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  1. I like to be up on deck 12. It's less crowded and there's more room to move around.
  2. There are no rules for attire. There is suggested attire but that suggestion is not enforced.
  3. Are you asking what gift you receive for reaching Diamond? It'll be a lapel pin.
  4. Interesting. If I remember correctly, we were on Adventure either the week before or the week after you. They did not do it on our cruise. We were on the 6 night itinerary as opposed to the 8 night. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.
  5. We cruised Alaska in June and it was too cold for shorts. We wore jeans most of the time. I usually had on a flannel shirt and my wife wore a sweater.
  6. No, the walls, doors and ceiling are not magnetic. Metal objects will not stick to them. The walls, doors and ceiling are however, made of metal so a magnet will stick to them.
  7. I don't think I have ever seen anything get confiscated while boarding the ship at the point of embarkation. Where I have seen things being confiscated is getting off the ship at ports of call.
  8. There will almost always be cookies at the Café Promenade. You can sometimes find chips there also. If you don't see something you would like, ask, quite often the staff will be able to accommodate you.
  9. Not trying to be a jerk but technically, if you are between Miami and the Virgin Islands, you are not in the Caribbean Sea, you are in the Atlantic Ocean. The north coast of Puerto Rico (San Juan) is also the Atlantic Ocean. In most cases, the Atlantic Ocean will always be rougher than the Caribbean Sea.
  10. My wife has a suitcase that is huge. I hate having to schlep it around when we travel. I don't know what the measurements are but it fits under the beds on RCI ships. We always leave it open so we can put dirty laundry in it.
  11. We'll be on a cruise in March with a stop in Curacao. We want to spend a day at the beach. Someone recommended the Lions Dive at Mambo Beach. Do they have day passes available? How much do they cost? Is there a place to get food and beverages. Any help will be appreciated.
  12. Why is the lack of a connecting door a deal breaker? Do you leave it open all the time? I assume it's closed while people are sleeping? If you don't leave the door open all the time, it's the same as if there was no door. If she's worried about the kids sneaking out, they can sneak out when the door is closed just as easily as they could if there was no door. If you're only worried about access to their room, you'll still have access to their room via the spare key.
  13. Does this mean that Matt Yee will be the permanent piano player in the Schooner Bar?
  14. You do not need to carry them all the time. You will probably want to carry them all the time as they serve as your room key and you'll need them to purchase drinks or anything else while on the ship. I've never used a lanyard. Mine is always in my pocket. If my wife doesn't have a place to carry hers, she asks me to carry hers also.
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