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  1. Check out the price of a better cabin. You may be able to upgrade for little or no cost.
  2. Technically, I don't think you're "checking in" on line. You're filling out the form that allows for a faster check in process at the pier. My assumption is, you're not checked in until you've been issued your Sea Pass.
  3. Give it time. Once they get everybody interested in it, and being accustomed to it being free, they'll had a charge "to enhance our cruise experience".
  4. A passport is not required for American citizens on a closed loop cruise departing and returning from/to a U.S. port.
  5. Are there Western itineraries that stop at Coco Cay? I thought Coco Cay was on Eastern itineraries.
  6. The shows are not listed on line anywhere. Your best bet is to look at recent reviews to se if anyone posts the daily Compass. The Broadway style shows will not change from cruise to cruise. Some of the other acts; comedians, singers etc. will change.
  7. Another vote for the Southern islands. They will give you the best Caribbean feel. There are many Southern itineraries and all of them have stops with amazing scenery and beaches. Unfortunately, I don't know of any Southern itineraries that also include Coco Cay.
  8. We will also be leaving from San Juan in March of 2020. We have cruised out of San Juan many times and have always arrived at the pier around 11:00. We've never waited more than a few minutes to drop off luggage and enter the terminal for check-in. We will be arriving at the same time next March.
  9. We used to pass on all the photo ops on cruises because we didn't think the cost was worth it. Since we've become Diamond, we now allow our picture to be taken once in a while to see if there is a good one to take home with us.
  10. We've sailed out of San Juan MANY times. We have always started boarding between 11:00 and 12:00. We have also had to be off the ship by 10:00. I've never heard of the schedule you claim they told you. I would call back and ask again. I bet you'll get a different answer.
  11. If they can charge for towels they claim you didn't return, then they should reimburse you for towels that you DO return
  12. San Juan Tourism Area Fixed Taxi Rate Table (per One-way Trip between Zones) ZONE 1 → San Juan International Airport ZONE 2 → Isla Verde Hotels & Resorts ZONE 3 → Condado, Miramar, Ocean Park – Hotels, Resorts, New San Juan Beaches ZONE 4 → Old San Juan & Hotels, ALL Cruise Ship Piers, Puerta de Tierra ZONE 5 → Puerto Rico Convention Center, Isla Grande Airport San Juan Taxi Rates for Tourist Zones (flat rates only – luggage $1 per piece extra)
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