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  1. I found many walking tours for old town. I am unable to walk long distances, and have not found a transportation tour. Any suggestions??? :)Mary
  2. bandmp

    QM2 Shopping

    Does anyone know if QM2 shops carry Swarovski Crystal jewelry? :)Mary
  3. bandmp

    NY transportation

    Thanks so much for the info! :)Mary:)
  4. bandmp

    NY transportation

    We need transportation from JFK to Redhook - any suggestions??:):):):) Mary
  5. We have booked club class round trip to Alaska from LA. The only mini suites do not have covered balconies. This is problematic for us. The only alternative we see is skipping club class - any other suggestions? Thanks - Mary
  6. Thanks so much for the formal night info. :)Mary
  7. Which nights are formal on the Hawaii cruise? :)Mary
  8. bandmp

    Holland America road to Hana tour

    Has anyone taken this tour recently? What type of vehicle is used? I am able to find only old reviews - so recent inf would help. Thanks -:) Mary
  9. Thanks so much for the info - we will be leaving luggage in Britain, but will bring some with us to Dublin. :)Mary
  10. Hi - We will be flying to Ireland on Flybe after our cruise - will the same restrictions be in effect there as in the US? Re: liquids etc.:)Mary
  11. bandmp

    Southampton to Dublin and reverse

    Hi JB - Your info is so very helpful. You are so kind to respond so quickly and in such detail. You have given us great suggestions previously when we have traveled to UK. Thanks so very much - Mary
  12. Looking for an easy way to get to Dublin from Southampton and reverse with luggage. Is there a ferry, and what would it be like? The airlines charge a ransom for luggage. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks - Mary :):) :) :)
  13. bandmp

    Just how bad is Cunard?

    Cunard is a lovely line, but it is not as relaxed as others. There are snobs, but every cruise line has them. There are also very nice people and they enjoy cruising. It sure beats a flight across the Atlantic, and costs about the same. We enjoy the quality speakers on board, and you meet interesting people. :)Mary
  14. bandmp

    Storing Luggage in Southhampton

    The Novotel in Southampton was wonderful about storing our bags for several weeks in April/May. Very basic hotel, but clean and had helpful staff. :)Mary
  15. We were most impressed with Rabies tours. Mary