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  1. It has been a number of years, but we were at Copenhagen on Constitution Day and, to our dismay, the museum Ny Carlsberg was closed for the holiday. Later on the cruise, weather mandated we skip one of the tender ports and divert back to Copenhagen. Finally we got to visit that museum and it remains one of our favorites.
  2. A word of caution however. Some of the independent tours fill up quickly. For example, I booked our Island Wings Tour from Ketchikan for bear watching at Traitors Cove probably 8 months in advance. At least at that time (4 years ago) Michele, the pilot/owner only flew groups of 6 twice a day to this attraction.
  3. Used Geoiceland for the Golden Circle out of Reykjavic and Saga in Akureyri for Lake Myvatn/nature baths tour. Highly recommend both of these companies.
  4. Been to both places. Luckily for us, our Vantage riverboat docked quite close to the old towns (no tendering). Spent two nights in Rouen and one in Honfleur and really enjoyed them both. I recommend the Musee de Beaux Arts in Rouen, it is free and has some lovely works of art. (Plus, would be a good place to get in from the cold).
  5. Just returned from Culinary Adventures in France, a cruise along the Seine River from Paris to Normandy and back (Oct. 16-29, 2019). This was our third Vantage cruise but this time my husband and I also brought along our 23 year old granddaughter. Unlike us, she is a night-owl so we purchased a separate single cabin for her . Although she was by far the youngest onboard, the other passengers were wonderful, acting like surrogate grandparents. The other cruisers gave her advice about shopping opportunities, and plied us with compliments about her. Our young French tour director made sure to provide lots of opportunities to practice her rudimentary French in their conversations. All of us were very pleased with the experience. The towns along the Seine River were lovely and there were so many tasting opportunities we could hardly find room for the delicious meals each night. The free-time allotted in Paris, with a ship berthed within sight of the Eiffel Tower, served as a very convenient home base from which to enjoy the city. Highly recommend this tour.
  6. Thanks for all the feedback. Can't believe I never even knew there was an "All Things Vantage" discussion topic. Looking it over, it seems there is (usually) a flurry of activity after someone posts then long silences. I am willing to bet there are plenty more like myself that were unaware anyone had ever posted, if there were no recent bumps. Looking at the number of posts by those people who responded to my question, it is obvious that primarily only sophisticated and experienced members know these things. Jazzbleu...I wouldn't mind giving a review but have no idea how to incorporate my photos. Also, how lengthy should it be?
  7. It has probably been 3 years, but we took the ship tour to Peggy's Cove and the Titanic Gravesite for, if I recall correctly, $65 (USD) apiece. Normally we book independently, but in this case, I was very glad it was a ship tour as we returned 10 min. after "all aboard" call time.
  8. Thanks...perhaps "never" was too strong a word as I too have also found a few (very few) posts about Vantage over the years, but virtually nothing compared to the other river cruise-lines and I wondered why. We have sailed with Vantage 3 times, the last one this past October and have been very pleased but it would be fun to share comments with other previous passengers occasionally.
  9. I have been following and participating in cruisecritic for years but one question still puzzles me. Why is Vantage cruiseline never mentioned? Is it because they don't advertise (except for the many mailings to individuals)?
  10. crystalspin - The $150 was for the tour, not per person. However, since there were only two of us, Leo used a car. For 5 people a van might be more expensive, however you can contact him and ask. He is an older man (probably in his fifties) and a careful driver. We were very pleased with the tour he provided. Leo even surprised us with yummy fried coconut balls he bought onsite from a vendor at the Black Rocks.
  11. Another vote for Island Wings out of Ketchikan for bear watching. We did that in early September around 4 years ago and saw a number of of bears fishing right below our observation platform in the creek with their cubs hanging around the perimeters. We even observed a big male bear chased away by several protective mama bears.
  12. I think we may be getting off topic here. Back to obtaining a Read ID, at least in Pennsylvania, be sure you read carefully all the documents that you must bring when applying. For example, if you don't have a passport but only a driver's license which does not reflect your birth certificate name, you must also bring a copy of your marriage license. After sitting at the DMV for over two hours to get a Real ID, the poor woman ahead of me in line was sent home because she failed to bring a marriage license which justified her last name on her old driver's license.
  13. I must confess, I have not read all 10 pages of this discussion, but has anyone mentioned the Shustov Cognac Winery Museum in Odessa? We were not on a Viking cruise but spent a delightful few hours enjoying their tour and tastings (accompanied by yummy nibbles). I never even thought I liked cognac before and there is a nice gift shop where you can buy the products.
  14. Have you considered a one-way northbound trip from Vancouver to Whittier? Then take a self-drive on your own? We did that, took the ship shuttle from Whittier to Anchorage, picked up a rental car (at a great rate), spent 3 nights in Healy (Denali NP is close by and when we were there, the mountain was out in its full glory with nary a cloud in sight). Followed by one night at a b&b near Alyeska resort, one night at Sheep Mountain Lodge near Matanuska Glacier, then returned the car in Anchorage, and spent the night there before taking the train to Seward for an overnight where we had a Kenai Fjords cruise. The next day, back by train to Anchorage, another overnight there then flew home the following day. All for little more expense than the cruise-line's 3 day experience at their lodge near Denali. (Especially as we split the cost with another couple).
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