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  1. We are veteran cruisers with many cruises under our belts. When we first started cruising over twenty years ago, you had no choice but to sit at a shared table. While we have had many interesting tablemates, we have also had some real beauties. Once at a table for seven, there was a gentleman and his two sisters. They were appalled that we had the audacity to bring our high school aged daughter and her friend, both of whom were impeccably dressed, exhibited excellent table manners, and were quiet and reserved. He refused to talk with us and ignored us. Then there was the time we were at a table with two sisters who were always inebriated and kept guzzling down the wine. They constantly reminded us that they were "only sisters" and that they did not have do pay for the cruise as it was on their husbands' business expense account which would be taken as a tax deduction since they were scouting out a hotel in Aruba for a future business conference. They also belittled us because we were not "elite" and could not go to the special lounge for breakfast. And oh yes, they could not believe that we had an inside cabin and not a balcony. Since then we have opted for a table for two or a table for four if with family.
  2. Sadly many of the ship's libraries have now become a joke. The areas in which they were located have become internet cafe's or the location of "future cruise consultants" each of which produce revenue.
  3. We are snowbirds and stay from January to March each year just less than fifteen minutes from the stadium. I made sure that we booked our condo over a year in advance for 2020 as supply and demand (and price gouging) is certainly going to kick-in. If Southwest Airlines serves your home area, be aware that they have only released their flights through early January. I would check their website often to see when they will be releasing flights near your sail date and then jump on the booking as early as possible.
  4. We have used Gold Coast Cruise and Parking several times and have had a very good experience with them. Good rates, free shuttle, and a secure lot. It is a short ride to and from the cruise port.
  5. I never watch "Faux News." It keeps my blood pressure from going up and helps me to avoid indigestion.
  6. This is certainly a motivator for me to use the self-serve laundry!
  7. Some of us care about the environment. Some of you don't.
  8. Thank you for being the voice of reason.
  9. Some of us care about our impact upon the environment even on vacation.
  10. Run, don't walk by the ship's excursion desk! They are nothing more than overpriced cattle herds. As others have suggested, check out Trip Advisor or the ports of call threads on these boards for recommendations. They are always cheaper and are certainly less crowded. Often you are able to negotiate with the driver for a more personalized tour. They are easy to book and easy to find once you get off of the ship. There is much less of the "hurry up and wait" that comes with the ship's excursions. We find that by booking a tour that ends at least an hour or two before "all aboard", there is little to worry about.
  11. We have never had a problem with bugs, but we did have a bat fly into the cabin one night!
  12. So does me darling wife. She was enthralled with it on our Royal cruise in November. So much so that I purchased tickets to a liver performance for her birthday.
  13. And I prefer the freedom NOT to breathe second hand smoke.
  14. We are snowbirds who stay for three months each year at The Tides on Hollywood Beach. It is a couple of doors down from the Diplomat. It is safe, quiet, and has two beautiful pools and is on the beach. A trolley bus goes right by every half hour or so and will take you to the Broadwalk.
  15. No I most certainly would not. If I did I would not try to pass him off as a bogus service animal, parade him around in a doll carriage, nor allow him to dine in the dining room!😉
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