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  1. Just bought this morning. 100 shares so I can get the obc when they start cruising again. If they go bankrupt, I'll lose under $1,000, I can live with that risk. I also have 7 Cruise Next certificates, I can live with that loss too. I'm in a similar situation with Carnival. I don't want to live in a world where I cant cruise anymore, lol. Like someone else posted, its a small cap stock in a risky environment, don't use money you need. If I had a million bucks would I put it in one of these stocks---not a chance. But I would put it in the stock market, any of the big tech companies, or other good quality companies. The economy is coming back. One day. If it doesn't, losing a few thousand bucks is the least of my worries.
  2. What a crock. Just got off NCL Sun this morning and headed to Lauderdale for Adventure of the Seas. RCI cancelled it. I think the safest place on the planet right now is a cruise ship with all the cleaning they are doing. Just got some beer from a Publix, crowds of people passing paper money, sharing carts, dirty rest rooms, picking up food and putting it back. 1 basketball player gets it, cancel the season, one soccer player, cancel the season, one actor, lets cancel movies, Disneyworld and Universal close, but not until Monday? Today and tomorrow are safe though. And all their hotels with thousands of guests are ok to keep open. Fake news?
  3. Just arrived FLL for tomorrow's Adventure. Thanks for the info. Since we drove down from Canada, now what do we do? Disney? I guess not . Hope Royal reimburses something but not holding my breath.
  4. We are platinum plus, is there a limit to the bags of laundry on a 4 or 5 day cruise? I'm reading it as 1 bag per member per cruise with no minimum days, am I right? Thanks, To ny
  5. I sail in 5 days and want to buy some on board credit certificates before I board. Are they refundable if I buy more than I need? Thanks, Tony
  6. trying to book a 5 day on the Sun. Can I use a cruise next certificate on a 5 day cruise? Can I use 2? thanks Tony
  7. Thanks for the tips. We will be there in March and likely taxi to Public beach with our own 6 pack (great idea). Is the taxi $4 per person one way? Is it a private taxi or a van that drops off along the way? Are we talking USD or Cayman? Thanks, Tony
  8. We did this 2 years ago, great beach and snorkelling, no facilities though. We walked down (2 60 year olds) with a group of youngsters. We didn't want to walk back so waited for the bus. Waited over an hour, starting to panic, trying to get a taxi stop, but they were all full, heading back to port. Finally someone stopped to take pix of the scenery (she was a professional photographer on a private tour). She let us ride along and we gave her $20. Looking back now it was a fun adventure, but at the time we were really panicked about getting back in time.
  9. disneykins

    Montego Bay

    Looking for ideas for Montego Bay. We are only there from 1 to 7. Interested in a lazy day on the beach. Negril is about 11/2 hours away so that's probably too far. Any ideas? Thanks, Tony
  10. Last time we went to Roatan, we just grabbed a taxi at the port, told him Bananarama and he dropped us there. We just walked down the beach and sat on our towels at the far end of the beach, near the snorkel area. Had no problems getting a taxi back from Bananarama at end of day. It was a few years ago and I don't know if that is still possible, anyone been recently and been able to do that? If not, is it possible to just pick up the Bananarama van at the port without pre-booking? Is that any cheaper than pre-booking? How much is the taxi ride? Thanks, Tony
  11. We're looking at doing a 4 day NCL cruise in March. Haven't done such a short cruise in a while. We are Platinum Plus, do we get a Le Bistro dinner and a Moderno dinner? What about the other perks, free champagne, strawberries, etc. Can we use Cruise Next certificates on 3 or 4 day cruises? Thanks, Tony
  12. Loving your review. Taking lots of notes, we sail Armonia on March 22. Couldn't resist the super low pricing for an inside cabin. We have done Divina 2X and Seaside 2X and loved them all. Tony and Debbie
  13. Thanks, we're hoping to use it March 1 and again on March 23. We're wondering how easy it is with luggage? Any steps onto the train and in the stations?
  14. This is what we are thinking too, about $135 CAD in savings is a nice chunk of cash. And the Brightline doesn't seem to be too much of an inconvenience (we once did Tri Rail Miami to FLL to save a few bucks and it was a breeze). We are also doing 3 different cruises out of Miami during our 3 months in Florida so the savings will add up nicely. Tony
  15. Thanks for the reply, that video puts it in perspective. $55 on Brightline, $96 downtown, $155 at the port. I think we'll do the Brightline option, it avoids having to drive into the port too. Signed up for the Brightline to get the emailed coupon and it expires in 30 days so no good. Will book closer to our March cruise.
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