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  1. marazul167 at gmail dot com Thanks you. My lips are sealed!
  2. Cruisemom, you are killing me! I have an unexpected trip to Rome in April in the middle of the carciofi season. Can you give me another hint? Or I can give you my email. Your secret will be safe! I did street view for Via Giolitti and can't figure out where. And not in the menu for Colline.
  3. I would advise taking a taxi from your hotel to Park Guell. That is the only way to be sure you will make it on time. Taxis are cheap. You can take the Ho-Ho back from the park if you wish.
  4. I should have added Le Castellet. This gorgeous village is west of Toulon and before Cassis. There are also some good wineries nearby.
  5. Here is the ferry schedule for Portovenere and the Cinque Terre for June through October. If you go on different dates, click on the schedules tab on top. Dont forget, the dates are in the day/month/year format: https://www.navigazionegolfodeipoeti.it/en/la-spezia-06-06-2020-11-10-2020-2/ You don't need a tour for what you want. From Portovenere take the ferry to Monterosso. After Monterosso, pick the other villages (if any) where you would like to stop on your way back to La Spezia. You buy the round trip tickets on the spot. The round trip ticket is 35 euros: https://www.navigazionegolfodeipoeti.it/en/rates/ From Portovenere you can take the 11 am or 12 noon to Monterosso and come back at 3 pm straight back to La Spezia if you wish. You still have the option of two later ferries if you want to make another stop.
  6. Yes, you do have enough time. You have time for Avignon and Aix. Those are the major sites from the ones you mentioned. Cassis is very pleasant, but not in the same league. St. Remy is very interesting, but it is a secondary site. If you have a private tour to Avignon and Aix, you can include a short visit to St. Remy if there is enough time but it should not be a priority. Instead you could visit Avignon, St Remy and Les Baux easily in the time you have. Plot all those places in Google maps. Tour companies regularly do any of those combinations. Avignon needs 2-3 hours so you have time to tour the Palace. Aix needs 2 hours to enjoy it. Les Baux can take 1.5 hours. St Remy could be 1 hour unless you are interested in the Van Gogh asylum tour. St Remy is a good stop for lunch and a short walk in between driving to the other places. All can take a lot more, but that is what you can fit in in the time you have.
  7. The British call berenjenas by their French name, aubergines, instead of eggplant.
  8. Rent a car. Search this board. Hank (Hlitner) and others have recently posted good practical info on car rentals. But be mindful of the time you have available in port. There is also good info here on the trains. However if you want to visit more than one place, that may not be practical. Do check ouisncf.com to look at train tables and connections between cities. Les Baux is not accessible by train. Do consider a private tour to maximize your time. That is, pick up and drop off by the ship. No time wasted waiting for trains, or renting and returning cars.
  9. My favorite too. The most amazing terrace for sitting at night under the stars by the Grand Canal. The breakfast buffet is awesome. Location even more so. The rooms and service are first class. We were there last year at the time of the historical regatta which we watched from the terrace. Great day! It is a magical place
  10. Sorry, the search didn't transfer. Go to https://venta.renfe.com/ In "ORIGEN" enter MALAGA and pick MALAGA MARIA ZAMBRANO In DESTINO enter CORDOBA In FECHA pick the same date for both SALIDA and REGRESO Click on COMPRAR Once you are on the search results page, you can change the dates (FECHA) at the top of the page. Most dates show trains at 9:00. 9:10, 9:45 and 11:02. Sundays seem to omit the 9:45. For the return, you have 16:17, 16:19, and the latest you can take back for your ship at 18:19. Round trip prices are 33 euros on the AVE and 23 euros on the AVANT. The schedule will be very similar for future months.
  11. It depends on the day of the week. Try a few dates. There are three kinds of train: AVE, AVANT and AV City. I pulled this for Jan. 31. https://venta.renfe.com/vol/search.do?c=_CxjE
  12. Not Campolady, but Cordoba is 1 hour by train from Malaga and there is at least one train per hour every day. The station in Malaga is near the port, 15 minutes by taxi. The station in Cordoba is 25 minutes on foot from the Mosque-Cathedral or 15 minutes by taxi. You have plenty of time to go there. Here is the link for the trains: https://renfe.spainrail.com/ If you have a private tour there by car, the drive is almost 2 hours.
  13. Cordoba. There is no comparison. The Mosque-Cathedral is one of the most spectacular buildings in Europe. The Alcazar is beautiful. The old city is lovely with the most iconic patios in Spain. I may run out of superlatives describing it, but they are not enough. https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/313/ http://www.jesswondering.com/the-patios-of-cordoba/ And I really enjoy Cadiz. It is a great port city, but it does not come close to Cordoba.
  14. Here are all your options. The taxis are $95 to $120. The train requires a transfer. Your best option may be the shuttle for $75-85. https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Paris-CDG-Airport-CDG/Paris-Orly-Airport-ORY
  15. Please, do not go to St Paul from Toulon. It is way too far and you may also run into lots of traffic. There are two nearby villages that would give you the same experience without the long drive. Hyeres (the old village)- 25 minutes away and Bormes-les-Mimosas - 30 minutes past Hyeres. Both can be visited the same day and they are beautiful. A little further out you have Grimaud (the village, not the port), Gassin and Ramatuelle near St. Tropez. BTW - La Seyne-sur-Mer is only across the harbor from Toulon and a much easier port to deal with.
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