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  1. Date of Cruise: 02/24/2019 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 12127 Deck #: 12 Cabin Category: C2 Cabin Location: Port Midship-Forward Bed Position: By verandah Balcony Type: Infinite Verandah Balcony/Window Size: standard IV Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: Minor from overhang, no pole Balcony Overhang?: Yes, overhang from deck 14 and beginning of solarium overhang Magic Carpet Issues?: NA Noise Issues?: Heard chairs moving only twice; husband noted an occasional rhythmic thump in the morning he thought was related to the running track transferring through the structure - I didn't notice it. Interestingly, with the slight solarium overhang we thought the sound of the water was amplified. We did hear residual pool deck music (bass) and microphone when there were activities on the pool deck, but this wasn't particularly bothersome and was offset by the wave noise. When the IV was closed there was no sound. Wind Issues?: No, and there was fresh air circulating through the verandah when the window was open - it was not stagnant nor was it blustery. Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: Suite Details: NA Advantages/Problems/Comments: Loved the location - very convenient to access deck 14 forward for the spa, spa cafe, and the theater and club on decks 4 and 5 forward. We also were pleasantly surprised at how much we appreciated the overhang - when sun was hitting that side of the ship, the verandah may have been too hot and unusable with direct sun and would have made the cabin hot - with the overhang we always had a sun shade while being able to have the window open and enjoy the verandah. We found the bed by the verandah to be convenient for accessing the closet and getting ready for the day and for dinner. This cabin abuts a fire wall, so no sound at all from one side of the cabin. Rarely heard cabin neighbors on other side unless they were on their verandah and we had our verandah window open. Great view looking down to ocean and toward bow. Would You Book It Again?: Yes Photos or Photo Links:
  2. I use a lanyard when I (1) don't have pockets at all or pockets deep enough to not have the card easily slide out (truly a problem with clothing for women) and (2) don't want to carry around a bag or purse just to put my card in it. Most likely those who judge others wearing a lanyard would also judge if I wore cargo shorts in order to securely carry my card - who cares how people carry their cards! To each their own and what works for them! I'm a lanyard person and husband puts his in his pocket.
  3. Yes - per their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/kontikibeachsxm/) they opened at the end of last month (December 2018)
  4. Giving this a bump - I'm interested in this question, too!
  5. Fax because fax is secure - you should not be emailing an image of your driver's license or credit card info (or passport, or banking information, etc.). Email is not secure. You could send a password encrypted attachment, but quite frankly most people don't know how to do that correctly, or then how to coordinate the password with the recipient.
  6. We just did a Merrytime Cruise over the holidays - our adult 26 year old daughter joining us. Yes, there are more children on DCL. There are also adults-only areas where (1) there were no children, (2) there was fabulous service, (3) there was calming music or total quiet, and (4) there were always (lounge and other) chairs available in any venue. The entertainment venues are family in the early evening, and most go adult-only after 9 PM as the kids have their own clubs. We enjoy the DCL adults-only areas, DCL entertainment, etc. I think the dining room food is rather bland, but it is generally well-prepared. The general entertainment will be family oriented, so yes, there will be many kids. You will pay a premium for holidays on Disney, and I believe the single supplement is steep. If your Merrytime Cruise is not directly over Christmas it will be less than if it were directly Christmas and New Years. We enjoy DCL as adults-only as we enjoy Palo & Remy (the upcharge restaurants), the entertainment in the main theater and smaller venues, the adults-only lounge areas. Our daughter would go back on DCL as an adult, no hesitation. Would I cruise DCL single? Honestly, I don't know - the single supplement I believe is the same as paying for two people in a cabin - so if I got a great last-minute deal, perhaps, but those are few and far between.
  7. Thank you for the balanced review. We will be sailing in late February on the Edge and have concerns about the IV not feeling like a verandah, but we will give it a try. I prefer not to be in direct sunlight when looking for lounge chairs on deck, so it may work out well for us. On the flip side, if it feels more like a window than a shady space in the outdoors we will probably be disappointed. There is so much to explore, I'm sure we will be able to deal with it for the week, regardless!
  8. ckck

    Taxi to forts

    It has been a couple years since I have been in the forts, but as I recall El Morro had more steps - it would be accessible on the top level but I don't recall seeing a way to go down all the levels to the ocean other than steps. San Cristóbal had more ramps throughout the fort as part of the fort's historic construction. There is accessibility info at https://www.nps.gov/saju/planyourvisit/accessibility.htm. So I would aim for San Cristóbal as the primary fort to spend more time in and enjoy.
  9. Thanks for the thoughtful review! We enjoy live music, so the mix of old and new will be welcomed. We sail on her in February, so we will definitely be checking out the various theater, bar, and club musicians.
  10. We are debating keeping our IV or moving to a traditional balcony for our February Edge cruise. Coming from a cold weather climate, we enjoy the warmth, breeze, and sounds while sitting on a cabin balcony. If the IV only acts as a window, and those other elements are removed, then indeed it is more like an oceanview stateroom with a window that opens. If I have to go to the open decks for that "outside" feeling, then I give up the whole point of the balcony for us - the privacy and quiet of a balcony cabin! It will be interesting to watch the reviews come in over the next few weeks.
  11. Thanks, VT. I appreciate the input. I think we are going to keep that cabin as there are no obstructions, we are fine with the shade, and overall the location is pretty convenient. I think being so close or even under that dividing wall will make it less noisy. Given the design around the Solarium Pool, I think we are not directly under the pool deck chairs, but rather just under the Solarium. We will see how it plays out and I will report back!
  12. We are in 12127 in late Feb - I'm also trying to figure out what is above that stateroom or if there are other considerations I should be aware of. From what I can tell on the deck plans, the room is under the solarium pool and general pool wall area - I think the pool bar is in that area as well. We generally do decks between cabin decks, so pondering moving down a deck or two because of potential motion and noise. Thanks!
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