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  1. Do you have a link? When you say official page, do you mean on FB or where?
  2. Other people have dog allergies. I'm one of them. I can't even ask the airlines if there are dogs onboard a flight for fear I might be deemed too ill to fly. United pulled that one on me. Luckily, a sympathetic flight attendant handed me down my carryon so I could use my inhaler. Now, I medicate before I fly. Thankfully, Princess will tell me if there has been a dog in the cabin.
  3. Stay away from that vaccination. It has a very high level of side effects, some permanent. I got it and I do. It really is not required unless you are going deep in country, like into the Darien Peninsula. You do not need it on the cruise ship.
  4. This is the animal and owner I posted about. Her post is anything but lovely as was her behavior after the captain's circle party. She recently acquired this dog from Russia.
  5. To be very clear, I said there was a picture of the dog being served Champagne. I did not say the dog was drunk. I have no idea of the dog's state in that picture. The owner thought it was cute that the dog had Champagne tastes.
  6. I was just kidding. Used to have horses and trailered them all over the Western US. My last one died this summer. Logistics aside, traveling with a horse on an airplane is just not appealing. Even the little ones can pack a significant punch. In fact, one of he worst horse accidents I witnessed was a mini stallion take its owner apart at a horse show. It's fun to think about. It'd be even more fun to observe other folks' reactions.
  7. So, how do companies distinguish? Apparently, they can only ask a couple of questions. It doesn't appear they will get a distinguishable answer, hence the proliferation of these animals everywhere. Since an airline allows mini horses as support animals, when will Princess. I want one. LOL
  8. I called customer relations and sent them the screenshot. Presumably, the OP has it for PTSD. If the post isn't enough, there is a photo of the dog drinking champagne at the Captains Circle party. True service animals are unobtrusive, don't drink alcohol, or attack other passengers. Of course, the picture could just be staged. Hopefully, someone with a seeing eye dog or a seizure dog wouldn't offer their dog champagne and expect it to be able to function. And the post could have just been written up in an inebriated state for effect. Nevertheless threatening other passengers is unacceptable. If the issue is as bad as portrayed in the post, since taken down, then security on the ship is well aware and has dealt with it. Interesting that the animal had an "accident" on deck. As a side note, a friend of mine's son has a medically necessary dog for seizures. He had to get another dog after his dog was attacked by another dog while traveling. Apparently, once these dogs fight, they are not useful for their intended purpose. I didn't know that.
  9. I was perusing a private forum on another platform when I came upon a post from a woman, currently on a Princess ship with some sort of emotional support/service animal. From previous posts, she claims to have some disability. An elderly man, 90s according to her, accosted her about having the dog. I guess he was surprised by its presence and may not have handled it well. My filters may be gone if I get to reach that age. LOL According to her post, she escalated the confrontation and the dog got involved. She then threatened to turn her dog loose on anyone at any time (present or future cruises) who dared question her right to have a dog on the ship. It appears there may have been drinking involved as it was after the Captains Circle Party. From the scene she claims to have made, security has likely dealt with the situation. I took a screenshot of the interchange before it was taken down but will not post it here. Not sure if I should send it to Princess or even how to. It might just be a drunken post. Guess Princess is going to have to address proper use of emotional support/service animals if other passengers are going to be threatened by the owner. If I was on that particular ship and saw the post. I'd take it right down to security.
  10. We cruised on the Pacific Princess in May and had top sheets, without needing to ask for them.
  11. Hilarious. Let's have another tipping thread. LOL
  12. I have the same issue and opened a ticket with Princess..
  13. The MedallionClass app does not recognize that my iPhone XS Max is connected to the internet. It says off line and directs me to connect to MedallionNet and my WiFi settings. Clearly, we're not on board as the cruise isn't until next year. I've restarted the phone, reset the network settings, reinstalled the app. Nothing works. Is anyone else experiencing this also? Thanks. Lani
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