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  1. I looked at the link for Avaldsnes to the Viking Farm, we will be there 7/30/20 from 9-5 on P&O. But it doesn't show that the bus runs that day leaving from the church, even though it says it runs when cruise ships are in. Is there a reason, are they closed? What has any others done while there. Thank you.
  2. I have a question, never cruised on P&O but on others. IF I have a guarantee inside, on other lines it could be inside or better. Does P&O do this or only offer a inside somewhere.
  3. Did you book ahead or at the information/tourist center? I'm worried that I'm going to book these and it will be raining or cloudy and we will not be able to see anything. But also worried if I wait they might be sold out. Off chance do you know the web pg. that list how many cruise ships are there on a certain day? Thank you
  4. Scottbee about how long would that take, I was under impression with all the stops it would take a long time. Also how much are the lines, do you pay for each one, buy a day pass? We will be there Sun. and Mon. and then Tues. morning take the train down to Southampton. Because of our location, I didn't think we would use the tube much so wasn't going to buy something like an oyster card.
  5. Thank you for your help. I'm sure it would be easier to just do a pre-booked cab but trying to save where I can, don't mind just a little extra carrying or walking. If you have a link for a pre-booked cab that would be great in case I change my mind. Assuming it would be cheaper by booking ahead than just walking out. It just seemed too much to take the tubes and change etc. This trip is very expensive for us trying to do what I can lol. Hence the Hub by Premier, although I talked my husband into it, I feel like it would be fine. It has good reviews, looks clean, location, location which I thi
  6. Here is what I plan so far with few questions. Arrive 7/26 Sun. Term. 3 at 7:20am, will have 3 luggage because of cruise. Walk to central Station Take Heathrow Express to Paddington Station, buy early for $11, around 15min. Question- How much time should I allow to get off go thru customs from US and get luggage and get to Central Station? Question - Should I buy train ticket on mobile app? If I buy online and print ticket do we have to go trade it in for a ticket? Then I plan to take cab to Hub by Premier Inn Westminster Abbey at 21 Tothill St., hopefully about $10
  7. Thank you, they have a different site for P&OAmerica and the select dinning is listed as Arcadian Rhodes and The Orchid. Are they just out of date, is this what use to be on the Arcadia? They only have one company that books P&O in America and the lady that booked me didn't know much. I believe I pd. more to the American site than the reg. P&O amount(after converting it). Also got cheapest, no cruise credit, can not pick room or dinner. When I asked if they had freedom dinning she said no. Also asked her if they had pre or post hotels or transfers and she said no they didn't handl
  8. Hey I have looked at this site as well as P&O and haven't found it. Will be on Arcadia in July 28 to Norway. Can you tell me how much the couple of specialty rest. are and do they run any discount nights like the first one etc. Or a 1/2 price wine for example. Thanks Debbie
  9. For the ones that went to the Briksdal glacier on the local bus, from what I can tell it is 2 times up and 2 times back. First how much did it cost? And can you book ahead of time and how, I didn't see a link or just have to take a chance that you can get on the bus. And then I guess we would need to assume that we will be able to get on and book the troll car ourself. Also is the only other group that does this is Olden adventure?
  10. So I am looking at somewhere reasonable. We only have the day we fly in and the next to cram everything in. So what does anyone think about the Hub by Premier Inn London Westminster Abbey or Victoria. And would it be walkable to the Victoria station if staying at the Westminster to head to Southampton. It would be me and my husband. They seem to have good reviews and a cheap breakfast. Or should I stay at reg. Premier Inn Victoria or somewhere similar.
  11. Thank you Darcy Hello I guess I have a question, most are talking about getting from airport to Southampton. But we are going to be staying in London for a day or two first so what is best way and reasonable from a hotel. We will be going out on a P& O cruise in Southampton on a Tues. I do not know the port or anything yet. This will be in JUly. Thanks Debbie
  12. Hello, I am looking also, only have a couple of days so want to be closer but reasonable priced. When I look at the map it seems far to me to walk to say Buckingham. Can you tell me about how long it took. And did you get on any subs to get to anywhere? Thanks Debbie
  13. We are from the states and only one company will sell P&O, and I found it thru much searching, most have not heard of it. And she told us that it only has set times and the buffet, but I know most have freedom dining. We did the cheapest, only way we can go so can not pick. We do not like to eat late because my husband has acid reflux problems etc. She told us probably not a problem because most English like to eat late, like she knows. But we try to go with the flow so we will see. We are doing a Norway fjords trip and normally leaving port 5:30-6:30 so will prob. want to be on deck watch
  14. We are going on Arcadia and first time with P&O. Is there anytime dining on the ship? We are doing the Fjords this summer and don't want to have to be in a dining room instead of enjoying the view lol. But also don't like eating late, the travel person told me there wasn't except the buffet. Can someone tell me definitely. Thanks Debbie
  15. No I don't mind buying from home, I was just thinking it would work better out of country if I bought from the cruise I was on. Thank you for the info. , I really have not bought before so didn't know. Debbie
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