Monday. Sunny but 55 and windy. Last day of OYO pre-cruise. The engineers and the Latin students spent the day with the Romans. Wow! Took us all day to see just these two items. The Roman Theater in Orange and the Roman Arena in Nimes. Simply amazing in so many ways. Boarding tomorrow. Now is the time to start asking questions. Here is your first answer. It seems the ships winter right here in Avignon. We saw two Viking longships docked here today, rafted to one or two more. Only caught one name, the Delling--too busy watching the traffic.
  14. For those who are just joining, we are doing 3 nights pre-cruise in Avignon, on our own. Yesterday was spent getting here. Today was our first day of touring. For those who stumble on this years hence, it is a Sunday. A lot of places are closed. A challenge but not impossible. We started with the Sunday antiques and farmers market in L'isle sur la Sorgue. Found a lot with a spot on the edge of town. Just follow the crowd. Next stop, VIllage des Bories, old stone buildings and dwelling that popped up in the region and were then abandoned a couple of hundred years ago. Fascinating. Popular walking and picnic destination. However approach is one lane di-directional road (think Doc Martin episode 1 or 2). Imho, worthy the effort. Next stop, Abbeye de Senanque. Cistertian Abby. Contemplative order. No talking. Hard working. Another even worse road into this one. Still worth it. Passed through the town of Gordes. Sorry we didn't stop. Final stops of the day were the Ochre Conservatory outside of Rouissilon and then the ochre cliffs near sundown in the town of Rouissilon. Wait till you see my pictures! MWIGH. See post 254.
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