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  1. griffy116

    Snacks on a Plane

    I always carry a can of Pringles (because they don't get crushed), a can of nuts or a few packs of crackers. All factory sealed and most often bought at the airport after clearing security. Never would I ever try to carry a sandwich from the ship onto the plane. We've done the flight from U.S. to Rome twice. We flew Aero Lingus and I have to say that they fed us ridiculously often and the food was pretty good. My snacks ended up being brought home. That being said, I've devoured my snacks on short flights to Florida to catch a cruise ship. Just find something after going through security. Personally, I don't think a sandwich that has been sitting in my bag sounds appealing anyway.
  2. griffy116

    Another Diamond Drink Question

    I always order a margarita on the rocks with salt. It's what I order on land. I was able to get it in the DL with no problem.
  3. griffy116

    Sailing with 9 people under 21

    You can't drink at 18 in the U.S. You can marry, but you can't drink. As for booking these 18 year olds, I think the cruise line (and the passengers) have encountered problems with unchaperoned 18 year olds in the past and they might be more strict with enforcement now.
  4. griffy116

    Windjammer for Dinner

    My (adult) Grandson always goes with us on our family cruises and always takes a friend. We like having the traditional early dining, to give everyone a chance to do their own thing in the evening. Since dinner is early, they always go to the WJ a few hours later so they enjoy BOTH. My Grandson was thrilled to find they had crawfish on the last cruise one of the last nights. He wouldn't miss dinner in the MDR because he has his "favorites" on the menu, but likes to check to see what the WJ has to offer later in the evening.
  5. griffy116

    Yet another Gratuities Query

    Almost everyone buys the drink package which is several hundreds of dollars per person...but the auto gratuities are too much and they would like to be selective about who they tip? It's about a hundred per person for the entire cruise and it takes care of all the servers in every venue and your cabin steward, for crying out loud. I never understand why this is the big debate and requires you to get a calculator out or have a list of which members of the crew are included in the pool.
  6. Several years ago, I threw up and I cleaned the bathroom as best I could that night and then again the next morning. Anyone who leaves a bathroom looking like a "murder scene" and laughs about looking up the cabin stewards to clean up a mess like that isn't someone I want to cruise with.
  7. griffy116

    Sitters at Sea Discontinued Sept 30th, 2018

    I could certainly see how the cruise line would be putting themselves in a position of liability with this program, along with staff that volunteer. All a passenger has to do is accuse a staff member of wrong doing...anything from stealing to abuse and people's lives will be ruined. I don't blame the cruise line for this at all. Sorry it doesn't give everyone a chance to make alternate arrangements. Early traditional dining begins at 5:30, which gives you enough time to have dinner and still get them to bed early. My Grandson started cruising at 4. The waiters doted on him and he enjoyed dinner with the family in the MDR. We often traveled as a large family, including 27 of us at one time. If there was something in the evening, we were able to have someone sit with the little ones. Those that want a kid free meal should just go to the later time. For us, if they didn't want to have dinner with our little ones, we weren't interested in having dinner with them. In the future, at least you know that if you want a sitter, you'll need to take a sitter with you on the cruise. Grandparents are usually more than willing to babysit.;)
  8. griffy116

    Royal Vs Celebrity

    We sailed on both Celebrity and RC last summer. There were six of us and we had 3 balcony cabins and our ages ranged from early 20's to 60's...three generations.They really are very much alike but we returned to RC this summer. We found the food very similar in quality, although we thought there were more choices on RC menu. We're Diamond on RC, so Elite on Celebrity. Plus side for Celebrity was the fact that it was easy to get a canned drink on Celebrity which I preferred to the fountain drinks. LOVED al Baccio on Celebrity. The cloth towels on Celebrity were nice but I felt a bit wasteful. RC is head and shoulders above Celebrity on the entertainment. I'm not sure what the draw is for the grassy areas. Celebrity cabins are very nice and I love the storage in the bathrooms. We ran out of things to do before the end of the 7-night cruise on Celebrity. We didn't get around to everything on RC. We didn't find the passengers any different or the nights in the MDR being more formal. Celebrity doesn't even have a formal night any longer. They have "chic" night and that's open to interpretation which seemed to be as varied as on RC. I'm a smoker and was hesitant about going on Celebrity and finding myself behind a couple of trash cans trying to hide to grab a smoke. I was pleasantly surprised to find the smoking area on Celebrity was much nicer than RC. GREAT comfy area with much nicer furnishings so I'm always amused with the comments about smoking areas between the two. I probably spent more time in the smoking area on Celebrity than RC. The casino being non-smoking isn't a biggie for me and I can see why Celebrity has a non-smoking casino because it isn't really enclosed like it is on RC. The layout of the RC ships seemed better to me, including the shops. Celebrity is very "quiet." Perks on Celebrity were really nice for Elite because you are really getting a bump up from Diamond on RC. We missed the entertainment and activities on RC so that was the deciding factor for us in choosing to return to RC over Celebrity, but everyone is different.
  9. griffy116

    Chef’s amenity gift

    I think you must have gotten skipped/forgotten or another cabin got your treats. We got ours in June.
  10. griffy116

    General Price Impressions

    Same for us. After approx 20 cruises with RC, we don't currently have a cruise booked. We went to look at booking while on our cruise in June and the pricing and the (lack of) perks were really disappointing.
  11. We cruised on Celebrity and RC last year. Although we are Diamond on RC, we had never cruised on Celebrity before. You'll find everything from a tux to shorts, even on formal night. Since it's only a "suggested dress code" they don't do any enforcement. You're free to interpret it any way you choose. We usually hit somewhere in between. Men wear slacks and button down shirt and the women in nice slacks and top or summer dress.
  12. Woman on another cruise page just posted that they got off Adventure where an emotional support CAT was being hauled around in a mesh carrier and was seated at the table next to them. Said her son was allergic to cats. Seriously...people have taken this emotional support thing too far.
  13. griffy116

    Crossbody - travel bags

    I have a small Bagellini crossbody and I also carry a silky shopping bag that folds into itself into a small square. I think this to the beach or shopping because the sand dusts right off it and it's big enough to put my beach towel, a book and my crossbody bag. It can also be carried cross body to keep it safely against me and leave me hands free.Takes no extra space up in my luggage. I took these all over Europe and the Caribbean.
  14. griffy116

    Marseille -help with itinerary

    There were five of us and we booked a private driver. Not only did he drive us but took us to all the places we wanted to see, especially for a really good French local spot to eat. We came back with wonderful local items. It was well worth the money. He picked us up right at the port and planned the day around what we wanted to do and see.