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  1. Peregrina651

    Everything Viking France: Normandy, Paris, Provence

    Time to start a third list, this time for helpful non-Cruise Critic links: Driving in France
  2. Peregrina651

    Paying in US Dollars

    Who exactly did you ask at Viking? If you haven't already, try e-mailing the folks at tellus@vikingcruises.com. They have a more comprehensive knowledge of the system and the time to research answers.
  3. Peregrina651

    Southern Mediterranean Discovery ... a Review

    Where to this time? Have you decided?
  4. Peregrina651

    Viking China (Part 2)

    Update. This same exhibit will be at the Freer Gallery of Art and the Sackler Gallery, part of the Smithsonian, from March 30-June 23, 2019.
  5. Peregrina651

    Southern Mediterranean Discovery ... a Review

    Exactly! At least I got to see it.
  6. Peregrina651

    Everything Viking France: Normandy, Paris, Provence

    Updating again: Rhone, Rhone, Rhone Your Boat; Lyon & Provence on the Viking Heimdal and Paris Too! Viking River Cruises "France's Finest" Paris and the Heart of Normandy Captured Our Hearts! Full Trip Report - Viking Rolf Viking, Lyon to Avignon, with pre-cruise Paris extension March 2018 Normandy beaches Viking Dailies for Lyon to Avignon (Thank you, jrkstl) Viking River France's Finest - Nice extension from Avignon Paris transfer question Viking Kadlin Paris to Normandy Beaches Le Pecq (Viking Port) to Versailles Need Paris hotel advice
  7. Peregrina651

    Southern Mediterranean Discovery ... a Review

    As far as 'things you didn't know that you didn't know' goes, check out this thread: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2416372-tips-for-new-viking-ocean-cruisers/
  8. Peregrina651

    Memories of cruises past

    But no matter where you watched them this year, WOW what a couple of games.
  9. Peregrina651

    Viking- Undiscovered China

    We used the ATM in the hotel lobby to get currency when we arrived; it was so much cheaper than dealing with it at our bank. You can also change US bills at the front desk of the hotel. For more advice, see: Viking China (Part 2) Start at the end and work backwards because the information on page 1 is already out of date due.
  10. Peregrina651

    Expedition Ships?

    Looks like the article is based on a press release from the ship builder Vard and not from Viking. I didn't see anything in the Media Center on the Viking but then again, I didn't read every single article word for word seeing if maybe they slipped in a quick comment about future plans, The Viking message has always been well controlled and always given very little hint as to future plans.
  11. Peregrina651

    Southern Mediterranean Discovery ... a Review

    Tell her to wait for a 50% sale before buying. They are frequent enough.
  12. Peregrina651

    Southern Mediterranean Discovery ... a Review

    I was not thrilled with the call in Algiers either, other than the fact that I notched up another continent, but it had more to do with the visa requirements and the inability to explore on our own than it had to do with the city itself. I would have liked to have wandered around a bit looking in shop windows, watching the people around me. I think that Viking did the best they could considering the circumstances and the restrictions -- and they did give us Algiers. That said, while our bus was border- line acceptable, I thought our guide did a good job and that the tour itself was deigned to give us a quick ride around the city to kind of give us the lay of the land and let the optional tours delve into more depth.
  13. Peregrina651

    Southern Mediterranean Discovery ... a Review

    A Shutterfly sale that I could not pass up finally prompted me to organize our photos, put together the photo books and make the website for this trip. The books are ordered and the website is ready to view.
  14. LOL! Not the first time. Not the last time.
  15. Peregrina651

    Cabin upgrades when using a TA

    The workings of the upgrade fairy are shrouded in mystery. There seems to be no criterion for offering an upgrade, complimentary or otherwise--not how many cruises you have been on, not whether you use a TA or book direct, not any other measure I can think of.