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  1. Congrates! I totally get your excitement. I got off HOS last week and turned Diamond on that cruise along with my wife, my son and his wife. He rode our coat tails lol. Like you we thought about doing a short cruise to get to Diamond before our HOS cruise(we were 3 points off). In the end we weighed our work schedule against the benefits and just waited. While the benefits are real nice to have, my wife and I also enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment. We started cruising over a decade ago before the new tier levels and wanted to make Diamond our goal. It feels good to get there after years of fun and exciting cruising. Enjoy your achievement! Many happy cruises going forward to us all!
  2. What happens if the second person is a no show?
  3. This is apples and oranges. Sharing a drink package is specifically excluded. That's abuse if you share. To order more then one entrée when that is what you purchased is fulfilling the agreement between the guest and Royal. Real abuse is a corporation that feels it is justified in changing the rules of the agreement midstream, after payment is taken, because it now doesn't like the deal it agreed to. Fair is something you learn in kindergarten 101. This is why there is so little trust between a consumer and any large company now days.
  4. No we had to pay whatever the current rate was on HOS but they waived the nonrefundable deposit fee. That said, my dd and her family saved $50.00, I paid $75.00 more, and my son who used a travel agent saved the most at $400.00. So prices are mostly the same.
  5. I also got the e-mail for our Nov10th sailing. We were happy to rebook with no penalty. I was worried at some point the ship would miss a sailing and "TAG" we're it. It happened to us a few years back on Carnival. The agent said the lines were very busy with people either canceling or rebooking. We booked on the Harmony on Sept29th. I hope no one gets left on the dock for their vacation! Best to all!
  6. I saw some peacocks but they were all in the suite lounge.
  7. The best characters to watch are riding the elevators after happy hour.
  8. Going on Enchantment in 3 months and had a few questions for those in the know. I tried to search and look up videos but to no avail. I've sailed numerous times on the larger ships but it's the first time on Enchantment. When you go to Café Latitudes and make a purchase are there tables and chairs to relax in like Café Promenade? I enjoy reading at the Café and generally watching people. Also is the internet fast enough to down load and watch movies on Netflix or Prime? If you know, please respond as well as any other recommendation for this ship. Much Thanks!
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