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  1. SORRY. MY FAULT. I misread your post. I thought we were still talking about Icelandair, which does not offer Premium Economy--and is the only non-stop choice between BOS & KEF😪.
  2. I believe that they have discontinued the premium economy and now offer a few extra-legroom seats for a fee.
  3. The extra legroom is a treat for DH. Dave, what you say are all the reasons I was reluctant. However, we depart at midnight, we will have a very nice dinner in the airport and bring our own snacks, the flight is just over 5 hours, closer than LAX, and we don't have a connecting flight to worry about. The only thing we will actually have to contend with are the uncomfortable seats, and I am trying not to think about them. I looked at other options for the flight home but Icelandic offers the only non-stop. In the end, we opted for getting home faster. We will know in 6 months if we have made the right choice
  4. We are on the same sailing as Liz. Before I forget, the website for KEF airport lists the flights that come in daily. https://www.isavia.is/en/keflavik-airport/flight-schedule/arrivals?dep=1 Very helpful if you are trying to nail down who flies into/out KEF and from where. I did a lot of looking around before booking our flights. We live in Boston and we have twice daily non-stop flights to KEF on Icelandair --and there is no way of avoiding KEF on this itinerary. I was iffy about flying with them but avoiding them meant doubling our travel time. Plus, there are no direct flights to Bergen, so there will always be at least one stop someplace in Europe to get to Bergen. In the end, I resigned myself to flying Icelandair and I booked a round trip flight BOS-KEF-BOS plus a one-way flight to Bergen. We will fly to KEF, stay over two nights and then fly to Bergen on embarkation day. I booked very early and was able to get extra legroom seats, for a fee. Only time will tell if I made the right decision.
  5. Unless all sailings of your itinerary have been moved to Tilbury, it will not be changed on the website.
  6. Viking itineraries that pass through the Straits of Gibraltar are repositioning cruises. Two of them head north to London or Bergen (the others are trans-Atlantic crossings): Iberian Explorer (offered once in January, Barcelona to London) and Trade Routes of the Middle Ages (offered April and in reverse Sept/Oct, the number offered depends on the number of ships that are being re-positioned).
  7. We did a March cruise on the Rhone and on the Seine. I wore winter clothing indoors -- long sleeves, long pants, sweaters and/or vests -- same as I would be wearing at home in similar weather. DH wore long-sleeve shirts or cotton turtle-necks, no sports jacket or sweater (but then again the cold doesn't bother him🙄). Everyone else on board dressed fairly similarly to what we were wearing.
  8. Before you go crazy making plans, write to the folks at tellus@vikingcruises.com. Explain your dilemma and ask them what information they can give you about timing. Include your booking number and a phone number.
  9. I believe that the exact times will differ from cruise to cruise because of the locks on the river but you might figure that you won't sail before 5pm. Viking will have afternoon tours out until that time and the shuttle from Paris leaves at 4:30pm.
  10. Avignon. Take a cab into Old Town and meet up with your tour guide at the Papal Palace (unless steep steps are an issue, in which case you may wish to skip the palace). At the end of your time in Avignon, take a cab back to the ship.
  11. If Cadiz is your first port of entry to the Shengen Zone, you won't go through passport control again in either Valencia or Barcelona. But, you may have to make sure that you get an entry stamp on Cadiz.
  12. Menorah lighting and latkes all eight nights.
  13. Agreed. This is one that Viking needs to answer for themselves. It might not be as simple an answer as our anecdotes might imply.
  14. And if they are inexpensive enough, you can throw them out after the last penguin stop, rather than packing the dirty boots home.
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