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    Carnival, so far. Always the most affordable. I am easy to please.

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  1. My husband still smokes so its like, "you go ahead and spend your hard earned money buying your cartons of cigarettes. I'm going to spend mine on an excursion, cya when I get back!"
  2. I feel like I have gained several pounds merely by living through your dessert pictures!
  3. I can identify as I was supposed to be boarding today but failed the 72 hour questionnaire just 2 days ago due to covid exposure. Any way you crunch the numbers, whether the OP was right or wrong, it sucks the big wazoo to have your vacation and all that is involved with that stripped from you. We all know there is more involved than just unpacking and putting your clothes back in the closet.
  4. The air fare for my rescheduled cruise is up to $740 for 2 of us from CT to MIA. I paid $313 total when I first booked but since an exposure to covid took that cruise away from me, I rebooked only to see airfare skyrocketing. I envy Floridians who don't have to pay airfare. It adds on so much more money especially if you have to get a hotel for flying in a day early, which we always do as a safety measure.
  5. That was our thought. Not one person had a positive test of all those she came into contact with. (8 persons total) And everyone was tested 4-5 days after her positive so that was the proper window to wait.
  6. This was our feelings exactly which is why we held our breath when we started the 72 hour questionnaire. We had hoped that there would be some additional questions since it was a YES for exposure for me. No follow up questions like did we have a negative at any time after the positive. In fact, I did my questionnaire first and it didn't even let us get to DD questionnaire. I guess since I couldn't board, there was no purpose in completing the roomies questionnaire.
  7. Thank you for that email. I didn't know it existed. I love Grand Turk. Some very cool fish to see snorkeling or you can head into Margaritaville and have so much fun with the DJ and her/his adult contests. Its all free except if you want to pay for a few premium chairs with umbrellas, a cooler and a personal server.
  8. At this point, I would be happy with a sandbar! Just get me out on the ocean.
  9. heading out on the 29th. I'll take Amber Cove. Lazy River tubing. I can deal with that. Thanks for the info.
  10. I am ashamed to say that I hung up on her! I always get names and go figure, I did not that one time that I needed to. I was so frustrated because she clearly had no idea of what she was talking about, NONE. My head was spinning thinking about the millions of cancellations/refunds and calls to get them should we fail the nerve wracking 72 hour questionnaire that was looming in the CCL abyss. I had all my hopes on the fact that proof of our negative covids (in addition to the required 48 hour covid test) would somehow get us into the gate, but alas, That miracle was not to be spent on me.
  11. nooooooo! Grand Turk was replaced with Bimini on my (clears throat) most recent booking because it was not supposed to open up until the very end of Sept! Why on earth is CCL still advertising Grand Turk then? for suckers like me? I would have picked a different sail date for my reschedule cos I wanted GT instead of Bimini.
  12. Mama, can't do any live review because I don't get internet packages! No bells and whistles for me so I can cruise more. ($$) But thank you for the compliment.
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