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  1. Currently on MS Rotterdam and we also have the new When and Where. Piano Bar area has been boarded up with coming soon graphics and new Billboard venue (dueling pianos) should be up and running next cruise. In meantime Jamm our piano entertainer is playing in Crows Nest. Former Sommelier Ferdinand just came on-board and is now the Beverage Manager. He recognized us from our Prisendam cruise. All is good on Rotterdam. Cádiz today and Casablanca tomorrow.😃⚓️🚢
  2. Regular Hal cruiser yes. Cheerleader don’t think so. If I was having a bad cruise I would have said so. Every time your hear a legitimate complaint here on CC remember there are thousands enjoying their cruise. Foods terrible! Sure were a lot of folks eating away today with happy faces and comments. So in my humble opinion one or two legitimate complaints will not constitute a valid reason not to cruise on these older ships. Reading other cruise line forums reveal similar complaints. Now back to enjoying my cruise with my fellow “Stupid Cruisers!”😄 My point is should everyone not cruise on the Rotterdam because of a couple valid post? I think not.
  3. We are currently on-board the Rotterdam for 32 days. Sorry to hear about OP experience. We boarded October 18 and so far we have experienced a great cruise and all systems in our Deck 7 cabin is operational. Did notice a dry vac working on deck 8 near elevator the other day so maybe there was a leak. To be honest I can’t remember any cruise where I have not seen or heard of a leak, overflow etc. It happens on every ship new and old and I’m sure very frustrating when it affects one’s cabin. Our experience is food has been consistent with our many other cruises. Service has been great and late fixed dining has taken on the average an hour from appetizer to dessert. We are enjoying the new show times of 7 and 9 PM. Rumor has it that on the TA portion of our cruise the piano bar area will be closed off to start construction of Bill Board. Piano entertainer Jamm will perform in Crows Nest. Daily newspaper is USA but a request to room steward has The NY Times crossword puzzle delivered to room daily. So the Rotterdam has a few areas showing some wear and tear which is normal on any ship nearing dry dock. It just does not bother us as we enjoy cruising on these classic ships while they last. On any ship “Ship Happens” and I’m sorry for the OP’s experience. On our port side directly across from OP’s cabin we are fortunate to report all is well and we are having a wonderful cruise on the beautiful and aged second fastest cruise ship in the world. Once in awhile She creaks, vibrates in spots at certain speeds and looks a little old but she gets us from port to port with a certain style and flair that we savor while aboard a Dam ship. We had over a hundred folks on our Roll Call and I have yet to hear any negative reports from those we meet around the ship or tour with. Somewhere on this ship someone is having a bad cruising experience but in my opinion it’s isolated and everyone booked on MS Rotterdam should look forward to their cruise. Now back to enjoying a much needed day at sea!🛳😎
  4. Ate at Bruschetta’s two nights ago and we both agreed it was the best seafood dinner ever. That being said we are foodies and live on the Gulf. So that says something. Cash only! Fresh seafood they purchase at Market Place Daily. Life is good on the MS Rotterdam cruising along to Athens in the morning.
  5. Presently on board and so far internet has been reliable albeit slower than home as expected. New plan so much better than the days of purchasing minutes. We paid $230.00 for 32 days.
  6. Name of B&B is My Home Blue. Beautiful facility on 12th floor of high rise. Beautiful views over looking Adriatic and port. Owner arranged for transportation to ship. Location is in heart of Civitavecchia restaurants etc. Majority of patrons were cruisers and fellow CC members.
  7. It’s been quite the parade of Dam ships here in Civitavecchia the last three days. From our B&B Balcony we have watched the Nieuw Statendam, yesterday the Koningadam and today from our on-board veranda on the Rotterdam Port has been busy with 4-5 cruise ships per day! Thanks Rich for the Fleet Report.
  8. Good nite to all and thanks for all who make these sail aways possible.
  9. Well, I guess no operator is going to follow the sail-away on camera.
  10. Roy, One night on a Damm ship is better than one week on land.!😎
  11. Needed a little fix to hold us over until we board the MS Rotterdam Saturday in Roma Saturday for 32 days of cruising. This is helping!🛳😁
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