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  1. Well, I made the deposit long time ago so it would seem the $100 would be the amount concerned, one way or the other.
  2. So I have $100 US refundable deposit paid with a final payment date of May 8. If I let the date go by do I lose the deposit, get it refunded or get an FCC. I am thinking that if I get it refunded it is better than an FCC for cancelling. Or maybe I just forfeit it in that case? I realize things are changing fast and who knows where we will be in 6 weeks but wondering what the policy would be today. I am happy that it is just the deposit and not the whole fare that is affected.,
  3. Thank you, Bird. And Hallux, I heard that same question on WTC on Carnival Horizon, However, between my hearing and the accent, I heard "doors" not "floors" so my answer was a little bit off🤣
  4. Never been on Princess but just came off RC Harmony which had no screen in either venue they used.
  5. I have always enjoyed the trivia and games in the newer NCL ships as the atrium is used along with a screen where the questions are displayed, which is helpful for we passengers with reduced hearing. This has not been my experience with other cruise lines and I often quit early in frustration. My question: When I cruise on the Encore, can I expect the same policy with the screen display?
  6. What were the Corona procedures this week. Was it still the 3 questions method or was there any temperature taking etc?
  7. Adding to the math facts above, I did a quick calculation last week. According to the numbers I used, 1 oui of every 10,000 residents in Wuhan, the epicenter, had been infected. Infected, not died. Extrapolate that to China and it is infinetesimal. Now take that half a world away and you could probably have a better chance winning the lottery twice in a row
  8. Yes, I would be very interested in the Cruise compasses as we have the same itinerary. Thank you for all the info!
  9. A St. Patrick's Day parade already! I hope this means they celebrate it right up until the 17th!
  10. Has anyone bought the $25 deal at Holland House? Does the 4 drinks include mixed drinks or just beer, soda and water? For us that will decide where we go. TIA
  11. How is the water packaged on the Harmony this week? Plastic bottles or tins that have started showing up on other vessels?
  12. Getting back to the Holland House, does that price include more than beer as far as alcohol goes? I read somewhere that it is beer, soda and water. My wife does not drink beer but cocktails so that may be the show stopper! 😇
  13. Yes, I have it figured out now. Finally, see that I have to click on the pencil to bring up the passport scan screen. Now I just need to get it aligned properly. I guess the reason you have a colored sail pass and I have plain white is because you are diamond. For a while I was thinking it was something else that I needed. Thanks for taking the time and enjoy the week. 😁😁 TY too Nangelina.
  14. Nangelina, thank you for that. Doesn't matter if you are old timer or rookie, if the screen does not come up, what can you do? 😀 I will try your 10 try method and see what happens!
  15. Really? I am supposed to have a boarding pass that looks like this or is this just for Diamonds? I completed my online check in (but not on the app) and have set sail passes, document package and luggage tags. I thought I was ready to go but now am wondering, I also looked at the check in process on the app and can see my passport details but no place to scan. Not concerned about that but I am curious about the "boarding pass" which seems to be missing.
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